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Undone When Maximus Aurelius Moore heir to the Liotine Dynasty is discovered in Rome with Seary Siri Wright a stripper from Vegas he decides to take her to his family villa The Compound I m really nerv

  • Title: Undone
  • Author: Jessika Klide
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  • Page: 436
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Maximus Aurelius Moore, heir to the Liotine Dynasty, is discovered in Rome with Seary Siri Wright , a stripper from Vegas, he decides to take her to his family villa, The Compound I m really nervous about this, Aurei Don t be What kind of crazy advice is that That s good, sound advice Of course I m nervous Don t be That s simple advice too It s cWhen Maximus Aurelius Moore, heir to the Liotine Dynasty, is discovered in Rome with Seary Siri Wright , a stripper from Vegas, he decides to take her to his family villa, The Compound I m really nervous about this, Aurei Don t be What kind of crazy advice is that That s good, sound advice Of course I m nervous Don t be That s simple advice too It s complicated than that and you know it It shouldn t be And yet it is Don t be dramatic, Siri What I cut my eyes at him Don t make it than it really is I m not being dramatic, Mr Moore I m being wise It is than it really is It s not you bringing a girlfriend to meet the parents and family It s not even you bringing a Vegas star to the Villa for a romantic interlude It s you bringing a stripper, you know the word, to the compound and on the weekend of the family celebration at that The press blasted you and for that I m truly sorry He rolls his eyes Don t pay them any attention He opens his hand and I automatically slip my fingers between his He cinches us and I feel grounded in his touch, but the nervous butterflies remain We are heading straight to his family and it feels like I m the lamb being lead to the slaughter.What happens is courageous Everyone has secrets Some are better at hiding them.

    • Unlimited [Memoir Book] Ì Undone - by Jessika Klide ✓
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        Everyone has secrets Oh yes, they do Jessika Klide is my pen name I m from LA Lower Alabama The Deep South My mind is extremely sensuous, some call that slutty, so it s just better to use a pen name Trust me on this I married my high school sweetheart and have been married to him longer than I have lived without him He is not only my soulmate but my best friend Not all love stories are rough Some are fun Siri s Saga is about giving up on love, finding love, falling in love, learning to love, being in love, and living in love Take a walk on the wild side and enjoy their thunderous journey When ultimate seduction clashes with ultimate discipline, it s explosive I believe lust and love form perfect unions and the stars do align for true love My website is JessikaKlideNewsletter JessikaKlide newsLike my Facebook page facebook JessikaKlideRomance Follow the Serial Romance Series facebook SirisSagaSer My Twitter and Instagram accounts are JessikaKlide


    1. This one hit it out of the park!I totally loved this one - it is by far the best one of the series for me. We really get to see Aurei and Siri as a pair. We get to meet Aurei's family and feel Siri nerves at meeting themrprise twist there that I loved. I loved how all the pieces came together and even though it's not done, we a left at a good place.I will note that I feel like I could have missed some of the story due to the fact I only listen to country music and there was a lot of references t [...]

    2. This series is so good! Siri meeting Aurei parents will except her? Will Siri show them the real her? Romance, laughter, crying this series has you always wanting more. The love Aurei and Siri have for each other everyone dreams of its Heaven! I loved how they finally (I hope) put Mia in her place. I just wanna strangle that girl lol When you open your eyes you see love will help you with everything! The ending made me cry and scream yay!! It's about time!! Great book a seriously must read! Oppo [...]

    3. Wow! What a book ! Siri's Saga gets better with every book!This book cost me a sleepless night, because I could not stop reading. These raw emotions, the ease of dancing, which is reflected in the lines, this passion AWESOME!!Every time I think it can not get any better between Siri and Aurei and each time Jessika excels herself again !And once again I say: This is one of the best books I've ever read! Wow, wow, wow! ♥♥♥

    4. UNDONE written by Jessika Klide4 stars"I’m going to make the stars dance for you when I take you. I’m going to show you what both being *mine* and being in my Heaven means. You’re gonna feel it, want it, confess it, own it, and love it."This is the third book in Siri’s Saga Series. This book takes over where book two ends yet could be read as a standalone, in my opinion. It focuses mostly on Aurei’s final secret he's keeping from Siri and Mia’s jealousy. It is based in Italy where Au [...]

