Absorbing White

Absorbing White

Charlotte E. Hart / Oct 30, 2020

Absorbing White Taken scared and lost in a world of conflicted feelings can Elizabeth Scott cope with the man she loves Can she still hold on to the unending belief that Alexander White is a good man and see throug

  • Title: Absorbing White
  • Author: Charlotte E. Hart
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Taken, scared and lost in a world of conflicted feelings, can Elizabeth Scott cope with the man she loves Can she still hold on to the unending belief that Alexander White is a good man and see through the games And when the past finally starts to catch up with them, when a new foe enters the fold with devastating effects, will Alexander White be able to contain the emotTaken, scared and lost in a world of conflicted feelings, can Elizabeth Scott cope with the man she loves Can she still hold on to the unending belief that Alexander White is a good man and see through the games And when the past finally starts to catch up with them, when a new foe enters the fold with devastating effects, will Alexander White be able to contain the emotions involved Or will he succumb to his base instincts and risk it all Lies, deceit and manipulation carry on in the world of business, but only truth remains in the matters of love It s time to face the facts and maybe find a way forward If there is one Will they all make it through together Will they all make it through alive 18 this book contains violence

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    1. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 StarsReviewed By Beckie Bookworm beckiebookworm/So, Absorbing White starts off where Feeling White leaves us and right from the start we are thrown straight into the thick and are left to flounder scratching our heads in confusion, What the hell is going on?I felt like I had been plunged into an episode of the twilight zone and hadn't been given a script.Such is the brilliance of this series, never having a clue where the tale will take us next, you think you know where your [...]

    2. Hero gets a bj from ow while the h watch also the H makes ow touch the h when she keeps tell him to make her stop and they have a threesome and the H kisses the om while the h watches. This Hero is a abusive asshole who likes to watch his woman get touch and have sex with ow/om This is not a fucking romance book!!

    3. Hmmm I don't even know where to start with this review! I have literally just finished the third installment of this series and my mind is reeling.So book 1 Seeing White I enjoyed, it felt like a mix of pretty woman and fifty shades to start with and I prepared myself for the same old, same old! Did not happen! Book 2 Feeling White gave me the feels, the love, the connection, the tortured soul etc and I couldn't get through it quick enough. Then this book I hated the start, I did, I hated Alex f [...]

    4. JUST OMG>>>>>>>WOW>>>>>I'm not really sure where to go with this one. I don't wanna give much away. It's a book best read for yourself, then delve into the reviews or have a group chat about what you did and didn't like and why. We all knew Alex was effed up seven ways to Sunday so is it really shocking seeing where he came from? Is it wholly unbelievable that he would treat Beth in such a way? I commend Charlotte Hart for not giving us a stereotypical alpha b [...]

    5. When I began this story I wondered what Charlotte Hart was trying to achieve with the storyline and the characters and the first thing that came to mind that it read like a game of chess.The structure in chess is clear - White always moves first and the other players take turns. Players can only move on piece at a time and the player can only take pieces when they encounter their opponent in their way or "movement path".There are a number of players in Chess (bit like this trilogy) but the objec [...]

    6. Ok, I cried! I'll tell you why shall I's too bloody beautiful! My heart aches for these 3 wonderful charactersIn my review for Feeling White I said that this was going to be a belterI wasn't wrong!Beth has grown into one hell of a woman throughout this trilogy. She is feisty, sensual, confused, strong, loving, funny, dedicated.I could go on! She is the complete opposite of the Beth we met at the very beginning and her story to this place is jam packed.Alexanderis time we see the weakness, the fe [...]

    7. Knight to King four . . . . This book is the third and final instalment of this gripping, thrilling and excitingly engaging story. Will it all end in checkmate ?Beth continues on her quest to delve deeper in to the true world of Alexander White and in doing so finds depravity that is unknown, as well as never ending bliss in the form of Pascal Vann Der Braack.Beth and Alex Bring Belle and Connor to the closer eventuality of forever through their own story.Beth battles throughout with the realisa [...]

    8. Well I have finally finished this book and I still must give it 5 stars, it is very different to the Dom that we all know in our books but it wasn't as dark as I thought it would be, yes it was dark in places if Elizabeth was more timid or frightened then maybe I wouldn't of liked it so much but where she stuck up for herself and wanted what he delivered I think it was a very good read, saying that I'm not happy with the ending of the book and I'm hoping there will be another one as there are st [...]

    9. I'm torn! I want to like you, Mr. White, but I'm not sure if I can! Please let there be more to your story

    10. Book 3 is a rollercoaster and I often found myself wanting to throw the kindle or reach into it and strangle Alexander. The first few chapters were very difficult and I really empathized with Beth – each time she thinks she knows what’s going on and feels confident in herself and where she fits in the game – the board changes and there are new rules! There is a lot more of the background of the secondary characters/stories, however it is does not detract or derail the main story - Pascal i [...]

