Loving My Neighbor

Loving My Neighbor

C.M. Steele / Oct 22, 2020

Loving My Neighbor Trent Davenport isn t your average rich playboy He may have wealth but what he doesn t have is patience for people which includes the opposite sex Loving his solitude Trent was taken by surprise wit

  • Title: Loving My Neighbor
  • Author: C.M. Steele
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Trent Davenport isn t your average rich playboy He may have wealth, but what he doesn t have is patience for people which includes the opposite sex Loving his solitude, Trent was taken by surprise with his need to possess his new neighbor Lily Mason s life is in transition Moving in with her father and his wife and kids, she s regretting the decision immediately Per hTrent Davenport isn t your average rich playboy He may have wealth, but what he doesn t have is patience for people which includes the opposite sex Loving his solitude, Trent was taken by surprise with his need to possess his new neighbor Lily Mason s life is in transition Moving in with her father and his wife and kids, she s regretting the decision immediately Per her father s bidding, she knocks on the rud curmudgeon s door Knock Knock Expecting to be snarled at, she was surprised to see a beast of different kind The man answered the door with just a towel around his waist and a smirk across his chiseled face Running scared, she leaves before she can be locked away Trent loses the opportunity to trap her in his old mansion when she flees, but he s not giving up Because once he gets her in his home, he s never letting her out Their love is instant and explosive.

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    1. 4.25 SNOW BUNNY STARSThis book is about a 29 year old extremely self absorbed and singularly focused business man named Trent, who spot a vision in white one day at an intersection. He can hardly function, he thinks "I'm so consumed by my snow bunny that I hardly acknowledge my assistant on my way to my office." One look and he was hooked, obsessed and now focused on a new goal, FINDING HER AND KEEPING HER!Now finding her would ultimately be easier than he could have ever imagined as she was his [...]

    2. Well, that's exactly how I felt after the book hit past the 70% mark. I'm so disappointed by what happened after that that I frankly said don't give a shit anymore about how the story ends. *sigh* Another one bites the dust :(

    3. Very sweet story.I was a bit annoyed when h(view spoiler)[run away, but it didn't take away my enjoyment of the story. (hide spoiler)]Safety gang:(view spoiler)[Age: 29 hero and h is 21She was a virgin, he was celibate for the last 6 years. He didn't give an impression of a man-whore and never mentioned his past. His first time with no condom was with her.No pushing away.No exes showing up.There is OW drama with woman who works for him and she makes some comment to h that upsets her, but he neve [...]

    4. 2.5 starsI just wasn't into it. It was ok but not good. I lost interest about halfway through and then they both acted like idiots. Heroine was really immature and boring. Hero was boring and insecure. The drama was dumb. The suspense plot was unrealistic in every way. The very end showed me examples of why this author does not work for me. One of them being when in the Hero's POV he says he does a "happy dance". Puleese! Men do not do happy dances! Safety gang safe.

    5. I didn't know what to read before I started this one. Sometimes, there's a lot of books to choose from and yet, you don't know which one to read. So I decided to read a book of one of my favorite authors and I enjoyed it.The story was about Trent, 29 and Lily, 21.Trent's a wealthy man and owned an investment company but he was a loner. He was on his way to his office when a woman crossing the street caught his attention. He can't get her out of his mind. He looked for her. Even asked a friend to [...]

    6. 3stars!!!This was a nice reading!It was a short story kind of for Christmas time!I liked Trent's character, he was all weird and lonely but he didn't care what others thought about him!He didn't like people very much so he kept his distance from them!The whole town thought he was the weird man from the hills!Trent is a possessive alpha male when he sees "his snow bunny" Lily!He can't understand the way he feels and his insta attraction to her!He tries to find her with every way he can.He is a ri [...]

    7. contains Spoilers!3.25 stars.sweet,really insta love story. Super obsessed hero which I loved. For me towards the end I kind of was losing some interest but none the less this was a decent readfety : hero has been celibate for 6 years . I don't think he was a manwhore. it really isn't mentioned. heroine is a virgin. slight other woman drama. Hero was never with her . she tries to cause drama by telling heroine that they slept together . I didn't like that the h ran away . that was pretty immatur [...]

    8. I loved the first 80ish%, but after she (view spoiler)[ ran away (hide spoiler)] I sort of lost interest and struggled to not skim the rest of the book.

    9. I have to say I fell in love with this cover. I am in love with this models collection of stock images (I might have purchased all of them for no real purpose, other than to have them). But that is where the love affair ends.I would love to say that the growly-over-the-top-possessive-alpha-male that is Trent made up for the lack of everything else, but it did not. Beyond a few moments where he does/says something that made me smile and get a bit excited, this story lacked everything else for me. [...]

