La generazione

La generazione

Flavia Biondi / Oct 20, 2020

La generazione Matteo torna al paese dopo tre anni passati a Milano Si aspetta diffidenza e ostilit ma forse pi ostile e diffidente anche con se stesso proprio lui A volte partire per capire chi siamo non basta

  • Title: La generazione
  • Author: Flavia Biondi
  • ISBN: 9788865435311
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • Matteo torna al paese dopo tre anni passati a Milano Si aspetta diffidenza e ostilit , ma forse pi ostile e diffidente, anche con se stesso, proprio lui A volte partire per capire chi siamo non basta Bisogna anche tornare a casa.

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        Flavia Biondi nasce a Castelfiorentino FI nel 1988 Fin da sempre appassionata alle storie che raccontano le vicende del quotidiano lavora ai suoi fumetti tutti incentrati su personaggi all apparenza modesta ma dal grande cuore Dopo il diploma artistico e la laurea triennale presso L accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna in Fumetto e Illustrazione collabora con varie etichette di autoproduzione Nel 2012 assieme a sette colleghi accademici fonda l etichetta Manticora Autoproduzioni che pubblica la sua prima antologia, Sindrome, l anno stesso Dopo esser stata segnalata dal concorso Komikazen 2011 collabora con la casa editrice Renbooks alla realizzazione del suo primo volume, Barba di Perle, che vede la luce nel dicembre 2012 Con Manticora nel 2013 realizza Tenebre, storia dalle tinte scure, realizzata assieme al collega Francesco de Stena, e partecipa alla seconda antologia del gruppo, Feral Children 2014 con una storia sui bambini selvaggi Sempre nel 2014 per Renbooks pubblica L orgoglio di Leone, graphic novel a tema LGBT ambientata fra Siena, Roma e Genova Nel 2015, per i tipi di Bao Publishing, pubblica il graphic novel La generazione.


    1. "In the world we live in, priests and bartenders have a lot in common." I want to start this review off, just by saying if ever you were to read only one review of a graphic novel that I have read. I seriously recommend you reading this one. You'll find my heart somewhere within all the words. This graphic novel, pulled on all of my heart strings and orchestrated a song so bittersweet that I would do it again and again and again. The art was unique and the writing was so perfectly poetic. It had [...]

    2. The fourth graphic novel by Flavia Biondi and the first to be translated into English. The title plainly points to the central theme of the book: The importance of family, across the generations. You know, it was a relief after reading a lot of noir and crime novels to read something essentially straightforward and warm and sweet. Matteo leaves home as a teenager, in conflict with his father, to live with an older boyfriend in Milan, who breaks up with him. After three years, Matteo returns home [...]

    3. I LOVED THIS SO MUCH!First, I fell in love with the art style, it’s really pretty, definitely pleasing to the eye, and it was just beautiful okay? I really appreciated this art. Definitely one of my favourite art styles so far.Matteo comes home from Milan after his ex-boyfriend broke up with him, and finds himself having to leave with his aunts, pregnant cousin, and his nan. For the first few weeks he doesn’t really know what to do with his life : he’s afraid to go see his dad because the [...]

    4. Starting this graphic novel I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I was initially wary because I knew it had been translated from Italian. I always worry I'm going to miss key elements in translated works but Carla Roncalli De Montorio has done a wonderful job.Beginning with Matteo's train trip to his home town after three years in Milan with his boyfriend, he is certain he will not be welcomed into his father's home. Returning with no money, job or relationship, he lands on his Nan's doorstep, gr [...]

    5. *Disclaimer: I received a copy of Generations by Flavia Bondi from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my review in any way.This was a really beautiful coming of age story. I loved the focus on family and growing up to realize that you're suddenly an adult. A lot of the moments that involved Matteo and his family were super relatable for me as I also come from a pretty large Italian family. I loved the characters and the storyline and I absolutely l [...]

