Cheddar Off Dead

Cheddar Off Dead

Julia Buckley / Oct 27, 2020

Cheddar Off Dead Caterer and cook Lilah Drake is up to her elbows in deadly trouble in the latest mystery from the author of The Big Chili The Christmas holidays are one of Lilah s favorite times of the year filled w

  • Title: Cheddar Off Dead
  • Author: Julia Buckley
  • ISBN: 9780425275962
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • Caterer and cook Lilah Drake is up to her elbows in deadly trouble in the latest mystery from the author of The Big Chili The Christmas holidays are one of Lilah s favorite times of the year, filled with friends, family, and, of course, tons of food orders for her Covered Dish clients But Lilah s Yuletide cheer ends when she sees a most Grinch like crime the murderCaterer and cook Lilah Drake is up to her elbows in deadly trouble in the latest mystery from the author of The Big Chili The Christmas holidays are one of Lilah s favorite times of the year, filled with friends, family, and, of course, tons of food orders for her Covered Dish clients But Lilah s Yuletide cheer ends when she sees a most Grinch like crime the murder of a Santa in a school parking lot It turns out the deceased Kris Kringle was a complicated tangle of naughty and nice, with a long list of people who might have wanted him dead And whoever did the deed wants to make sure that Lilah keeps quiet Now, Lilah will have to team up with her former fling, Detective Jay Parker, to unwrap the mysteries of a deadly Christmas killer and stay alive long enough to ring in the New Year

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        Julia Buckley is a Chicago area writer Her first mystery, THE DARK BACKWARD, was published in 2006 since then she has published the Madeline Mann mysteries and the first in the Teddy Thurber series on Kindle.She writes two series for Berkley Prime Crime, with debut titles THE BIG CHILI and A DARK AND STORMY MURDERBuckley is a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and the Chicago Writers Association She blogs about writing and mysteries at Mysterious Musings, where she has interviewed almost 200 other mystery writers about their work.She teaches high school English and enjoys reading, playing Words With Friends on Facebook, and spending time with her husband and two sons, along with their menagerie of animals.


    1. I have now read this series and feel this book is the best one.Lilah is taking her cheese and macaroni dishes to the grade school her friend is teaching at for the Christmas Party. While at the school parking lot she witnessed a shooting. This brings Jay Parker back in her life. He arranged police protection for her. Lilah goes to stay with her brother and his new wife, Serafina. They go to Serafina's beauty salon and meet the mobster boss who the victim owe money blowing Lilah's cover. Lilah is [...]

    2. Rising star, Author Julia Buckley, creates a cozy plot that simmers with an intriguing mystery revolving around the death of a part-time Santa Claus and a family with mob connections. The brisk dialogue and plethora of clues make for an absorbing page-turner. 'Undercover chef' Lilah Drake, is a superb character with an interesting occupation; an entertaining and supportive family; and a hunky detective as a romantic interest. Don't miss this fantastic story!

    3. Book Review/Giveaway September 17acozygirlreads/I really needed to be in the Christmas spirit and Cheddar off Dead was just the book that made me feel all Christmasy inside if just for a brief time.It's a surprising fact that people want credit for making food they didn't have or talent to make, well Pine Haven, Illinois is in luck, Caterer and "Undercover Dish" business owner, Lilah Drake is at their service.Lilah is very busy with the Christmas season with everyone wanting "party food" for the [...]

    4. Even better than the first book in the Undercover Dish Mysteries, CHEDDAR OFF DEAD was a book I devoured! I fell instantly in love with author Julia Buckley’s first book in this series, THE BIG CHILI so it came as no surprise to me that book two, CHEDDAR OFF DEAD was going to be brilliant. Author Buckley has just the sort of writing I enjoy. Not cluttered with wasted words or scenes. Every word read is necessary to the plot, needed for the flow of the story. The characters in this series are w [...]

    5. I loved this book! Great mystery, an exciting ending and some romance thrown in there as well all at a Christmas setting. I like the characters and Lilah's food sounds amazing. Can't wait to read the next one!

