Borrowed Magic

Borrowed Magic

Shari Lambert / Oct 29, 2020

Borrowed Magic After a three year siege Lord Kern the dark mage is dead Magic has left Tredare and life is almost back to normal For everyone except Maren that is Before the siege an attack by Lord Kern left M

  • Title: Borrowed Magic
  • Author: Shari Lambert
  • ISBN: 9781522998617
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • After a three year siege, Lord Kern, the dark mage, is dead Magic has left Tredare, and life is almost back to normal For everyone except Maren, that is.Before the siege, an attack by Lord Kern left Maren near death and with a sliver of magic buried deep inside her Now, for reasons Maren doesn t understand, that magic has been triggered, giving her the ability to see After a three year siege, Lord Kern, the dark mage, is dead Magic has left Tredare, and life is almost back to normal For everyone except Maren, that is.Before the siege, an attack by Lord Kern left Maren near death and with a sliver of magic buried deep inside her Now, for reasons Maren doesn t understand, that magic has been triggered, giving her the ability to see the truth that her world is nothing than a magical fa ade and that the kingdom s hero may not be a hero at all.But this gift of sight comes at a high cost Maren is in constant pain, and fears her own death is imminent Plus, no one believes her suspicions that another Dark Mage has risen, and that Tredare may be in just as much danger as it was when Kern was alive With the country s future in the hands of a man who s vowed revenge on its king, Maren must convince someone else of the truth Unfortunately, the only person powerful enough to help is also the one man she can t trust the man she almost married the man who abandoned her and disappeared for three years Kern s son.As Tredare crumbles around them, Maren must persuade him to help before the king is murdered by the very hero he reveres and before the same magic that gives Maren the gift of sight also takes her life.

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    1. Not many books keep me on the edge of my seat, but Borrowed Magic’s nerve-wracking plot and unrelenting heroine was the perfect recipe for just that.The story starts after a three-year war against the dark mage Kern. Maren, our heroine, is the King and Queen’s closest friend and is nervously awaiting the return of her childhood friend, Phillip, whom she hasn’t seen since he left Maren confused and broken-hearted. When Phillip returns with fellow war hero and mystery-man Teige, who makes Ma [...]

    2. Okay. So, I'm not going to tell you how amazing Borrowed Magic is because I happen to know, love, and adore the author, Shari Lambert. I'm not going to tell you how awesome this book is because I actually got to beta read it through it's many transitions, changes, and rewrites. And I'm not going to tell you how fantastic this story is because the truth is, "fantastic" doesn't even begin to describe this story. For me. Now let me preface the rest of my review by saying that I am not a multi-time [...]

    3. *** 3.5 Cranky Stars ***This story is a little bit different to your usual historical/magical books you’ll pick up and read. The difference you’ll notice is the feeling that you’re not reading the first book in the “series”. Several events had obviously happened in the past and we’re now stepping into “the next episode”. At first, it threw me off and confused me quite a bit, especially since the rest of the “previous events” had been teased out little by little from the main [...]

    4. See this review in its natural environment, Dani Reviews Things.I received this book for free from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.The story starts off with two heroes, Philip and Teige, approaching the castle after defeating the dark mage, Kern, and ending an almost three-year siege. Maren, our heroine and the Queen's closest friend, anxiously waits to face her childhood friend, having not seen him sinc [...]

    5. Thoroughly surprised by how engrossed I became in this book in the first few pages. Many fantasy books take a while to get me hooked, but Borrowed Magic had tension and mystery from the first page to the last. I wish that I had started this the day that I got it instead of waiting several months. It had that “can’t put it down” quality that I feel is the strongest compliment I can give to any story. It starts with the premise that a three-year siege is over and everything that the dark ma [...]

    6. I was given an ARC of this in exchange for an honest review.First of all. Look at that cover! The cover itself is a work of art! Full of promises of what lurks within the pages of this book Borrowed Magic.When i received an ARC copy of this book i wasn't sure what to expect but what can i say? As soon as i delved into the pages, i found myself pleasantly surprised. I was enthralled from the very beginning up until the very end. This is one of those rare stories that has been created by a truly t [...]

    7. This was a captivating read. I recommend reading the prequel Siege first to know some helpful back story from the start. I think it got particularly interesting about a third of the way into the book, though I don't want to give any spoilers as to why. I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys fantasy and clean romance.

    8. In 3 words, I LOVED IT! I wasn't expecting much, I usually try to keep an open mind and I was so pleasantly surprised and how so nicely written it was and the plot was smart.I wont add spoilers or the plot cause I believe I am fully capable of giving it all away, but I highly recommend it and no one who would read it would come to regret it.

    9. The cover drew me into this novel, and I'm so glad that it did. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Maren was a character who grew in strength and made me like her through it all. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good fantasy.

    10. This is a perfect fairy taleThis is all I ever wanted in a fairy tale! Best of all someone of any age could enjoy it.ough its a bit scary for young children. I am looking forward to more from this authorad the prequel first

    11. It captured my attention from the start of the book and I have never been so into a book like that before.

    12. I thought it was an excellent story. It was original and the characters were fun to read about and root for.

    13. I was very surprised at this book! I really loved it, I couldn't put it down. I recommend it to anyone who loves a good quick read full of romance, and magic!

    14. To say that I simply liked it is an understatement. Ok, maybe I'm a little biased because I love the love stories born from long-standing friendships. However it is impossible not to highlight the flaws that I found unpleasant. Beginning with the deepening of some little things, everything happened too quickly and most of the book is made up of the pain of Maren caused by Lord Kern (in disguise) and Philip, the man she loves. Suffering - both physical and mental - and love are the sovereign in t [...]