    6. Review Edit 3.5 StarsMy Thoughts Trigger warning ⚠️ Homophobia.Firstly before I talk about what I liked and didn't like about Generations. I want to just say: Guys! Stop ignoring this graphic novel. I cannot believe it only has 87 ratings on . It's deserves so much more than that. We finally getting a graphic novel that actually deals with real life. Our story is told from the POV of Matteo.Matteo is currently in his twenties; living in a crowded house with 3 aunts, pregnant cousin and his g [...]

    7. I was provided an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Generations is a graphic novel telling the story of Matteo, who after leaving his hometown for Milan, comes back and goes to live with his grandmother, his three aunts and cousin. Matteo is lost and is trying to find out who he is while also trying to heal his broken heart.Generations was a nice story with a lot of heart and the characters were all very layered. Matteo’s journey was very interesting and I could relate at time [...]

    8. It is an unassuming, touching story of a young man moving back with his family after breaking-up with his boyfriend, after antagonising his father, and after failing to make anything for him. When everything fails, the family props him up, and the sojourn with his family helps him to re-establish the bond with his family, and helps him to unload his emotional baggage and build a bridge to himself.

    9. I think this is one of those right time and right place sort of graphic novels for me, although I think most of the scenarios in this book are universal - they aren't exactly cliche or tropey. (view spoiler)[This graphic novel deals with grief alongside the main character's cousin having her first child, and deals with the loss of one generation while gaining one new generation. As recently my Grandad died a month ago, whilst my two cousins both gave birth to their children around the same time, [...]

    10. This is the story of Teo, who left his home town when he was 19 and who's back now living with his Nan, three aunts and his cousin Sarah.The story line was really great, a lot of the moments were highly relatable, different characters with different problems made it so real.It's a graphic novel with a lot of heart, it is about family and what links its members, about acceptance and especially growing up and healing: Thanks to the author, publisher and Netgalley for the advanced copy!

    11. Il mio amore per le graphic novel, lo ammetto, è recente, nonostante sia fruitore di manga da quando a dieci anni ho dovuto mettere degli occhiali spessissimi per continuare a leggerli. Eppure, le graphic mi stan appassionando da poco e in libreria l'altro giorno, bazzicando, ho trovato questa opera della Biondi: lei la seguo da tempo su Instagram e sono innamorato del suo stile spigoloso ma realista. Ma non sapevo che avesse un talento assurdo nello scrivere di famiglie, dolore e amore, nascit [...]

    12. 4.5 starsMatteo comes back to his small home-town from Milan where he lived with his boyfriend for three years. Not having anywhere else to go, he moves in with his grandma, three aunts and pregnant cousin. At first he only spends his days sleeping and thinking about the past but when he's forced to start working as his grandma's caretaker, things slowly begin to change. On one hand, "Generations" is a story of a homosexual guy in his early 20s - his coming out, difficult relationship with his f [...]

    13. I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewTrigger warning for this book: homomisia4 ⭐️A beautiful story about the importance of family. Matteo, a young gay man who fled his provincial town for Milan after telling his father he was gay, returns with a heartbreak. The graphic novel follows his journey as he learns about himself and the rest of his family.In the beginning, Matteo seems to be depressed, we later learn it's from heartbreak, yet the feeling of depression c [...]

    14. Biondi's Generations is quite a wonderful family relations story set in Italy. It's melancholic, sad even, but full of hope at the same time. Matteo returns home after his life in Milan breaks apart and now he has no job and no home. Instead of returning to his father, he moves in with his grandmother, aunts and cousin. The reason why Matteo is avoiding his father is that Matteo is gay and even returning was hard and soon even harder when his relatives get to know this fact. He has to grow up an [...]

    15. I got this as a ''read now'' e-copy, via Netgalley. All opinions stated are my own.This was one of the most moving graphic novels I've ever read. As you could imagine, it was heavily centred on this idea of generations, and with that came the meaning of family and how they can be there for you when you undergo things that will make you question yourself and those around you.We mainly follow Matteo, but thorugh his eyes we take a glimpse into the lives of his Aunties, cousin, nan and father. Ther [...]

