Dark Run

Dark Run

Mike Brooks / Oct 25, 2020

Dark Run In this debut space epic a crew of thieves and con artists take on a job that could pay off a lot of debts in a corrupt galaxy where life is cheap and criminals are the best people in it The Keiko is

  • Title: Dark Run
  • Author: Mike Brooks
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  • Page: 112
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In this debut space epic, a crew of thieves and con artists take on a job that could pay off a lot of debts in a corrupt galaxy where life is cheap and criminals are the best people in it.The Keiko is a ship of smugglers, soldiers of fortune, and adventurers travelling Earth s colony planets searching for the next job And they never talk about their past until now.CaptainIn this debut space epic, a crew of thieves and con artists take on a job that could pay off a lot of debts in a corrupt galaxy where life is cheap and criminals are the best people in it.The Keiko is a ship of smugglers, soldiers of fortune, and adventurers travelling Earth s colony planets searching for the next job And they never talk about their past until now.Captain Ichabod Drift is being blackmailed He has to deliver a special cargo to Earth, and no one can know they re there It s what they call a dark run And it may be their last.

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        Mike Brooks was born in Ipswich, Suffolk and moved to Nottingham when he was 18 to go to university He s stayed there ever since, and now lives with his wife, two cats, two snakes and a collection of tropical fish When not working for a homelessness charity he plays guitar and sings in a punk band, watches football soccer , MMA and nature science documentaries, goes walking in the Peak District or other areas of splendid scenery, and DJs wherever anyone will tolerate him.And, y know, writes.


    1. 3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2016/06/16/Dark Run by Mike Brooks is a sci-fi adventure novel that first made its debut in the UK in the summer of 2015 to some pretty good reviews, and I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that the book and its sequel Dark Sky were both made available in the US in audio format last month. I ended up deciding to give it a shot because a) I’ve never met a swashbuckling space romp audiobook I didn’t like, and b) the book stole my attentio [...]

    2. 16/9 - I just can't get this review started. I've had a number of pages marked for discussion for day snow, but every time I find the time to get started writing I suddenly decide I need to do something else (on or off the internet) and I never end up getting to the review. I figured I'd give writing by hand in my journal a go and just pen to paper and see where I end up. So far I've got: a lot more mistakes (no delete button) and my hand writing is barely legible (even to me), but that's not wh [...]

    3. Dark Run is a predictable, low-engagement outer space western. There is a discernible difference between being derivative and being completely allergic to originality, and this book is a sterling example of the latter.The story moves along at a brisk enough pace, and Brooks is a proficient and capable writer. All things considered, Dark Run is not terrible. But the fundamental problem, one that kept my ability to enjoy it in check, is the novel's protagonist. Ichabod Drift is meant to be a "like [...]

    4. *Copy from Netgalley in exchange for a review*Dark Run is a feisty space opera, with a layer of grit overlaying a much larger sense of charm. It’s set in what feels like a not-intolerably distant future, after the discovery of faster-than-light drive has sent humankind on a diaspora to the stars. As a result, we’re shown a rather large variety of different locations in the universe. There’s half-terraformed worlds, where air is rationed, and everyone lives under a dome, or under several th [...]

    5. (Audiobook) I am not going to rate this book as I only listened to 90 minutes of it. I do have some thoughts thoughNo one has recommended this book to me. If you rate any well reviewed Science Fiction book of 2016, chances are will recommend "Dark Run". I knew nothing about it except that it keeps turning up on this site as something published this year I should read.The writing was just OK. I kind of shook my head at the line that someone was wobbling like a shivering epileptic. That is the ba [...]

    6. very satisfying space opera. Fast moving and clearly written. There was no guessing what was going on. No aliens here just humans who have expanded into space. Written in third person from 3 or so different members of the crew of the Keiko a merchant ship which operates a bit on the shady side. The crew is made of diverse people each with a different skill set and no questions asked. Super fun and looks like the first of a series.

    7. Read on the WondrousBooks blog.My issue with this book: there was nothing there. Not a thing. I have read quite a few books in my life and this one qualifies in top 10 books that couldn't grab my attention in ANY way. Usually if I don't like a book, at least I can pinpoint what I didn't like about it. The same can't be said about Dark Run. In a couple of months I'm probably going to forget this book exists. I know it's a harsh thing to say, but I really don't see why this book was written.I coul [...]

    8. Of all the ways I could choose to die, being blown into hard vacuum by an explosive device was a long way from the top of the list.Mike Brooks' debut novel, Dark Run, is an unabashedly fun space-Western!This book moves fast! It is a quick page-turner about a lovable crew of misfits aboard a spaceship. Their relationships; their pasts; their misadventures. Most of the crew is looking for a second chance. They are inherently good people that have gotten into bad situations previously. Working on t [...]

    9. It's fairly rare when I bother to do written reviews of books. I like them or don't like them to varying degrees and don't feel like it's important to tell people why I like them. That and I don't much like having to analyze a book I read for enjoyment because it wrecks it for me sometimes. This book, I wanted to do at least a little something for. I don't think it's had enough praise personally.There are a lot of people that compare this to Firefly*. It does have some of the things I valued mos [...]

    10. [I received a copy through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.]This was a nicely-paced and fun read, in the vein of space cowboys/pirates/smugglers branch of sci-fi. More plot- and ambiance- than character-driven, but what I wanted to read when I requested this book was a romp in space with action, blazing guns, spaceships, fishy cargoes, crazy pilots and mercenaries and this is exactly what I got.The crew members of the Keiko find themselves embroiled into a mission for someone they do [...]