    6. Julia Buckley is by far one of the best new cozy authors to have been published in the last few years. Of the three books she's published through Berkley, all have been absolutely stellar! This book was by far one of my favorites so far this year, and I can't wait until her next releases, both coming up later this year!I do have one question though:(view spoiler)[Why on Earth would a police officer leaved the keys in her car in a heavily populated area?!?!?!?!? (hide spoiler)]

    7. Cheddar Off Dead is only the second in Julia Buckley's Undercover Dish mystery series, so you still have time to easily catch up. It follows The Big Chili, and this story is equally delightful. Buckley creates the Christmas atmosphere with music, snow, parties, Christmas baking. And, then she kills Santa.Lilah Drake has what her father calls an "Undercover Dish" business, cooking for people who want to take credit for the food they don't have the time or talent to make. Third grade teacher "Miss [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book so very much! Finishing it on a Hot August night and feeling that Christmas Feeling, was a delight! This is the second book in the Undercover Dish Mystery series and I love not only the concept behind the series but all the amazing characters in this book. The mystery is of course a key point of any great cozy and I love how this story and mystery unfold. I could so easily relate to Lilah's sudden case of holiday apprehension, the less then idealistic feelings one has at time [...]

    9. 2nd in this series and not as good as the first one. "Santa" is killed in a parking lot in this one. Who would kill "Santa"? Turns out I didn't really much care. These are just too "cute" for me. Won't bother going further.

    10. Cheddar Off Dead runs in the opposite direction of many cozies with more of city/contemporary feel. Lilah is a chef with an interesting side gig as an undercover chef. She will deliver the goods secretly and her clients can pretend to have made them themselves. In this book, Lilah is present at the murder of Santa Claus, well not really Santa, but an actor set to perform in a Santa costume. The killer sees her and Lilah is pulled into the investigation, pretty much against her will. There is a C [...]

    11. When I started seeing reviews this past September for CHEDDAR OFF DEAD, the second book in the Undercover Dish Mystery series by Julia Buckley, I knew I needed to add it to my reading list. And when I found out it was centered around Christmas I moved it up in my pile of books so I’d have it at the ready in early December to start reading. CHEDDAR OFF DEAD lived up to and even exceeded my expectations both for a riveting, well written plot and for the holiday setting!Even though I have not rea [...]

    12. Cheddar Off Dead is the second book in the An Undercover Dish Mystery series.A wonderful follow-up to the first book, The Big Chili.Lilah is waiting in a school’s parking lot delivering Macaroni and Cheese to her college days friend, Jenny, for a Christmas party where Jenny teaches. As Lilah is about to pull out of the parking lot, a car pulls in and shoots Brad Whitefield who is dressed in a Santa’s suit and was to entertain the children at school. The detective who arrives on the scene is [...]

    13. A caterer and a cop investigate the murder of a young actor in a Santa suit. This book is definitely not for those who prefer traditional romance

    14. Cheddar Off DeadUndercover Dish Mystery, Book #2Julia Buckley5 StarsSynopsis:Caterer and cook Lilah Drake is up to her elbows in deadly trouble in the latest mystery from the author of The Big ChiliThe Christmas holidays are one of Lilah’s favorite times of the year, filled with friends, family, and, of course, tons of food orders for her Covered Dish clients. But Lilah’s Yuletide cheer ends when she sees a most Grinch-like crime: the murder of a Santa in a school parking lot.It turns out th [...]

    15. Last year, I read The Big Chili and immediately fell in love with the characters. I couldn’t wait for Cheddar Off Dead to come out. When I found out the book was going to have a Christmas theme, I was beyond excited. The only thing holding me back from reading the story in September when it came out was the fact that it revolved around Christmas. I wasn’t prepared to think about Christmas. Now, I am. While Cheddar Off Dead is the second book in the Undercover Dish Mystery series, it is a sta [...]

    16. This is the second in the Undercover Dish mystery series and it does not disappoint!This mystery has it all, great characters, romance and a well written whodunit.I was so happy to return to reading about these characters.Lilah is still operating her undercover dish business as well as working at a catering company. While making a covert delivery to a school, she encounters an actor dressed as Santa for a Christmas gathering at the school. After having an interesting conversation with him, she r [...]

