Someone Like You

Someone Like You

Victoria Bylin / Oct 23, 2020

Someone Like You Julia Dare is trying to run her own business raise her young son Max and help her widowed mother Her biggest worry though is keeping Max s father from being a bad influence while still allowing t

  • Title: Someone Like You
  • Author: Victoria Bylin
  • ISBN: 9780764217371
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • Julia Dare is trying to run her own business, raise her young son, Max, and help her widowed mother Her biggest worry, though, is keeping Max s father from being a bad influence while still allowing the boy to spend time with his dad When an account from her event planning business sends her to Caliente Springs resort, she s shocked to encounter Zeke Monroe, her collegeJulia Dare is trying to run her own business, raise her young son, Max, and help her widowed mother Her biggest worry, though, is keeping Max s father from being a bad influence while still allowing the boy to spend time with his dad When an account from her event planning business sends her to Caliente Springs resort, she s shocked to encounter Zeke Monroe, her college sweetheart Zeke is determined to keep Caliente Springs running despite financial trouble When Julia walks back into his life, he s surprised at the feelings she stirs up As they work together on an important client s wedding, the fate of the resort soon depends on their success With Zeke and Julia both pushed to their limits, will their history put up walls between them or bring them together

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        Known for her realistic, likable characters and vivid writing, Victoria Bylin writes both western and contemporary inspirational romance Together With You, a story about family and forgiveness, won the FHL Readers Choice Award for Best Contemporary, and her historicals have finaled in the Carol Awards, Rita Awards, and RT Magazine s Reviewers Choice Awards Her most recent book, The Two Of Us, was a Target Recommends selection in August 2017.She and her husband currently live in Lexington, Kentucky and have two grown sons, two beautiful daughters in law, and three adorable grandchildren.


    1. I found that when I started Someone Like You, I had a hard time setting it down! The author did such a good job of writing a story containing main characters who felt so very real. Zeke and Julia were characters who I immediately connected with. They had a rough history full of love, loss, and pain. Seeing them come together through their work, and Zeke’s caring attitude for Julia and her son, was heartwarming. Things were not simple for these two. There were some major issues and complication [...]

    2. I have mixed feelings about this one. The characters are well-developed and the setting well-described, but there was an intense feeling of anxiety that I felt as I read about Julia's conflicts with her ex, Zeke's struggles with his faith, and the precarious state of the resort. The highlights for me were the rekindling romance between Julia and Zeke as well as some humorous moments involving Ladybug, the resident goat with attitude problems. A secondary romance involving Julia's mother felt dis [...]

    3. I have come to really enjoy Victoria Bylin's writing. Realistic, flawed characters facing relatable challenges come together to confront everything that life throws at them. Someone Like You also celebrates second chances, family, and those special moments in life (even if they sometimes don't go quite as planned).Julia Dare is slowly rebuilding her life. She has started her own event planning business, has left her emotionally abusive partner, and is enjoying spending time with her delightful f [...]

    4. I really enjoyed Victoria Bylin's contemporary debut, Until I Found You, when I read it a while back! But I must admit that the cover of this book is what first attracted me to it, I know, I know, never judge a book by its cover but isn't that cover just so gorgeous?! And I am delighted to say that the story inside was every bit as beautiful as the cover! I LOVED THIS BOOK! It was sooooo good, where do I even begin? I loved Zeke and Julia's romance, I have found that I really enjoy storylines wh [...]

    5. Be prepared for an emotional sucker punchor twoor threeor.well, let's just say my heart hasn't quite recovered yet. Bylin has an astonishing talent for drawing a reader in with the depth of feeling she manages to convey on every page.There are so many things that clicked for me with this novel. The most intriguing one is how Julia and Zeke have done a complete 180 since college. Now she's the Christian trying to put her life to rights while he's forsaken his faith. The juxtaposition between the [...]

    6. The setting of this book, made me want to live there, Caliente Springs resort, even the name sounds wonderful. After leaving Berkley and trying to be what his Dad wanted him to be Zeke Monroe is at a high point in his career, but a low point with God. Now being a preacher's son and trying to live in his father's shoes and being the best Christian ever, has been a hard roll for Zeke, and making him take a 50 degree turn. He has stopped relying on God, but God sure hasn't given up on him.A young s [...]

    7. SOMEONE LIKE YOU is a totally wonderful story of faith, forgiveness and family relationships. A stand-alone, it is a story that gripped my attention from page one and didn't release me until I closed the ending pages. SOMEONE LIKE YOU is not at all predictable. I figured how I thought it would end, but the author released that bombshell a third of the way in and I'm like, okay What will be the black moment? I loved Zeke. Oh my word, he is the stuff book-crushes are made of. I also loved Julia an [...]