    10. I didn't like this one as much as I love C.M. Steele's stories for some reason I honestly felt myself skimming at one point. I didn't feel these two characters as much. He was possessive and loving but it just was missing something :( Its probably just me.

    11. Aggghhh Clearly this gr reading challenge has me under a spell because surely there's a no other reason that I would have bothered finishing this one otherwise???!!! Everything was just WRONG about it UGHHH

    12. DNFThe writing was okay, but I do love a possessive, alpha hero so I was willing to look past some things. However, I thought it was in bad taste how the heroine attacked the hero's assistant. The hero's assistant was saying some snarky things to the heroine, but there was no reason for her to use physical violence. The heroine was not threatened or being harmed at the time. The assistant, Dana, just said some things for drama effect. (loc 64%) The story lost me after this. I initially liked the [...]

    13. Recluse Trent Davenport has never been infatuated with a woman before, but the first time he sees Lily Mason he is just that. He doesn't know who she is or why she is in his town, but the moment he finds her he is keeping her safely by his side. This was a weird one, Trent goes from being a dominant man to a weird stalker type who nicknames his girl Bunny. It just didn't work for me this time, a little too silly.

    14. It was just too insta love/possessiveness for me and usually I'm a goner for possessive heros but with this I just didn't feel it. He basically sees the heroine in a puffy white jacket and is in love. I just couldn't connect with that or H/h.

    15. It was for sure one of the worst books I have read this year. I didn't find his protectiveness endearing at all. I thought it made him a controlling (excuse my language) jackass. It was one of these stupid Insta loves, where they've only met once, but now they want kids together. It wasn't at all anything I got sucked into, nor did I find anything in the book that seemed like a healthy relationship. I'm just glad it's over.

    16. If you love alpha male stories you'll like this. There is insta-love, plenty of sexy times and background drama to keep the story moving forward. I'd like to see what happens between Dane and Colt. Overall, a good read.

    17. At first I thought Trent was just scrooge, he's so moody, and unpredictable. But once he met his bunny you see a completely different side of him. It was an amazing transformation. When Trent loves he loves deep. And it's also sexy as hell.

    18. Enjoyable First read from this author. Very good story has a little of everything. Romance intrigue humor and of course lots of steamy Alpha possessive sexiness

    19. "It was like whiplash" 3***Trent Davenport is a driven and hard-working man with a rough upbringing. He has dedicated his life to his company and that's pretty much it. Known as pretty much a loner and recluse in his town, he is totally taken by surprise when he spots "his bunny."Lily Mason has recently moved in with her father, step-mother, and two half brothers. She really doesn't know what she will be doing with her life, but knows her home situation is not ideal.Trent is immediately gone for [...]

    20. Title: Loving My NeighbourAuthor: C.M. SteeleGenre: Contemporary Romance, AdultSeries or Standalone: Standalone Rating: ★★★Review A new author for me, but one that with this book, along with a pretty great synopsis had something within its pages that while I don’t read nearly enough of it, I do happen to like in my romances. Instalove. Like the premise, enjoy seeing it happen, but god do I hate that word. Seeing as the love declaration doesn’t take place until much deeper into the stor [...]

    21. So I started this book and really disliked how ridiculous it was from the very beginning, I'm not one to worry about how realistic a story is - because if it's fiction it's not real! - but this was just silly (in my opinion). I saw a review that mentions Insta-love and that is not what this is, it's Insta-lust/insta-stalker that is apparently meant to be hot and in their third meeting after maybe speaking 20 words this virgin (apparently, I didn't read far enough to get to that but other reviews [...]

    22. Tent and Lily. I enjoyed this more than the other two books I've read by this author. The heroine is old enough to not be a high school student and the hero isn't a man-ho. Off to a good start already! Lily is staying with her dad and her evil step mom when she find out just how evil her family is. Trent is the guy in the mansion next door who falls into insta love for her. He's alpha obsessive and protective and just what she needs if she hopes to live to see another day. It's a fun read. Drags [...]

    23. Trent Davenport is a 29 year old loner, he runs the Finance Company that his Uncle started. He lives alone not liking people in his home except for his housekeeper, Ernestine. On his way to work he sees a beautiful woman dressed in all white like a snow bunny and she takes his breath away. The next day he sees her outside her house getting something from the trunk. All of a sudden her house blows up fortunately her Father, Stepmother and two little brothers were not home. Trent stops to help her [...]

    24. OTT possessive alpha male type read. Not bad, but if I hear the name 'bunny' one more time I'll scream. Felt like everything tied up too neatly, too quickly. Also he feels bad she had to shop in a discount store for clothes, but got her a ring from zales? *rolls eyes*. Also she did the stereotypical 'I'm going to jump to conclusions and get mad without talking' thing that makes me want to punch people.

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