The Rose and the Sword

The Rose and the Sword

Gina Marinello-Sweeney / Oct 23, 2020

The Rose and the Sword Can a rose survive in winter Rebecca Veritas is a new college graduate eager to pursue her dreams as a clinical psychologist After receiving a full scholarship for an internship recommended by her ol

  • Title: The Rose and the Sword
  • Author: Gina Marinello-Sweeney
  • ISBN: 9780692662502
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • Can a rose survive in winter Rebecca Veritas is a new college graduate, eager to pursue her dreams as a clinical psychologist After receiving a full scholarship for an internship recommended by her old professor and friend Dr Everson, she leaves the quiet suburban town of Cedar Heights for the big city of Los Angeles As she adjusts to her new surroundings, beginning toCan a rose survive in winter Rebecca Veritas is a new college graduate, eager to pursue her dreams as a clinical psychologist After receiving a full scholarship for an internship recommended by her old professor and friend Dr Everson, she leaves the quiet suburban town of Cedar Heights for the big city of Los Angeles As she adjusts to her new surroundings, beginning to work with her assigned mentor and a wide variety of clients with all the enthusiasm of a fresh intern, she finds solace in a mysterious antique bookstore Yet, as her thoughts still linger on someone from her past, she is unaware that the present has the potential to haunt her the most As time passes, a growing sense of unease quickly transitions into disturbing events that make her question if all is as it seems When circumstances take an eerie turn, Rebecca will find herself a player on a larger scale than she had ever anticipated, a scale that could cause one to pay the ultimate price.

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        Gina Marinello Sweeney has been writing ever since she was a little girl and turned her bedroom into a library, complete with due date slips and a check out stamp As her own stories were checked out by family and friends, she dreamed of a day in which her stories would be available in public libraries worldwide Her dream of publication came true in 2013 Gina is also an avid poet in both the English and Spanish languages In 2009, she was asked to present some original Spanish poems at an international literature conference in Costa Rica Although unable to attend this event, a presentation of the poems was well received at another scholarly event that same year Graduating summa cum laude, Gina completed a degree in liberal studies, an elementary school teaching credential, and a minor in Spanish Following the publication of I THIRST, she received the 2013 YATR Literary Award for Best Prologue In her spare time, she enjoys producing videos, going to the beach, reading, and traveling Gina lives in southern California, where she is at work on the sequel to I THIRST, as well as the first book in a fantasy series Visit ginamarinellosweeney for information Young Adult Teen Readers


    1. I was so excited to hear that Gina had published her second book of the Veritas Chronicles! And while I thought I Thirst was amazing, I was absolutely blown away by The Rose and the Sword. (Those who follow me on tumblr will attest to this – I was live blogging about this book all night.) I finished the entire 373 pages in a few hours – I didn’t even know I could read that fast?? I guess it’s just because I was just so captivated and had to find out what happened next. The CharactersThe [...]

    2. I wish I could give this book 4.5 stars! It was so good! In the first chapter we meet Rebecca at her job at the campus bookstore and begin to accompany her on her day to day adventures. And I have to be honest. The first chapter gripped me and I was hooked. I can't say what exactly did it. Was it that she was a Catholic young lady like myself trying to stay pure in the world and explain her faith to others or was it the grown up atmosphere that college themed books and movies hold? Probably both [...]

    3. The Rose and The Sword is the second book I’ve read by Gina Marinello Sweeney and many of the same characters are back! The story is told in first-person from Rebecca Veritas’ view. Rebecca is an intelligent, joyful, often care-free character with compassion, virtue, strong faith, and a quirky sense of humor. She is extremely well-developed through her thoughts and actions. Sweeney has a unique poetic writing style. Many chapters contain or end with a sort of poetic or symbolic daydream that [...]

    4. "The Rose and the Sword" is the second book in the "Veritas Chronicles by Gina Marinello-Sweeney. It follows the story of Rebecca, a college student who has been granted an internship with a prominent psychologist. Rebecca soon learns that her mentor is not the person that most people believe she is, and Rebecca must ultimately chose between doing what she thinks is best for her career, or doing what she knows is right. Guided by her Catholic faith and her wits, Rebecca navigates a tangled web o [...]

    5. The Rose and the Sword by Gina Marinello- Sweeney, is the second novel in her Veritas Chronicles series. These delightfully charming books follow the life of college student, Rebecca Veritas. If you enjoy beautiful, poetic prose, these books might be just what you’re looking for. Marinello-Sweeney’s writing style is unique and incredibly creative. The imagery she creates in her stories is unlike any other books I’ve read. And, as a fan of mysteries, I thoroughly enjoyed the elements of mys [...]

    6. The Rose and the Sword is undoubtedly one of the best books I've read yet this year. The combination of light and dark - the former being Rebecca's faith and personality, the latter being much of the storyline - plus beautiful writing made for a spellbinding story. Read it; you won't be disappointed.