    15. I downloaded the prequel novella 'Siege' for free on on the recommendation of an awesome blogger (THANK YOU and your awesome blog,Dani at danireviewsthings dot com!!)and became so completely enthralled that as soon as I finished, I came straight back to download 'Borrowed Magic' because I *had to know what happened next.I was most definitely *not disappointed.'Borrowed Magic' picks up exactly where 'Siege' left off and immediately continues to draw you into Maren's world and how she deals with [...]

    16. Let me start by saying that this is absolute, sheer genius. I love this book. It's so amazingly, phenomenally well written, you have no idea. You're seriously missing out if you haven't read this. For real.The plot is amazing. It's well thought out. The story flows amazingly and keeps you on edge. The words flow freely and make for an amazing story on paper. The language is easy to understand and the characters are amazingly intricate. The way she's thought the story out is absolutely phenomenal [...]

    17. With dark magic trapped inside her, Maren alone can see through a magic spell placed over the kingdom of Tredare.For me, this story got off to an incredibly slow start. The background information holds promise, and the mention of a dark wizard was really what kept me reading until around page 80 when the story suddenly became incredibly interesting. Unfortunately, too much information about unimportant characters and numerous scenes of dialogue without action, coupled with so many scenes of MC M [...]

    18. I was looking forward to reading this one after seeing the blurb and wasn't disappointed. Packed with castles, magic, swords, princes and evil wizards, this is the type of book that makes fantasy fans' hearts beat a little faster.The main character, a teenage girl named Maren, is a very good friend to the king and queen, and after going through a period which almost destroyed the kingdom, her support is something they treasure greatly. She's ready to give her all to save her friends. . times, a [...]

    19. *4.2 stars*This was a sweet enjoyable read.The Writing:The writing was good. This book was fast paced and easy to read. The scenes were great because they described the surroundings but not too much it made me bored. The Story:The story was more complex than I thought it would be and it surprised me in a good way. From the beginning I was drawn into this world.Starting with the world, I really liked it. It felt like back in time with kings, kingdoms and castles, which I love but at the same time [...]

    20. This book deserves more attention! It was so good! Mages, Kings, Queens, and dark magic! What's not to like! In the first couple pages there were so many characters introduced. I felt a little confused and wasn't sure if I would remember who was who. However, the author had a wonderful way of introducing all the characters to the reader so that you felt like you knew them and that they were some of your closest friends. I loved the main character Maren. She was a strong chic. With everything she [...]

    21. (I recieved a copy from Xpresso Book Tours for review. All opinions are 100% my own.)3.5/5 starsThe story begins with the triumphant death of Kern, the dark mage, who has wrecked havoc on Tredare with his thirst of power. He was killed by his own son Phillip whom our main character Maren had some history with but who also broke her heart. Right from the beginning, this book hooked me with its fascinating writing and amazing plot line. Shari Lambert made it so easy to adore Maren, Adare, and Dari [...]

    22. YA Fantasy is my favorite genre to read. I was so excited to read this book. The cover alone pulls you in before you ever read one word in the book. It's beautiful and very intriguing, the same goes for the novella.I first read the FREE novella which is a prequel to Borrowed Magic. It was a great beginning and I recommend that you also read it first. It sets everything up so nicely that you already have met the main characters and understand them and their motivations by the time Borrowed Magic [...]

    23. I received this book via Book Tour to give an honest review. Thank you!Starting with the cover, i love it, its perfect!In the book there's love, family, kingdom, magic, strong and moving characters. I loved one of the main charaacter's Maren's role and her decision to fight against the oddities and find what doesn't seem to fit in the story so well everyone is believing to. And then she sees that. nearly makes her collapse and hold her breathThe book is powerful and loved to read it!The book was [...]

    24. I was given a copy of this book for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this bookNTAINS SOME SPOILERSBefore the siege, an attack by Lord Kern left Maren near death and with a sliver of magic buried deep inside her. Now, for reasons Maren doesn’t understand, that magic has been triggered, giving her the ability to “see” the truth: that her world is nothing more than a magical façade; and that the kingdom’s hero may not be a hero at all.But t [...]

    25. I love high fantasy and this seemed to have a neat hook so I snatched it up. I looked at the earlier reviews before I got it, and it’s a good thing I did. There is actually a free prequel/novella that comes before it. It gives a lot of the history of the characters—something you do get in the flashbacks in the novel as the story goes along, but I really appreciated getting beforehand. I think it made me enjoy the book so much more. The story here starts out as being fairly familiar, but the [...]

    26. Borrowed Magic is one of the best medieval books I have ever read. In my opinion it is up in the top with Narnia and Lord Of The Rings. If you haven’t read it I highly suggest that you do. It is about Lady Maren who lives in the kingdom of Tredare. Everyone in the kingdom is happy since the war against the Dark Mage Kern is over. Her father was murdered by Kern during this war and her fiance left her and didn’t come back until three years later. Now orphaned and left with a wound that is slo [...]

    27. After reading Siege, the prequel novella, I was readily primed for this captivating story. Fast paced and full of emotions and action, I found it very hard to put down for even a few moments. The writing was excellent and Sheri Lambert weaves a tight spell around you with her story of magical will. The characters are very well thought out and you can physically feel the emotions of the main character, Maren, and all the trials and angst that she endures. It was very easy to visualize everything [...]

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