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Star Crossed Disclaimer This work contains explicit sexual content language and delicate subject matter It is intended for mature readers It started with a game seduce the new teacher Eighteen year old Kaitlyn L

  • Title: Star-Crossed
  • Author: Luna Lacour Liv Hayes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 342
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  • Disclaimer This work contains explicit sexual content, language, and delicate subject matter It is intended for mature readers.It started with a game seduce the new teacher.Eighteen year old Kaitlyn Laurent is living the American Dream Born into a wealthy, socialite family with opulent surroundings and material things than any girl could even fathom, Kaitlyn is tDisclaimer This work contains explicit sexual content, language, and delicate subject matter It is intended for mature readers.It started with a game seduce the new teacher.Eighteen year old Kaitlyn Laurent is living the American Dream Born into a wealthy, socialite family with opulent surroundings and material things than any girl could even fathom, Kaitlyn is the fresh, young face amidst a sea of morally amiss Manhattan Debutantes She is educated, poised, and on the outside entirely virtuous Her life, in short, is perfect.Or so it would seem.Inside the walls of her Upper East Side mansion, Kaitlyn is struggling After her parents divorce and her father s remarriage to a beautiful but otherwise utterly vapid woman, Kaitlyn quickly finds herself living in a realm of self created fantasy, completely detached and entirely clashing with her new family particularly, her classmate turned stepbrother, Marius Arrogant and with a penchant for playing games, he is intrigued and infatuated by Kaitlyn s faux chaste outer facade that she uses to cover an otherwise calloused heart.When the two of them enter into into their final semester at Trinity Prep, and the buzz around campus is that a gorgeous new teacher has set foot in the classroom, Marius makes Kaitlyn a bet seduce the man who is now her Literature teacher.If she wins, she gets his trust fund Money that she can use to finally escape a life that she has come to loathe.If Marius winshe gets her virginity.When an initial spark turns into full blown obsession, and her affections are inevitably returned Kaitlyn learns that there are no actions without consequence, and some affairs are simply star crossed.

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    1. ★★★★★! Star-crossed (stand-alone). A debutante, wicked step-brother, friend & unsuspecting teacher play a sinister game of seduction, lies & deceit with consequences!“It's a scary thing, feeling nothing at all. It only serves to remind you that you're capable of anything. Even if it ends in disaster.”Star-crossed (stand-alone) follows socialite and high school senior Kaitlyn Laurent during her last semester of high school. Set against the backdrop of the school’s theater [...]

    2. 2.5 - 3 STARSAfter a very rough start, I finally settled into the writing style and plot pace. Overall a nice, mellow, and enjoyable student/teacher story that’s loosely reminiscent of Cruel Intentions. When I first read the blurb, I had a bookgasmI mean did you read it?! Student/teacher AND stepbrother? So of course I didn’t think twice about it and jumped right in! The beginning 20% was a bit…rough for me. I couldn’t keep up with the overly-descriptive writing. I think I was supposed t [...]

    3. 1.5 stars. DNF at 50 % Review posted March 24, 2014I love lyrical prose (emphasis on lyrical) and not corny purple prose. When I get the impression that an author tries too hard and, in the process comes off as pretentious, my interest fades away fast. As you can gather from my review this was the case with Star-Crossed. The characters and plot but also the storytelling itself came off as indifferent and unappealing. The story was monotonous and fell flat. Everything simply plodded along without [...]

    4. "You're everywhere I walk. You're in each set of eyes I meet; every hand I touch, every small smile as I'm scanning faces in a crowd. You're all of them. Give me a sea of strangers, and all I'll see is you."I tend to not like a lot of taboo reading material but the student/teacher romance just flat out does it for me. And boy, was this a surprise. I expected something more sexual, I guess. lascivious, more naughty. Don't get me wrong, this was definitely a touchy subject.hty thoughts and actions [...]

    5. Star-Crossed is LIVE! l.hayesthor@gmailAlso, in celebration of THORN's Release Date, I've got both STAR-CROSSED and PULSE available for .99 cents - indefinitely! Grab a copy, if you'd like.PULSE:amazon/Pulse-Liv-HayesSTAR-CROSSED:amazon/Star-Crossed-LuAnd, you know, I'm still open to giving away R2R ARCs for these books, too, if you'd like. Just zip me an email (bi/.epub formats) available, and a copy is yours.Love, Always-LivTeasers:Andet Mr. Tennant, y'all:(an unapologetic James Franco obsessi [...]