    7. I thoroughly enjoyed the multi-layered presentation of Ms. Marinello-Sweeney’s first book, “I Thirst”, and looked forward with great anticipation to this follow-up work. While reading the first few chapters of “The Rose and the Sword” I found myself happily settled back into the familiar escape that is the author’s brilliant storytelling rhythm. This unique quality sets Ms. Marinello-Sweeney even further apart from her peers this time around. Each time I picked up the book, it was li [...]

    8. Actual rating: 10/5 starsIt's rare for a sequel to improve on its original but The Rose and the Sword does. Even though I loved I Thirst, the second book in The Veritas Chronicles is even better!There are many things to fangirl about in this book.Where to start.How about the very beginning (a very good place to start)? With the FRESHMAN DUDE. GO REBECCA. Very first chapter and you already have me cheering you on. Oh and he says he's Christian! Oooookay! Yup sure! And then there is the sophomore [...]

    9. I loved it! I also liked it more than the first book, since it had a clear storyline and was action-y.Since I have a mental illness, it was great having Catholic fiction include characters with it that weren't murderers. Actually, most Catholic fiction today only includes people with nothing wrong with them or physical health problems. I'm thinking, "Where are my people?" THEY'RE IN HERE!!! :) Also, since mental health is a big theme, I picked up on a lot of important things quicker, or perhaps [...]

    10. If I had to choose a word to describe The Rose and the Sword, I think I'd go with "eclectic." Part poetry, part prose, contemporary with a touch of romance, humor, suspense, peril, and Catholic apologetics, I understand now why one reviewer described it as poetic.The breaks within chapters develop a rhythm somewhat like verse, leaving the reader to discern reality from imagination. (In that respect, it reminds me of Falling for His Madness by Katharine Grubb.) While the narrative advances with c [...]

    11. Plot:The Rose and the Sword has a more conventional structure than the previous book, I Thirst, which included stories that the characters themselves wrote. I prefer this style much more, as the plot is laser-focused and tightly structured.Characters:Humanity, love, hatred, good, evil, are all themes that are explored. Ms. Marinello-Sweeney is one of my favorite writers of characters because she is not afraid to include colorful peccadilloes and weird little idiosyncrasies that are the stuff of [...]

    12. In The Rose And The Sword, GIna Marinello-Sweeney has woven a beautiful tapestry of intrigue, romance, and rich poetic expression. Her characters are well-drawn out with dialogue that rings true. The story is interesting and the mysteries to be solved therein will keep you turning the pages. She depicts patients with psychological problems in a compassionate manner which is enlightening and refreshing. Her use of religious imagery and the kindness of the protagonist, Rebecca Veritas, makes this [...]

    13. The Rose and the Sword is a compelling page-turner that will keep you guessing what is going to happen next. The readers will find that the characters are very relatable and will see the concept of true friendship. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a compelling story that leaves you wanting more.

    14. 4.5 stars. Maybe I really should have only rated I Thirst three stars instead of four, because even though I gave both books four stars, I can really see how Gina Marinello-Sweeney has grown as a writer in this book, and if this one had a higher rating than the first one, it would be clearer. In the first book she had an interesting and unique writing style, and characters who felt like friends. In this book she had both those things, and a much clearer storyline.I was delighted to see Rebecca, [...]

    15. I have never read a book quite like "The Rose and the Sword." While it's definitely a novel, it is also poetry. Not poetry in the sense of lines and lines of verse (although there is a little of that) but rather poetry in the way the author thinks (if that makes sense!) Gina Marinello-Sweeney takes the reader into the mind of her heroine, Rebecca, with deep musings, often about her Catholic faith, which certainly challenges the reader to think. I was impressed how deftly she wove spiritual theme [...]

    16. An easy read, with believable (if annoying) characters. This second instalment is slightly better than the first (in which basically nothing happened), but goes slightly over the top crushing a psychotic psychiatrist, mental abuse, assault, kidnapping and murder into the second half of the book. I realise this is 'Catholic Fiction' but the 'Catholic' is really shoved down your throat here, and there is a weird 'Catholics aren't Christian' running theme portrayed in the characters Rebecca Veritas [...]

    17. Although this is a dramatic story, the author demonstrates her sense of humor. I particularly enjoyed the opening scene when the main character, Rebecca, answers someone asking about the things a Catholic worships. The list and Rebecca's reactions are hilarious. The author also portrays a sensitive, intelligent, and brave Rebecca in this second book of the series as she faces her antagonist. Rebecca's concern and caring for other individuals and her prayers for them touched my heart. Although I [...]

    18. Ms. Marinello-Sweeney has endeavored to make a literary statement with this follow-up to her debut and has succeeded. Overflowing with clever one-liners, quirky characters, and a worldview full of wonder, this book hops literary genres and immerses itself in pure fine literature. While having a somewhat more conventional plot structure than it's predecessor, it still delights itself in it's "intermissions" and wondrous social commentary. While I wanted a bit more from a few areas, this book ulti [...]

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