    8. Someone Like You by Victoria BylinIn college, Zeke Monroe had a strong faith. He'd been raised in a Christian home and his father expected Zeke to follow in his steps and become a pastor. Only he got a little bit shaky on that pedestal and fell.In college, Julia Dare believed in living life where you were. Love today could be gone tomorrow. She liked Zeke and even joined the campus Bible group. When her dad died, she no longer wanted to hear about God. And she was done with Zeke preaching at her [...]

    9. Reviewed at The Power of Words: bit/1UsKs3fSomeone Like You is everything Christian fiction should be It has an engrossing storyline, picturesque setting, engaging characters who struggle with serious life issues, and relevant spiritual themes. The cover hints at a charming contemporary romance, but don’t be deceived because there is so much more – as is the case with all of Victoria’s books. I can’t explain what it is about Victoria’s writing, but her novels have that indefinable “s [...]

    10. It seems only yesterday I was having all the swoony gushing thoughts (and would later review) for the cover art Until I Found You sported. (All of which was most likely chronicled in one of my “Cover Candy” posts.) It is then impossibly difficult to believe that Someone Like You is Victoria Bylin’s third novel with Bethany House. Charming in the sweetest of ways, the story waiting to be discovered inside its pages is one of hope, a bit of adversity, love, and working in the laughs, there's [...]

    11. Like Victoria Bylin's other contemporaries, Someone Like You really looks at the nitty gritty struggles of following Jesus, especially for new or disillusioned believers and I love it! Sometimes it’s nice to read about people who never struggle or who only struggle with “safe sins” like getting angry or saying something you shouldn’t. But honestly? Sometimes that gets boring. Sometimes, I for one need to see people battling with the tough stuff and coming out on the other side in one pie [...]

    12. First of all, isn't that cover gorgeous? Who doesn't want to kick back in that hammock for a couple of hours? I sure do! This was a great story that completely drew me in and was difficult to put down. It was so easy to connect with the main characters as we go through their struggles. With all the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in the way, I couldn't wait to find out how things would end up. As an added bonus, an unexpected second romance blossomed in the book. I'll let you be surprised by [...]

    13. About the Book: Realistic Characters Shine in Bylin's Latest RomanceJulia Dare is trying to run her own business, raise her young son, Max, and help her widowed mother. Her biggest worry, though, is keeping Max's father from being a bad influence while still allowing the boy to spend time with his dad. When an account from her event-planning business sends her to Caliente Springs resort, she's shocked to encounter Zeke Monroe, her college sweetheart.Zeke is determined to keep Caliente Springs ru [...]

    14. Someone Like You by Victoria BylinAbout a year ago, I read my first book by Victoria Bylin (a contemporary, sweet romance that I enjoyed), so when I saw she’s got another book coming out this Tuesday (May 3, 2016 release), I was more than happy to agree to review it. Especially after I read the description of the book.You see, one of my favorite romance tropes is reuniting lost loves. Second chances. I mean, hey, my favorite Jane Austen book is Persuasion which is probably the earliest one of [...]

    15. Julia Dare is a single mom, entrepreneur, and new Christian. I admire Julia for her determination and commitment in every area of her life. She takes responsibility for her past mistakes and moves forward in God's grace with her head held high. Julia has a close relationship with her mother and is devoted to her young son. Zeke Monroe is a hard working resort manager with a natural gift for service. He refuses to give up hope even when he's running out of time and money to revive the rundown res [...]

    16. Someone Like You captured my interest from the very start and I finished it in a day and a half. Victoria Bylin has created a setting that charms and characters that come alive in the reader's mind with a plot that promises to hold your interest to the last page. She delivers on all this and delivers well. It is her very BEST! In my opinion.Someone Like You has a very, very good spiritual message as well, something I seriously want to find in a Christian fiction book. Some authors tone it down, [...]

    17. This was a fabulous book! It pulled me in from the beginning and held tight until the last sentence of the epilogue --- which was absolutely perfect! It's hard not to fall in love with a book that has not one, but two intertwined romances (mother and daughter), two sigh worthy, not so perfect, heroes - one that calls his lady darlin' - a county music singer, and a crazy goat named Ladybug. It's an easy to read book. There's problems, but nothing that makes you chew your nails. I think that this [...]

    18. Someone Like You is a wonderful read. I was easily drawn into the story from page one. There were so many fun and humorous moments that made me laugh out loud. and then there were some beautiful and sweet moments that brought tears to my eyes.Highly recommended.5 plus stars.