    17. I read cozies because they are like brain Twizzlers. They are hollow, but you usually eat the entire package anyway. They are not the best in plot or character development, but they are entertaining and they usually lull me to sleep. However, and this book illustrates it well, the quality of cozies is deteriorating. Agatha Christie could be said to have written cozies And the modern day cozy is so far removed from Agatha Christie's writing. The romantic triangles are over the top, they are awful [...]

    18. This is an appropriate cozy mystery for this time of year, as I am reading this Christmas mystery on Christmas day. it is Cheddar Off Dead the second in the Undercover Dish Mysteries by Julia Buckley. It the book, it features caterer/cook turned sleuth, Lilah Drake, and her trusty sidekick, Mick, a loveable chocolate lab, and her on and off again boyfriend, Detective Jay Parker. In this festive mystery, Lilah is called on by her friend, Jenny, a teacher at the local grade school to deliver a mac [...]

    19. Lilah Drake is busy working a regular job while also running her own side business. While delivering one of her undercover dishes to a customer, Lilah runs into a Santa in costume and they have a nice chat. Moments later she hears a gun shot and finds Santa laying in the school parking lot. As if seeing such a thing isn't bad enough, Detective Jay Parker is on the case and Lilah must figure out her feelings toward the man who broke her heart.I really enjoyed this book. I picked it up because of [...]

    20. I'm so happy that Lilah Drake is back! In this book Lilah witnesses the murder of an actor and police are certain that the culprit saw Lilah. Assigned a protection officer (the wonderful Wendy) and sent to stay with her brother, the attempts on Lilah's life make her realize she must find the killer.I'm fairly sure that Julia Buckley can do no wrong, because thus is her third book that I've read and they are all AMAZING! Her characters are wonderful and I feel so immersed in the settings of all o [...]

    21. Better than The Big ChiliFirst things first, Lilah is much less of a Mary Sue in the book, yay! And the endlessly annoying music thing is lessened and worked into the book in a far more appropriate way (I think the fact that it's a Christmas book and the music is holiday music really helps.) The mystery is well planned and executed with an appropriate scattering of clues. The Kindle edition has one minor editing error ("there" instead of "here") which sincerely hope was caught in the print editi [...]

    22. I adore Lilah! All of the characters are wonderful, especially Mick the dog, and Lilah's family. The mystery was very interesting but Lilah's life was much more entertaining. I like the tension between her and Parker. I enjoyed the holiday party and all the different holiday activities. I liked her guest appearance on Angelo's cooking show too. This was a fun Christmas cozy read during the Christmas season!! I can't wait to read the next in the series!

    23. I received this book for free as part of the first reads giveaway. This was a pretty good and quick book about a woman who witnesses a murder. Though it was a bit tame compared to some other mystery books I have read, it was still a good story with good pacing. I would recommend this book to fans of the author and fans of light hearted mystery.

    24. The second book in this series and I enjoyed it just as much as the first. Great characters and plot, some recipes thrown in and your hooked. Great read, enjoyable cozy mystery ( which I love). More people should give this genre a try. Can't wait for the next in this series to see what happens next.

    25. I love Lilah. She is smart, funny and is an undercover cook. I would hire her. lol. Anyway, this recipe for a good mystery is all here: strong Lilah, good plot with lots of twists and turns, along with a touch of romance. I am really enjoying this series and will keep an eye out for the next one. I am so happy that JennyC1230 has been sharing with meI am enjoying the cozy mystery!

    26. A very enjoyable read. I can't wait to see how Lilah and Jay grow and explore their relationship in the third book. Really enjoyed how the author spun this mystery. It was hard to figure out who was the murderer. Purchased at Kobo

    27. A good second book to the series. Some twist but the main character is convincing. She now is working part time as well as still helping her clients with her cooking. Very good ending. Looking forward to the next one in this series. Some good interaction with her family this time.

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