World's Edge

World's Edge

Ryan Kirk / Oct 29, 2020

World s Edge Two cycles have passed since Ryuu lost his adopted father and he dares to hope that he s found peace at last But nightblades live by the sword and when a new breed of warrior threatens the Southern

  • Title: World's Edge
  • Author: Ryan Kirk
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Two cycles have passed since Ryuu lost his adopted father, and he dares to hope that he s found peace at last But nightblades live by the sword, and when a new breed of warrior threatens the Southern Kingdom, Ryuu and Moriko are pulled to opposite edges of the known world to uncover mysteries that have lain dormant for hundreds of cycles As the Three Kingdoms descend intTwo cycles have passed since Ryuu lost his adopted father, and he dares to hope that he s found peace at last But nightblades live by the sword, and when a new breed of warrior threatens the Southern Kingdom, Ryuu and Moriko are pulled to opposite edges of the known world to uncover mysteries that have lain dormant for hundreds of cycles As the Three Kingdoms descend into chaos, the two nightblades must decide what they stand for There s no place to hide, and the secrets they reveal will have the power to change the world forever Book Two of the Nightblade Trilogy

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    1. Well.look, first note that I'm giving this a 4 star rating so it's an excellent book. I wanted to point that out before I made this statement. This is a good read, but not as good as the first one.Here the plot is "spreading out" a bit and (in my opinion of course) the author didn't hold the plot progression and character development together as well as he had been.Our heroes have moved on with pain in their souls (and soles also) determined to survive in the face of a world that (on the whole) [...]

    2. This installment was disappointing. This book is much too short to drag so much. This book suffers from what many series suffer from when the first book is a coming of age story: The story and characters are only interesting as a coming of age story. Let those same characters as fully formed adults loose in the same world and the spark just isn't there.This book is just boring. I have no interest in knowing what happens to these characters or this world. I am not continuing to book three. I just [...]

    3. I was a bit underwhelmed by Nightblade’s sequel, World’s Edge. Though there was a fair amount of action and intrigue, it felt flat to me. The relationship building was lackluster and, for the most part, even the relationships that were interesting and dynamic, didn’t really captivate me. Like with Nightblade, I was disappointed with the way the female protagonists were developed. This time there were 3 strong, talented, intelligent women but 2 of them, Rei and Shika, served mainly as props [...]

    4. I'm half way through this book, and struggling to push through it, even though this is exactly the type of book I want to read. I've had enough of the sprawling multi-character epic Game of Thrones wannabe fantasy series. Give me a good old fashioned David Gemmell style heroic fantasy. So I'm struggling to get through it, because I want to like it, but it's difficult because it's so badly written. I'm reading some of these other reviews and I just don't get it. The writing is really poor. I don' [...]

    5. A bit slower than the first in both plot pace and character development - except for the 'sudden' and gigantic leaps in fighting ability the main characters does in only a page or a chapter. The Nameless remains so, but there is a clear progression towards the climatic battle waiting in book three.

    6. Ryuu and Moriko have been in hiding for two cycles when they are tracked and hunted by a new breed of warrior. The enemies have similar powerful skills as the Nightblades, but who are they? Ryuu and Moriko set off on different journeys to seek the answers but will they find them and to what cost?With the Three Kingdoms descending into war, will Ryuu ever find peace?Book 2 of the Nightblade, I'm really enjoying this series. Will read the 3rd.

    7. Good follow upGood story and well told. Could use an experienced editor to help with continuity and plot, but overall enjoyable read.

    8. Sword fights, epic battles set in an ancient Japan type setting. Characters that make sense and pure badassery An awesome, well written series. On the last/third book now and I'll be sad when the trilogy is over. Pick it up and enjoy.

    9. <3333Best book and series i've read in a long while. Love the complex characters. Can't wait for the next one!

    10. An enjoyable follow-up to the excellent Nightblade.Ryuu continues to develop and master the sense, however I think he starts to come across as somewhat one dimensional. A bit like Rand al Thor in the Wheel of Time series he starts to go a bit up himself and is obsessed with his own strength and thinks he has to do everything.I still enjoyed Kirk's writing style, it does flow quite nicely.The plot does feel something of a repeat of the first book in some ways - a much stronger opponent that must [...]

    11. Captivating Adventure!This truly was a captivating adventure! Unfortunately, I liked it so much, I skipped over writing the review after first finishing Book 2 in the NightBlade series, as I wanted so badly to just start Book 3. Now it is difficult to remember and separate thoughts out from the whole story. However, I can tell you that this is the book that convinced me to go to bed early so I could read late into the night. I truly love the series! It is also nice to not have aggravating typos [...]

    12. So so.Entertaining for the most part if you like Japanese jedi tales with a bit of dragon ball z ever expanding power levels thrown in. The storytelling was a times a bit basic and could have used a little of what Peter F Hamilton uses way too much of. I'll finish the series but it's by no means a classic.

    13. Enjoyed this second book as much as first, strong story, engaging characters, stories continue to twist and turn as fate steams forward! Engrossing world building, timeless questions, answers continued to be pursued. Already began third book, looking forward to finishing quickly, good strong writing, well done!

    14. The continued story of Ryuu and Moriko is engaging and sensible with a completely unexpected twist beginning to unfold.I loved every second of this book and finished it in a record breaking three days!

    15. ClumsyThe characters interactions are contrived, unbelievable and simplistic. I'm not a fan of the attempt to mirror Japanese culture and ancient honor systems. Again, it seems forced and amateurish.

    16. I really like these series. The second book is good if not better then the first. The story continues where it ended in the first. The plot slowly reveals but almost not until the end of the book. And by then you want more, you want to know who wins or lose. Good read, recommend!

    17. Possibly 3.5 stars. I really like the audio and am invested in the characters. but the overall story wasn't quite as enjoyable as the first. However I am still keen to see how things go in the next book.

    18. WowBetter then the first book in the series, adds interesting politics and character development! Look out for #3 and the blades return to the 3 kingdoms.

    19. Dynamite!I liked pretty much everything about this book. Highly recommend. The style and intrigue kept me going back for more and looking forward to the next book!

    20. I am more and more addicted to this story! The characters are awesome and I'm having a lot of fun following their adventures.

    21. Very entertaining The story line was well thought out. I couldn’t wait to turn the next page to see what was to happen next.

    22. I liked this sequel a lot. It was fun to see the characters come into their own, and I liked getting introduced to the King of the Southern Kingdom as a main focal character.

    23. Great book!Easy to read, great action, good story, and I really enjoyed the character development. Definitely recommend! Look forward to the next one.

    24. No spoilers here.Middle book of the trilogy. Two years have passed since Ryuu has lost his mentor, hearbroken he is in search for more of the Nightblades, and peace. As the three Kingdoms are thrown into chaos and war, Ryuu head in search of that peace, while Moriko his companion travels to the south in search of a new breed of warrior plaguing the Southern Kingdom. Here we discover much about the Nightblades

    25. We are not left wanting with the big battles at the end. We see what was learned and the individual growth of strength for both Moriko and Ryuu. They've battled the doubt and what they didn't want the whole book, until they had to face it. And face it they do.I'm curious to see what choices will be made next. I do look forward to the third book coming out in audio!****FULL REVIEW*****I requested to review a copy of this audiobook for an honest review from the author or narrator.Two cycles have p [...]

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