    16. This is a well-conceived, well-plotted story of an awkward time in a young man's life. Left a small town at 19, returned three years later with little to show for it -- turns out he wasn't going to school, nothing to show but a failed relationship and now living on his relatives' couch. It's a graphic novel format, almost manga-like in its art, but its characters are real and compelling, and the family dynamics at once warm and contentious. This is set in Italy but everything here -- the English [...]

    17. VEINTEAÑEROS QUEER DE PUEBLOS PEQUEÑOS CON PROBLEMAS FAMILIARES QUE NO SABEN QUÉ HACER CON SU VIDA: Mi Tipo De Mierda™. La llorera ha sido súper real y me reafirmo en que el género new adult es una cosa que debemos apreciar. Además no sé si yo soy más simple que una cuchara o qué pero me encantan los running gags y las bromas internas y cada vez que mencionaban "la pensión de Gigi" me moría de risa.

    18. Although the prose can be a bit obvious with its "life lessons," this is a poignant coming-of-age tale that will resonate, particularly with those who have large families and those who have felt adrift as "Millenials."

    19. 38/45 books read in 2017Provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Actual rating: 4,5 starsThis is a story about growing up, taking control back, and coming to terms with the past. This book reminds me of The Complete Persepolis. It has the same type of bittersweet emotion that is normal when describing life and growing up. My connection with Matteo really grew while I was reading, just like my experience with Persepolis. I definitely recommend this to anyone trying to find out what [...]

    20. Nursing a broken heart, Matteo escapes from Milan and lands in the small town where he was raised. Estranged from his father, he lands in his grandmother's home where his female aunts, and pregnant cousin, live. During his stay Matteo will come to terms with the impulsive youth he was and the responsible young man he is becoming.

    21. Effective portrayal of millennial rootlessness colliding with familial roots and the secrets and resentments that come along with them.

    22. I liked this graphic novel a lot, specially because as an Italian I know exactly what it was all about. I recommend it to everyone I know, it was a really worth reading.Questa graphic novel mi é piaciuta moltissimo, specialmente perché sono italiana e per me ha un significato profondo e molto chiaro. La consiglio a chiunque, é decisamente un'ottima lettura!THANKS TO EDELWEISS FOR THE PREVIEW!

    23. A realization that suits in the modern era and millennials. The story is really great! There's a bit of LGBT but overall the book will surely make you think of your next decision.

    24. Thank you to Netgalley for providing me an advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest review.I'm not sure how to review this one. This was a lovely graphic novel, a sweet coming of age and coming out story. But it wasn't much more than that. It was something nice to read to pass the time.

    25. Questa è stata una sorpresona! Quindi direi addirittura 4,5 stelline. Però, caspita Soobie, ti costa tanto dare cinque stelline ogni tanto? Ne hai date solo tre nel 2017No, tutte quelle lentiggini mi infastidivano. Allora, io adoro le lentiggini. Il primo ragazzo per cui ho preso una cotta seria, Ryan, aveva delle bellissime lentiggini. Le mie compagne mi prendevano in giro perché era pieno di brufoli e aveva le orecchie a sventola. Al che io rispondevo che i brufoli spariscono (e sono effett [...]

    26. Flavia Biondi inLa generazioneutilizza magistralmente la tecnica del disegno per affrontare tematiche davvero delicate quali: la perenne sensazione di inadeguatezza, il concetto di famiglia, l'amore omo-erotico e altro ancora. I personaggi che si avvicendano di pagina in pagina sono ben tratteggiati e delineano un ritratto spontaneo e veritiero della società odierna nonostante i testi non siano molto lunghi, eppure ci sono passi veramente degni di nota mirati a spingere il lettore alla riflessi [...]

    27. “Non capisco perchè siano così tante le donne che la storia ha messo da parte (se non addirittura cancellato)! È come se il mondo fosse un grosso palcoscenico che solo gli uomini possono calpestare mentre noi, al massimo, possiamo suggerire da dietro le quinte o rassettare i camerini”.Queste parole pronunciate a un certo punto da Violeta Parra nel graphic novel a lei dedicato sono emblematiche sia del personaggio, sia della ragione principale che ha spinto l’autrice Virginia Tonfoni - g [...]

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