    6. This is a hard review for me to write, as for the majority of the book I was emotionally detached from it. I tried very hard to connect with the main characters in some way, and found I just couldn't do it. So, I tried to figure out why that was exactly. The only thing that I came up with is that for a large percentage of the story, the heroine; Kaitlyn spent a lot of time thinking. There was dialogue in the story; but not as much as there should have been. I recently read a book that had very l [...]

    7. *ARC received by author*'I knew who the real victim was, and it wasn't me. If there were some fragment of this inevitable explosion that wrote out my name in blood across the tracks, I would smear it and cry hearsay. Mr. Tennant was the victim. Yet I kissed him continuously. I ran my tongue along his neck and listened to him gasp and moan with a timid noise. I had to have him, and I had to win. I had to win, but I had to have him.'Genre: Romance, loosely based around Romeo & Juliet with forb [...]

    8. 4.5 Star-Crossed stars.This took me by surprise, that's for sure. The writing (I feel like I would be repeating everyone by talking about the depth and emotion) along with the vibrant characters and shocking plot made for a read that had me captivated from the first page until the final word.This was a good one. Actually, it was amazing.One of the big things that stuck out for me was the use of imagery in this book. The second big thing was the amount of symbolism that I caught early on (a revie [...]

    9. ***ARC kindly provided for honest review.***“You're everywhere I walk. You're in each set of eyes I meet; every hand I touch, every small smile as I'm scanning faces in a crowd. You're all of them. Give me a sea of strangers, and all I'll see is you.”This book blew me away. I'm having a hard time even figuring out where to start with this one I'll start with the casting.My Kaitlyn:My Mr. 'Will' Tennant:My Marius:My Tyler:Opening line:"There is one thing, first and foremost, that you should k [...]

    10. I didn't expect much, but it still managed to disappoint me. Star-Crossed, a debut novel by Luna Lacour got interesting reviews in the community, some readers loved it while others even gave up on reading it half way trough. I am always curious when I find books with focus on affairs between student and teacher, and I keep hoping I'd finally stumble upon one that gives a well thought trough and more serious approach to the subject. Not much luck so far. Why Star-Crossed didn't work out for me? F [...]

    11. **I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**Thank you Luna for a beautifully creative story.First things firstMarius was the PERFECT asshole that you want more of then again you don't at the same time. Kaitlyn was a refreshing head strong character who went after what she wanted and received some much more. She was not afraid to struggle and didn't taken her wealth for granted. Will was a shy somewhat broken character who found love when he wasn't even looking for it. Tyler was a breat [...]

    12. Stayed up all night to read this, eyes are watery, stomach is rumbling, work is waiting. ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS!

    13. "You see, I didn't want to ruin his life. I just simply wanted to change mine."Star-Crossed literally JUMPED out to me when I read the blurb. 18 year old Kaitlyn Laurent is Manhattan royalty. Born and bred into the wealthiest of families, Kaitlyn lives a life full of privileged and expectation.With her father and stepmother busy socializing, Kaitlyn and her step-brother, Marius, are left basically rearing themselves. "Inside the fence, cooped up in my enviable Upper Easy Side mansion, I was left [...]

    14. Review to come. 5 beautifully star crossed stars!! ==============================Are we star-crossed?" I ask quietly, a whisper."Yes," he said. "But I would fight against the stars for you."When I first saw that the author was offering ARCs for Star Crossed, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to snag a copy. It pretty much had me at the title and slowly I finally got around to the synopsis and well you can figure out the rest. I got my copy and I was ecstatic! Star crossed is just another n [...]

    15. 4 Stars for Kaitlyn and Will! I want to thank Luna for e-mailing me an ARC of Star-crossed! I love waking up to goodies in my e-mail!Anyway lets begin It started with a game - seduce the new teacher.Eighteen year old Kaitlyn is a senior at Trinity Prep, but she wants more. She's doesn't want to go to Yale, a spot her father basically bought for her, and she certainly doesn't want to take over the families multimillion dollar garment business (hey, she can always pass it on over to me, I'll gladl [...]