    19. Loved, loved, loved, loved everything about this book.* I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. *

    20. Someone Like You by Victoria Bylin is a contemporary Christian novel which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was my first by Victoria Bylin but I shall be hunting out more. On the surface it was a charming story but dig deeper and you will find the tale of God's enduring, everlasting and unending love.Zeke and Julia knew each other in college. Six years later their paths cross again. Their lives have altered but their connection to each other hasn't.The novel deals with the theme of single parents as Jul [...]

    21. Beautiful, genuine, and real: Victoria Bylin's new novel Someone Like You is a modern day journey rife with the potholes, mountains and valleys, and moments of hilarity and heartbreak that make a story steal your heart. Not only that, but this book respects readers by giving us some smart, capable characters.Julia Dare is a talented event planner who has started her own business with the clever name, Dare to Dream. As a single mom, she has a loving relationship with her four-year-old son Max and [...]

    22. "God's got this covered. He knows what you're going through - all of it." AMEN. Sometimes when we're in the mist of struggles, or just not having a good day, we forget that He's right there with us. What may be raindrops, may just be blessings in disguise. Someone Like You by Victoria Bylin captures the many essence of the struggles Christians encounter. Christians, like all man grapple with passion, lust, forgiveness, angerc, and fall short too. Julia and Zeke's romance is of second chance, not [...]

    23. If you are looking for something on the lighter side to read as we are getting ready for summer, Victoria Bylin's latest novel might be for you. Set at a struggling resort in California, "Someone Like You" is the story of general manager Zeke as he tries to put some life into the place he loves, and how he reconnects with his college girlfriend, who is now an event planner. The years since college have changed both Zeke and Julia a lot. Zeke has lost his faith in God and puts his whole purpose i [...]

    24. Victoria Bylin might write Christian romance, but she doesn’t shy away from the tough topics. In fact, anyone who scoffs at romance novels in general and Christian romance novels in particular should read Someone Like You. Whether they like it or not, they can’t call it soft or shallow or any of the other less-than-complimentary terms people use (as an aside, it’s fascinating how some Christians exhort others to follow their God-given calling at the same time as decrying romance novels. Do [...]

    25. Sexual Content: SubtleLanguage (Profanity/Slang) Content: NoneViolent Content: NoneSingle mom Julia Dare is a busy mom who is trying to live right. She is a new Christian and trying to walk out her faith daily. It’s taken her a long time to get to this place. She loves her son Max and would do anything for him. Too bad his father refuses to play by the rules and is determined to bully Julia back into his life. Zeke Monroe is determined to keep the historic Caliente Springs resort going. He kno [...]

    26. Like several others, I love the cover of this book! It drew me in as soon as I saw it! Of course I will always read a book written by Victoria but I especially love the cover on this one! I just finished reading this book and I am still thinking of the characters. I know they will be with me for awhile. They were "real" people with real issues to work out and I like reading about relationships that have ups & downs, just like real life! Julia & Zeke were a couple in college but broke up [...]

    27. I've never related to a character that I have nothing in common with. Not like I related to Julia. It was unusual and I adored the experience. This book was an amazing introduction to Victoria Bylin's writing. Which brings me to my next point! This was my first Victoria Bylin book and it was so good. I'm dying to read her other books when I have the time. But hey. CAN WE TAKE A MOMENT FOR THIS COVER? It is just so gorgeous that my heart dies when I see it. Blues? Lights? Hammock? OH YES.Victoria [...]

    28. "I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you. . . " Zeke Monroe is a desperate man, he's desperate to revitalize the historic Caliente Springs resort back to its original splendor, but he needs paying guests, lots of them, and he needs them quickly. The two owners, celebrity siblings, have made it clear to Zeke that they will be forced to sell the lovely grounds and vacation rentals if the financials don't take a significant upturn. Enter Julia Dare; as gorgeous as ever, now a si [...]

    29. Julia made some serious mistakes in her past. But one of those resulted in her son Max, whom she's blessed to have. Zeke and Julia dated years ago when Zeke was a Christian and Julia was not. Their differences broke them up. Now Julia is at the resort that Zeke is trying to save and both of them are learning how the past few years have changed them. They can still work well together to solve problems and they find their personal relationship is good as well. This was such a sweet story. The char [...]

    30. I had never read any of this authors books before and I'm super glad that I got a copy of this story! Zeke was a well thought out character and from the very start the author took time to make sure that you knew he was what my son calls "a good egg". Julia is full of fire and spirit! Both characters are reunited in the book after they had parted ways. Zeke and Julia need to battle all sorts of obstacles. The story wove in many real life situations that Christians face on a day to day basis. Juli [...]

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