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Frankie Frankie Vega is angry Just ask the guy whose nose she broke Or the cop investigating the burglary she witnessed or her cheating ex boyfriend or her aunt who s tired of giving second chancesWhen a kid

  • Title: Frankie
  • Author: Shivaun Plozza
  • ISBN: 9780143573166
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback
  • Frankie Vega is angry Just ask the guy whose nose she broke Or the cop investigating the burglary she witnessed, or her cheating ex boyfriend or her aunt who s tired of giving second chancesWhen a kid shows up claiming to be Frankie s half brother, it opens the door to a past she doesn t want to remember And when that kid goes missing, the only person willing to helpFrankie Vega is angry Just ask the guy whose nose she broke Or the cop investigating the burglary she witnessed, or her cheating ex boyfriend or her aunt who s tired of giving second chancesWhen a kid shows up claiming to be Frankie s half brother, it opens the door to a past she doesn t want to remember And when that kid goes missing, the only person willing to help is a boy with stupidly blue eyes and secrets of his own Frankie s search for the truth might change her life, or cost her everything.

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        Shivaun Plozza is the author of Frankie Penguin, 2016 , a darkly funny novel about searching for the truth, finding yourself and falling in love She has published short fiction, flash fiction, poetry and essays, and works as an editor.


    1. I am an unfortunate disappointed melon when it comes to this book. An awkward melon, I might add, because everyone and their their aunt's pet goldfish seem to love it and yet here I am saying "HELLO BUT WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS????" I'm trying to read more Aussie books but nooooooooooo to this one.(Also I read a book in like A DAY but this took me over a week to finish because it just didn't hook me in.)One of my biggest grumpy moments is at Frankie.She's this super ANGRY sort of girlwhich cou [...]

    2. Frankie is without a doubt, the most compelling debut in young adult since Stolen by Lucy Christopher. It's an utterly enchanting blend of attitude, sass and an engaging storyline as told through the eyes of one of the most likable protagonists in young adult today. Although she's always lived with the hurt of abandonment, Frankie is incredibly fierce and doesn't allow the failures of her mother to define her. She and aunt Vinnie live above Vinnie's kebab shop in the Melbourne suburb of Collingw [...]

    3. HELLS YEAH.I have a ridiculous love for characters like Frankie. She was so incredibly snarky, and quite the troubled teen.I thought the story line was fab as fuck too. I was rooting for her the entire way. Not going to lie, I definitely wanted to shake some sense into her too, but I really enjoyed the way it all came together.I can't decide between a 4 or a 5 rating tbh. The only reason I'm leaning more towards a 4 is because, despite my love for all the characters and the story line, I still d [...]

    4. This book flat out destroyed me. In every imaginable way. I have never laughed with characters so much, or cheered for them when things started happening - or yelled at the page when things didn't. I also haven't cried these big ugly crying tears since I read Melina Marchetta's On the Jellicoe Road. Seriously. When this book releases at the end of this month, you need to buy yourself a copy. Stat.~*~*~*~The above is the original mini-I've-just-finished-this-book-and-I-need-to-tell-you-about-it r [...]

    5. Frankie was one of those decent reads that I enjoyed but it just didn’t grab me completely. I liked that the characters were unique and distinctive but to be honest, I never really connected to any of them. We got about five seconds with Xavier before he disappeared so he was kind of just this assumed figure hovering over the plot. I could understand why Frankie cared about him but I never felt it for myself. The same with Nate, her best friend (whose name escaping me at the moment), Nonna and [...]

    6. Thanks to Penguin Teen Australia for the ARC!Anyone who has heard me talk about books (so basically everyone who has ever met me), knows that I am not a huge contemporary fan. Why would I want to read about real life? I already have one of those. Every so often, however, I read a YA contemporary novel that makes me eat my words - and Frankie is one of them. Maybe because it's an Australian novel and I could actually relate to the characters; maybe just because Plozza writes really well.One of my [...]

    7. I'm in a seriously messed up emotional state right now. I loved it. Review to come tomorrow. UPDATE: I'm still in a messed up place. This book killed my heart. I want to rave about Shivaun's writing, but I honestly can't because I literally didn't notice that an author had an idea, developed it, wrote it down, spent years of her life rewriting it, sent it to a publisher, spent forever on edits and copy edits and finally had it turned into a book. The entire process was irrelevant because my brai [...]

