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Windbrothers This edition is no longer available Kade has been a slave for too long When he passes to yet another owner in a game of chance he goes without a fight He s still as proud as he ever was as a warrior

  • Title: Windbrothers
  • Author: Sean Michael
  • ISBN: 9781934166888
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
  • This edition is no longer available.Kade has been a slave for too long When he passes to yet another owner in a game of chance, he goes without a fight He s still as proud as he ever was as a warrior of his people, but he has no hope left in him Or so he thinks Surial doesn t keep slaves He s not a native of Azize, the land where he serves out his banishment from hisThis edition is no longer available.Kade has been a slave for too long When he passes to yet another owner in a game of chance, he goes without a fight He s still as proud as he ever was as a warrior of his people, but he has no hope left in him Or so he thinks Surial doesn t keep slaves He s not a native of Azize, the land where he serves out his banishment from his family He doesn t believe in their customs So when Kade comes to him on a bet, he s not sure what to do with the big, quiet man Kade goes to work in the stables, and soon an uneasy friendship begins to grow between the unwilling slave and the unlikely master Even Surial s servants disapprove of the relationship, but Kade and Surial have to worry about that a few raised eyebrows In a world where magic exists in the everyday, Surial and Kade have to face their own fears, their own dreams, and a danger that might well overtake both of them Sean Michael builds a world full of amazing characters and places in Windbrothers, where the fragile friendship of two men is tested and tried again and again, until ultimately, they find something precious than anything either of them has ever dreamed of.

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        Often referred to as Space Cowboy and Gangsta of Love while still striving for the moniker of Maurice, Sean Michael spends his days surfing, smutting, organizing his immense gourd collection and fantasizing about one day retiring on a small secluded island peopled entirely by horseshoe crabs While collecting vast amounts of vintage gay pulp novels and mood rings, Sean whiles away the hours between dropping the f bomb and persuing the kama sutra by channeling the long lost spirit of John Wayne and singing along with the soundtrack to Chicago A long time writer of complicated haiku, currently Sean is attempting to learn the advanced arts of plate spinning and soap carving sex toys.Barring any of that He ll stick with writing his stories, thanks, and rubbing pretty bodies together to see if they spark.


    1. One banished and wanting to returnThe other enslaved and wanting to run freeSurial, exiled by his family to a trading outpost as a youth has built a loyal household and found a place within Azize society. He brought Rowani, his devoted bodyguard and childhood friend and his fiery tempered horse, Mon'keur. A small bit of home away from home. He has friends and diversions in the city. Dining, theater, and gambling is how Surial amuses himself when not buried under the family business paperwork. An [...]

    2. ‘Windbrothers Desert’ is fantasy of the best kind. It pulled me into a world entirely different from my daily reality, and with its lyrical language and beautiful world building Sean Michael has created something special with this first volume. With mystical countries, the contrast between harsh slavery and luxurious living, and hints of magic, the scene is set for what looks to be an unusual and epic battle against a very dark evil. Initially, it wasn’t very clear (at least to me) what fo [...]

    3. This was a re-read I love this story. Absolutely love it. I think the Windbrothers verse is Sean Michael's best work. It's a beautiful, deep, intense story of love and loss and what makes us whole. And the 'verse is literally magical. I'd love to see more of this 'verse honestly, I love the pairing of ba'chi and hi'icha. There are 3 books in the 'verse Windbrothers Desert, Guardians of the Wind, and an anthology of shorter stories with different pairings, As it Should Be I recommend them all.

    4. The writing was nice in some places but it was sometimes a bit too.fantastic. And a tad silly. Also, it was basically gay-for-you, which I don't care for at all and have virtually no patience for, especially when it's as serious as one having been happily, heterosexually married with children with absolutely no prior homosexual inclinations or desires. The premise was interesting (exile and such) and I'm a fan of strong silent types and forced arrangements that turn into something beautiful, but [...]

    5. This was my second attempt at this book. Both times I found the first 60 or so pages tiresome, tedious, and slow. Breaking thru the early character, culture, and class development into the nearly melodic tones of the remainder of the book is akin to finding a rainbow after a storm. This text is frequently slammed for what comes after in the series. If M/M is not for you - think of this as a stand alone story of faith and friendship. Appreciate this well written volume on its own.

    6. 3.5 STARSI feel like this entire book is setting down a strong basis for book #2, it's a great high fantasy that might have been 300 pages long for what I felt was laying down a base so I'm really looking forward to the sequel, and that's not something I usually do. I usually find them a huge let down as I'm pretty sure there's no more books to follow on from this.

    7. I liked reading this book. Kade and Surial are interesting characters. Kade is a slave from the land where horse and nature are very important. Surial is a lord whose power of healing caused him to be banished from his family. It turns out he is also a descendant of a long-line magic family. No sex here. They are saved for the sequel, Guardians of the Wind.

    8. “All my life I have allowed others to dictate what I will do. It is time I grew up and took my fate into my own hands”A very beautiful story and perfect high fantasy!I really enjoyed reading this and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. This is a story of desert, magic, wind and horses. It is a rather gripping story that touches the reader as the lead characters, Suriel and Kade, each in their own way, reach out for justice, freedom and life. Windbrothers Desert is a story [...]

    9. Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.This book…was so much more than I thought it would be and by the end of it I was fairly amazed at the story I’d just finished reading. I never got around to reading the first version of the Windbrothers books and while I’m disappointed in myself for that fact, I’m also so very pleased to have the opportunity to read the re-release now.Kade, once a proud warrior for his tribe has been taken and sold into slavery, a fate worse than death as far as he [...]

    10. Surial was banished from his home at a young age, and sent from his cool fostered lands in exile across the ocean to dwell in a land of hot sandy deserts. Whilst banished by his father he is not discarded, but set up in relative luxury with a large house and many servants. Now in his early twenties he enjoys life as best he can ,indulging his passion for the arts and attractive young men, while also looking after his family's business interests in his adoptive city.While somewhat self-centred, h [...]

    11. The first chapter or two almost killed me. I wanted to claw my eyes out. Happily I stuck with it and it got much better. My only other gripe after that is that Surial's attitude/reaction towards things and people occasionally got on my nerves. (view spoiler)[ He's abused and neglected, yet spoiled. He's against slavery yet it doesn't occur to him until much later to free the slave he has acquired. He's generally shown to be at least somewhat shrewd and discerning but then in the last half of the [...]

    12. I've read this several years ago and still remember some of the scenes, the whipping, the travel through the mountains, the bazar - so I think this says something. I also remember that there was no on-page sex in this, and still the connection between the two heroes was strong. Gotta reread it sometimes

    13. This was in to-read until I noticed it was written by Sean Michael, who I've repeated been disappointed by (just not my type of books, I guess *shrug)The blurbe blurb sounds interesting, but is poorly written. Don't be apologetic about it, sheesh.

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