    11. I don't know were to start with this review I was so looking forward to this book but was really disappointed not saying I dislike the book cos I couldn't wait to finish but all the time I was like what ,why ,no I love twist and turns in a book which this as . I thought yes poor Alex white damaged, tortured soul but with the love of Beth she will help to heal him but no Alex white is a sadist and yes I get he's damaged and yes I get he's a dominant man but there is a difference between the two [...]

    12. Clearly I wanted to continue the torture. NO, i just didn't want to leave a book in the middle of it. So, as a glutton for punishment, I started book 3.We get introduced to this new guy, AP. He's a mafia boss. And at this time, I was already summarizing Alex: billionaire, ex mafia, fighter, dom, sadist, abused child. I thought ok. Maybe he's really has that much life experience. And our heroine was a cook, baker, pianist, chess player, speed maniac, sub, masochist. Ok they had so much going on. [...]

    13. Let me say that the first 5 chapters of this book had me hot/mad/devastated/turned on/crying/pissed. That being said – I couldn’t put it down! Had to re-read! My emotions were all over the place in this third book of the series. This book incorporates all of the elements that we find in Alexander White – the good, the bad and the extremely sadistic. We get most of our answers to probing questions in this book. Beth has grown so much in this series – strong and loyal but embracing her sub [...]

    14. Absorbing white By Charlotte E Hart*sighs* Ive finished book 3, Hangover doesn’t even cut it right now! Im lost, I need more but what and incredible end to an amazing set of books! Im now moving on to VDB which is a spin off trilogy from this set of books. Its been such a long time since I devoured books the way I have these nd it was nice to really enjoy reading again!I don’t honestly know how many more nice things I can say about this trilogy. It really is everything that you want from a b [...]

    15. It's been a while since I finished this book, and I'm still struggling to arrange my thoughts on it into some sort of order. The third in the White trilogy, this book goes deeper and darker than any of its predecessors. Here, we truly see the depths of Alexander White's soul and the darkness that lurks there in the scars from his past. We see what is almost a power struggle between the three key characters. Elizabeth truly comes into her own in this book, becoming feistier and stronger in order [...]

    16. Spectacular!There are no words to explain just how this book made me feel. A fabulous continuation of a wonderful series that has completely blown my mind. Alex, Beth and Pascal will always have a special place in my heart and if you want to know more I suggest you read because as much as I could rave about this book, this is series, there is no way I can do it without spoilers and I absolutely refuse to post those so go, now, read and enjoy

    17. Oh man just when you think you know where the story is going, then you see the wall. you try to hit the breaks.y to be turned in the opposite direction and headed downhill with no breaks. But its one heck of a roller coaster ride!! Buckle your seat belts folks and hang on!

    18. First of all, this is a rating of all 3 books. I already read the whole series and am not dissecting my view of the complete story.I have a hard time reviewing this series as it is. And apologies in advance for the long but hopefully not to confusing review.It is well written, the storyline is good and i enjoyed this dark erotic romance.Besides the plot is really nothing new. For me it appeared to be just a darker, rawer and more complex version of "50 shades of grey".There are also a lot of par [...]

    19. You have got to be kidding meYou seriously cannot leave me hanging like this please tell me there is a fourth book ok I'm screaming at you right now (sigh) i so need to calm down and write a bloody review. I thought fifty shades of grey was my favorite but this has topped it and more it's dark, it's nail biting and so captivating I promise you will not put it down and I promise you will be screaming at the author to. Oh wow I wish I could give it more than five stars it is so worth it. Please do [...]

    20. 4 StarsI go between 4 and three stars. I hated the ending but love these characters. I want to dive into the next book but need a break because I’m pissed!!!! That ending sucked for me and after all that Beth and Pascal go through you end with that!!!! Alex did not redeem himself for me at all and the best of the series is book 2 for me, this one went in so many directions and unanswered questions. Where is the money? His sister? His Dad? Is he still seeing the therapist?? What about her mothe [...]

    21. Brilliant trioligy, fantastic storyline,really enjoyed each bookThe characters were all in there own way beholding. Couldn't put my Kindle down. There needs to be more l

    22. AstoundingThis trilogy had me holding my breath. The characters were so well written and believable. I give it my highest recommendation

    23. This was the worst 'romance' book I've ever read - worse than Crossfire and the other ones I've called 'the worst ones' before. Interesting that I can still be shocked/surprised. I can't leave a book series unfinished and it's been the elephant on my Kindle. At 43% I finally skipped to the end. This was a terrible, sickening read. This review and this review also sum it up well. There's nothing romantic about this, it's a very disturbing book series where I am still wondering if the author had a [...]

    24. EnthrallingCharlotte Hart has taken me into the darkest corner of a madman and yet I still love him this book leaves me wanting more This unlikely threesome have stolen my heart and I can't wait to see where they go next

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