    16. I should say before anything else that I've never believed in love at first sight. But when I first saw him, something stirred inside of me. Immediate, utterly insufferable.Completely incalculable.If I read a books synopsis and there is any mention of a student/teacher relationship, you can bet that I'm going to read it. When I first came across Star-Crossed, it had exactly that, but with the added enticement of a possible relationship with a step brother. Yeah, I'm a huge sucker for anything th [...]

    17. L o l. This was one of those books where I just hated all the characters. Except one--Marius. He was a douchebag of the highest order, yes, but at least he was interesting. Also, I liked Tyler, but he was boring. As was Will. And Kaitlyn. And the stupid insta-lust.Okay, I get it: the teacher/student trope is a kink, and people like it. But how can you expect me to like a relationship between two people so poorly characterized?Kaitlyn is spoiled rich; numb to her numerous Manhattan-socialite priv [...]

    18. Sadly, it was not good.***********************Before reading:Another student teacher novel? But damn, I can't help it. This better be good.

    19. This was a fantastic read. The story has a Cruel Intentions vibe as Kaitlyn Laurent and her step-brother, Marius St. Vincent, make a bet for her to seduce the new classic literature and drama teacher, Mr. William Tennant. The prize at stake is Kaitlyn's virginity, which made me think of Cruel Intentions again. However, I was not expecting this story to pull me in as much as it did. I think the characters have a lot to do with that. The story was beautifully written, and I really loved the angst [...]

    20. This was a gripping quick and easy read. It was a romantic book with the premise similar to the 'Cruel Intentions' film based on a dare between two step siblings. The main character is Kaitlin, a teenage girl who has a very rich upbrining, wanting for no material goods but perhaps lost out on family time with her father a little. Her father remarries and she now also has to put up with her step-brother Marius, a sex crazed womaniser who has slept with just about all the females in his year. When [...]

    21. There are very few debut authors that bring a book to life and make readers really invested in the character's life and end their story with a BANG. Author Luna is one of them! I read this book in less than 5 hrs, which truthfully, I can remember doing for only a handful of authors. Kait's story ensnared me from page one and as I continued to know of it, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough! The things I loved about the book:Luna does such a wonderful job of creating depth to her characters tha [...]

    22. LUNA WHAT HAVE DONE TO ME?!! I'M ABSOLUTE EMOTIONAL MESS AFTER I FINISHED THIS! This book definitely needs more recognition! Luna does a spectacular job in ripping my heart out for each and every character. I loved how luna made all the characters uniquely different and showed them struggling in thier worlds while also all have this similar brokenness about them. One of the most worthy book hangovers I've had this year.

    23. I'm gonna give this one 3.5. It had so much potential. It felt like Cruel Intentions, but deeper. I really enjoyed the writing, even if it was maybe a little too wordy at times. It had a haunting feel, without being dark. I just wish I could have connected more with the main characters. It felt like everything was rushed and explained rather than felt.

    24. Originally posted on Confessions of an Opinionated Book Geek This book is like that plastic wrapped pastry from the local corner store: disgusting, not at all healthy, but oh so good. This book is the perfect example of a guilty pleasure. Because, I enjoyed it even though I knew that it was bad for me. It’s morally bankrupt, it’s spoiled and selfish and it is decadent. The story and the characters are something you know you shouldn’t like and yet you cannot look away from it. In fact, I en [...]

    25. My review can also be found on my blog Collections.4.5 starsStar-Crossed had me intrigued from the very beginning. It was hard to put down. But I have to say The last 30% of the story definitely amped it up and had me on the edge of my seat! What happened to the characters almost felt like a never-ending train-wreck. I could not look away, nor could I help but to get emotional. I was extremely anxious to know how Kaitlyn's story would end, so props to the author Luna Lacour for keeping me guessi [...]

    26. Eighteen year-old (and that does come into play later) Kaitlyn Laurent lives a rich but deeply unfufilling life in the Upper East Side with her father, vapid step-mother, and step-brother Marius. Heir to a chain of clothing stores, she has a bought spot waiting for her at Yale in the fall. Her last semester at Trinity Prep is going well until the new young and attractive English/Drama teacher comes in. This starts an epic bet between siblings that nobody will walk away from unscathed.Okay, I gue [...]

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