    8. Frankie is, quite honestly, a gift to the Australian YA scene. Featuring a depth of character & strength of voice that carries it to incredible heights, this book deserves all the praise it gets and then some. Highlights for me included a tight narrative and a fantastic ending that worked incredibly well and carried a depth of insight and emotion that blew me away. Shivaun Plozza's voice as an author is distinct, breathing life into her characters, and layers of depth into the world of Colli [...]

    9. Bloody loved it. Review at nicolehasreadFrankie is that wonderful creation, a difficult, troubled character who does terrible things, that you absolutely fall in love with anyway. She is in trouble at school, having used a book of Shakespeare to rearrange someone's face, and her aunt, Vinnie, is close to washing her hands of her. When Xavier appears claiming to be her half-brother she is intrigued, but also wary. She hasn't exactly had the best experience with family. But just as she's getting t [...]

    10. OK- That ending hit me like a freight train came way too fast and left me hurting (obviously I would be more than hurting if a freight train hit me but you get the point).I can't get enough of OZ YA lately, especially if they are set in Melbourne and Frankie did not disappoint. Starting with the beautiful cover, I was sucked into the story within the first pages, immediately connecting with Frankie and feeling a large amount of contempt for the asshats at her school, as well as absolutely fallin [...]

    11. Trigger warnings: parental abandonment, drug addiction, (view spoiler)[death of a sibling (hide spoiler)]Oh man. I am on Team Unpopular Opinion where this book is concerned. A bunch of people I know and trust have given it five stars. A bunch of kids at work have raved about it. And yet, I knew pretty much from page 1 that I wasn't going to love this. I think the book deals very well with poverty, and it's pretty much a love letter to Collingwood. But personally, I found Frankie's voice incredib [...]

    12. I would like to know what the people of Australia are drinking because goddamn can they write. I have yet to read a book by an Aussie author that I’ve disliked. The quality of their writing is so superior to any other writing styles that I’ve encountered. Frankie was no different. It was such a fresh, riveting story with an extremely compelling main character.I loved Frankie. She’s a giant ball of fury and I related quite a bit to her. She’s angry, pissed off and unapologetic about it al [...]

    13. Frankie is, quintessentially Melbourne. It makes me finally understand all those lectures at uni (thanks Curtin) as to what we mean when we discuss sense of place. And I think that’s why so many people resonate with this novel. There’s so much love for Collingwood and the city of Melbourne in Frankie that it’s hard not to feel completely immersed in this particular Australian culture, almost reminiscent of the way you can “feel” Sydney in Marchetta’s books. Frankie was a quick read, [...]

    14. Frankie is angry. Naturally, I love her immediately. Her voice is authentic, snarky, fragile, toxic and totally believable. Beautifully structured, the narrative unfolds with urgent, compelling, clever storytelling. (Excuse me while I hurl all the adjectives). I love the references, relationships, the artistic and musical motifs, the agonizing journey towards self awareness and hope. Frankie proved completely gripping from beginning to end, and though it broke my heart it was a joy to read even [...]

    15. A brilliant debut. Frankie is a compelling story of mystery, humour, sass and sadness. The setting is as alive as the characters. Did I mention love and anger? Plenty of that, too. I can't wait for Plozza's next book. Highly recommend!

    16. I can't seem to find books I love these days. Frankie is always angry, and I understood why. Her mother was all kinds of messed up. The ending was nice, I'm happy Frankie found a way of healing her pain.

    17. i've started to get tougher on what ratings i give books since i've read more books but this book deserves its 5 star rating!Frankie was a funny, sarcastic and well-rounded character i loved reading this story it had me laughing throughout the whole book. This is Shivaun's debut novel and it was soo good and i cannot wait to see what other stories she has.

    18. This review also appears on Happy Indulgence. Check it out for more reviews!Frankie is a book that will make you laugh and cry. It’s a novel that’s for the kids out there who might be dealing with tough circumstances in their personal lives, and having trouble at school and with the law. The book is full of heartwarming and devastating moments that will tug at your heartstrings.Frankie had a very addictive story and I read it quickly in two sittings because I couldn’t put it down. It had a [...]

