The Family of Max Desir

The Family of Max Desir

Robert Ferro / Oct 26, 2020

The Family of Max Desir From the back cover copy Max Desir loved his Italian American family even after his iron willed father exiled him from its intimate innner circle Max Desir loved his lover Nick with whom he openly t

  • Title: The Family of Max Desir
  • Author: Robert Ferro
  • ISBN: 9780452260153
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the back cover copy Max Desir loved his Italian American family even after his iron willed father exiled him from its intimate innner circle.Max Desir loved his lover, Nick, with whom he openly took up life first amid the enchantment of Rome, then amid the realities of New York.Two loves so deeply felt in a man so painfully divided

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        Attended Rutgers University and received a Master s Degree from the University of Iowa Founder of the The Violet Quill literary group with his parter Michael Grumley.Died of AIDS in 1988 a few months after his partner, Michael Grumley.


    1. Odd but fairly engrossing. I expected this to be just like the other books by Ferro's fellow compatriots in the so-called Violet Quill group: another dreamy, exquisitely crafted, sex-soaked account of post-Stonewall NYC like you find everywhere in Edmund White, and which reach their apogee of perfection in Andrew Holleran's breathtaking Dancer from the Dance. But although this book does thrum along like a hazy, post-coital memory, it's not really about being gay, or living in New York -- it's ab [...]

    2. Robert Ferro continues to be the gay author whose early passing I most greatly mourn. The world missed out on some daring and heartfelt literature when he died. As is fitting with his love of occult and supernatural themes, The Family of Max Desir feels like an eerie premonition of the increasing grief and growing death that was about to ravish a generation. An unrecognized classic by an unrecognized auteur.

    3. Starting in the early 1900s, this novel outlines the Desiderio (Desir) family history from Scilly to the USA, until it quickly brings us to John Desir, and his son Max. A self made and now wealthy businessman, John is also homophobic. Max, aware from an early age of his attraction to men, finally comes out to his father after he has established a firm relationship with his lover Nick, whom he meets under interesting circumstances while staying in Italy. The relationship between Max and his fathe [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this As the title suggests, it is the family story of Max Desir, his aging ailing mother, stubborn father, brothers and sisters, and a story of Max coming to terms with his homosexuality and family. Toward the end, I really couldn't see the significance of the last 30 pages, and seemed like it could have been trimmed down. The final scene Max resolves his straining relationship with his father for closure but I'd still like to know what happens next.From what I can tell, the aut [...]

    5. Disappointing. I read it through, hoping always that something would actually happen in this story, but alas, there is no plot. Just a rather mundane story about a gay man who's father has a hard time accepting his homosexuality. Ho humt exactly breaking news. The writing is pretty good, but was put to no particular good purpose. The characters were two dimensional; I never felt like I knew who they were or felt any real connection between them. And ultimately there's that plot thingor the lack [...]

    6. One of the best novels of the 1980s gay male literary output from the big publishers, in this case Dutton. Because the novel is covering a specific period in time, younger readers may be bored; try to read it more like history. Each generation of gays takes the tribe a bit farther down the road, and each step must be celebrated. Forever. [I read a borrowed copy in 1996 but bought a signed hardcover first-edition for $93.75 in 2012 at Larry McMurtry's now defunct Booked Up in Archer City, Texas.] [...]

    7. No conocia a este autor y ha sido una sorpresa positiva, tiene un estilo poetico, pero te puedes identificar facilmente con el protagonista de la novela. El tema, lo complicado que es ser gay e italoamericano de segunda generacion. Suena muy frivolo, pero es asi, como combinar familia y ser gay a veces es complicado.

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