    11. Dark Run is a fun, very Firefly-ish sort of story — in that, I mean both the setting (the world situation, the character lineup, the tone) and the actual storyline are quite like Firefly. There are a couple of lines which seem like homages, like the pilot saying “I am a leaf on the wind”… but since that doesn’t lead to disaster in quite the same way as it does in Serenity, it kind of ruins the moment? Like, I read the line and braced myself, and then it was just… a throwaway comment? [...]

    12. This is another book that will get comparisons to Firefly, two of the quotes on the back of the book even mention it. But unlike The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (LWSAP), a book that gets the Firefly comparison itself, Dark Run succeeds in its plot & excitement but lacks depth anywhere else.In LWSAP, the ship's crewmembers are genuinely likable, unique and are given meaningful character development. The characters in Dark Run can rarely be described that way. There's the rogue captain, [...]

    13. Dark Run reads like a phenomenal episode of Firefly, and I love me some Firefly. I love the characters and can't wait to read more. How long until the next book?

    14. Old fashioned space opera of mismatched crew of dubious backgrounds doing various gray-hat deeds, from bounty hunting to smuggling. About half the story is a revenge shoot-em-up to get back at the guy who done them wrong. None of the crew are especially engaging, especially their low-life leader. The interstellar universe is familiar. Decent enough action popcorn story for gunfights and space ship chases if you just want some quick fun.

    15. Eh.That one word sums this book pretty well. How were the characters? Eh. How was the story? Eh. How was the universe? Eh. No one aspect of the book egregiously bad but the whole thing adds up to be incredibly bland.The only thing I can even find to highlight is the fact that the whole thing reads like a first draft. If there was an editor they did not do a very good job on this one. There are way too many characters. Alex Cruz does literally nothing in the story. Ditto Nana Bastard. Micah von D [...]

    16. Ichabod Drift - a remarkable name for a main character.He is the captain of space ship with a faster than lightpower unit.Ichabod gathered an interesting crew. Each member has secrets and it is a strict rule on board that none is forced to talk about his\her past.My favorite character is Jenna who is a really talented hacker.The story starts with a bang and delivers action, character insight and unexpected turns. The first job ends quite soon and there is a short period where from my point of vi [...]

    17. I am a bit torn with this book, It has everything I like, action, backstory, world building, good characters, interesting concept and decent dialogue, the problem is.'s nothing new. While I enjoyed the read, it was a overwhelming sense of the deja vu, bits and pieces felt like things I had seen here and there. Now your opinion may vary, because my tastes run wideI tend to see alot of stuff.That being said, it is a well written entry into what will probably be a fun series, 3 stars if you are hun [...]

    18. This is a book about a bunch of rogues with mysterious pasts who fly around in a spaceship and are cajoled into doing a risky smuggling job because someone from his past catches up with their captain. Maybe later on in the book there is a sudden burst of characterisation or a move away from tired formulaic cliche but there was certainly nothing like that by the time I gave up reading.

    19. read a few pages and there was nothing to grab me; maybe when/if in the mood for this kind of story i will give it another try though I still have books 3/4 from the Ketty Jay to go to if I want this type of story

    20. I pulled this book from my shelf, in search of a fun time romping around the stars. It mainly delivers, but can't seem to find its footing at times. The beginning is fun, the middle drags and the end is action and fun. One of the blurbs on the back likens _Dark Run_ to Firefly & Serenity. That seems to be the intent of the author, to have a ship of misfits, each with their own histories, somehow all working towards a common goal. The captain is sort of interesting. Jenna and Big A are the mo [...]

    21. Overall I thought this was pretty good - a bit formulaic but good. I've seen it compared to Firefly and to that I say "bunk" - not only because it is nothing like Firefly - but those types of comparisons are only destined to fail. Firefly is its amazing self not only because of the story but also because of the actors and the production design, so those reviewers who try to suck us in using that as a comparison less both Firefly and the book being compared. Note: I started this book via the Audi [...]

    22. I've been sitting on this one for a while but it's a 3 star read. Disliked the main character, especially loved the chapters he wasn't in. I might pick up the future books one day, but it's hard reading a book where you're just not rooting for the MC. The rest of his crew had promise though. All much more interesting.

    23. 3.5. Deeply unoriginal but a quick, enjoyable gloss on the Firefly-type motley-crew-with-mysterious-past story. Pet peeve: another story with mass colonization, FTL technology, hundreds of years in the future, and yet almost all other technology is the same? This is not a book for people who care about rigorous world building

    24. This was fun even though it didn't have the humor I expected from something compared to Firefly - though I can see why it could be considered to be similar. Regardless, it was a very good read and I'll be continuing the series.

    25. Just a really fun adventure with a diverse cast of characters making their living just on the other side of the law who find themselves caught in the middle of a whole lot of trouble.

    26. Dark Run is a book that waves its space-Western credentials proudly from the first page. It’s a fast-moving tale of a maverick captain and his assorted crew across space. With characters named Ichabod Drift, Gideon Xanth, Annie Eclectic and Nana Bastard, you pretty much know from the outset what this plot is going to be like.To be fair, it doesn’t disappoint. With its fast moving action, wise-cracking dialogue and wry humour, this maverick bunch of characters are as much fun as the ones I re [...]

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