    19. This book is what a Melina Marchetta book would be like if she decided to go punk. Set in Melbourne, Frankie follows Francesca 'Frankie' Vega, who has anger management issues and a not so stable home life. Her mother abandoned her when she was four years old, and she's never quite managed to move past that. Living with her aunt above their kebab shop, this book starts with an incident at school, and the possibility of Frankie expanding her family to include a brother she didn't know she had. The [...]

    20. Frankie is amazing!As an Aussie girl who grew up hanging around Collingwood and the city, getting into mischief, meeting my best friend for a drink at a ridiculous hours, getting in trouble with teachers. I mean let's get it straight I didn't have anywhere near the traumatising upbringing as Frankie, but I couldn't help to compare my year 12 self with her.Frankie is snarky, grumpy, and down right rude and I loved that? Okay? Okay I probably wouldn't be friends with Frankie but I loved her charac [...]

    21. Ahhhhhh Frankie. I loved Frankie - such a vibrant, smart, troublesome character. I loved a lot of things about this book, for example: - The friendship between Frankie and Cara- The relationship between Frankie and her aunt Vinnie (who deserves the Best Aunt award, hands down)- The mystery of Frankie's brother Xavier- Crosswords- Actually laugh-out-loud moments (Frankie is the most HILARIOUSLY sassy character)- Really witty, sharp dialogue and writing styleBasically it was fantastic. The only re [...]

    22. One of the angriest, yet funniest, characters I've ever read. If it wasn't for the humour I probably would have found this really hard to read - basically because personally I don't deal well with self-loathing/self-pitying in characters. The physicality of Frankie's rage was also quite disturbing.I loved the writing and I loved the characters. I don't know how Shivaun makes horrendous characters so lovable - it's a gift ;-)

    23. 3.5 stars! Aw man, Frankie's character is full of heart <3 I really enjoyed her character development and the relationship with her best friend and aunt. The end was a bit iffy for me but everything else was awesome! Her narration was super hilarious and relatable. Review to come.

    24. In all honesty, I picked this one up because I thought it'd be DIFFERENT. I mean, on the outset, it does look different from my usual reads: a contemporary coming-of-age novel (or at least, that's how it's marketed, but I saw it as a mystery contemporary; to me, at least, the labeling is just bizzare), and, most importantly, it's written by an Australian author. I, as an American, thought this will be an opportunity to experience something NEW, setting-wise. We have enough YA books set in the US [...]

    25. Frankie's voice is like Parker Fadley meets Taylor Markham and that's about the highest compliment I can give. If you're a Melina Marchetta fan, check it out for sure.

    26. Frankie certainly has anger management issues. She is angry about being left by her mother when she was only 4 years old, now in her last year of high school she is a punk, rebellious, has a fast tongue and a penchant for striking out if her temper goes to red. She is shocked to find she has a half-brother but just as soon as Xavier turns up he disappears.While Frankie was one angry young lady but her constant whining about how bad her life was, did get a bit annoying. I also struggled with why [...]

    27. I wrote a long review and it was deleted by accident, so I'm just going to do this in dot points.• Frankie is set in Collingwood, Melbourne. The story revolves around an Italian girl, Frankie Vegas, who was abandoned by her mother as a child. Her half-brother, Xavier, asks if the two can meet up as they have never meet each other before. He has a whole lot of issues and is the person that connects Frankie to love interest, Nate. He, too, has his own problems. Basically, everyone is in some way [...]

    28. Well.I mean.Damn.So I cringe read through the first third of this book because it was so damn Australian and some times after consuming tonnes of media that generally isn't Australian it's so jarring and hella embarrassing coming back to being Australian. Okay. Judge me. I'm a little "eek!" about ocka australianism. Is it because I associate it with One Nation, United Patriots Front, Racism and general hooliganism of boganesque-ness? Um. Probably. That shit is embarrassing af. It's all very remi [...]

    29. This coming of age novel is gritty sarcastic and full of humor! Frankie is a very relatable character and deals with so many hardships it's hard to count. Even falling in love. You can't help but just want to throw the book at times or just reach in and hold Frankie's hand. (I refuse to throw any book too precious.) I recommend you give this book a shot.

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