    5. Undone by Jessika Klide4 Stars This is book four in the Siri's Saga Series. It picks up where the last one ended. Siri and Aurelius are still in Italy enjoying their time together. Their feelings for one another are still building and their chemistry is off the charts. More and more Siri realizes that Aurei is her soulmate and she can't breathe without him. Aurei decides that he is taking Siri to meet his family at the Compound, his family home. This causes serious butterflies in her stomach. Wi [...]

    6. Undone is the fourth book in the Siri's Saga Series by Jessika Klide, and honestly I don't know how she does it, but this series just keeps getting better and better! These stories are steamy and keep you turning the pages. Another amazing 5 star read! Undone picks up with Aurei and Siri heading to Italy to stay at Aurei's family home. Aurei is so happy, he's convinced that nothing could get in the way of their happiness. He believes that Siri is his soulmate, and taking her to Italy will give t [...]

    7. Aurei and Siri story continue in undone they have been through some ups and downs just like any other normal couple in head of heels love would but with but Siri being a well known dancer and carries secrets of her own that will be revealed throughout there story, after trouble occurs they head to Aurei's home to hide from the drama that has unfolded. Siri is nervous about meeting his family especially his parents after everything she's heard bout them and also worried they might have read what [...]

    8. Book Review: Undone (Book 4 in Siri's Saga)Author: Jessika Klide Five StarsJessika Klide is yet again up to some sensual and sex erotic romance writing in this fourth book in the Siri's Saga. This book is for mature audiences only. Extreme sexual content and adult situations. Aurei and Siri are off on yet another adventure in their relationship. They are off to Italy and to meet Aurei's parents and it seem over 200 more family, close friends and the media. Now that they have become public about [...]

    9. Undone: The Siri Series Book 4 by Jessika Klide – 4 starsThe order of The Siri Series is UNDENIABLE, UNTOUCHABLE, UNSTOPPABLE, UNDONE AND UNFORGETTABLE. Each is a full length novel that I’m not sure should be read as stand-alone books. While each is full in depth and detail, I think you should start at the beginning to get to know the personalities and situations behind Aurei (Maximus Aurelius Moore) and Siri Wright.Undone is the adventure that Aurei and Siri take after the media finds out w [...]

    10. 5 StarsUndone Jessika Klide Book 3 in Siri’s SagaI’ve now read the first three books in this series. Jessika Klide is amazing. Throughout all her stories, i’ve been happy, worried, in lust, in love, a dancer, a business owner and excited. She seriously knows how to get you hooked and enamored with her words. Siri and Aurei start right where they left off in the previous book, Unstoppable. They need some time out of the lime light, and in Italy they have a chance to meet Aurei’s family. A [...]

    11. UNDONEby Jessika KlideThis book follows Unstoppable i love how the author makes you feel like her books are one loving movie. Spent a sleepless night reading this so wanted to find out how Siri and Drew would not only face his family but win them over and so wanted to find out what's written on the necklace. Really loved the family interactions, except for mia who i was left wanting to hit, with Siri and Drew. Loved the acceptance and pride Drew has for his family and the family shows for him. L [...]

    12. Love Aurei!Undone is book four in the Siri’s saga it is a very hot and steamy book by Jessika Klide. Undone has lots of hot and steamy scenes Siri and Aurelius and just enough humor in it. Jessika Klide does perfect writing that will draw you into the book and you will never want to put it down until you are ready for the book. The story is well written. This book is about Aurei Moore who is a multimillionaire and Siri Wright who is an exotic dancer. Aurei takes Siri to his home compound calle [...]

    13. Wow! Siri is amazing, she can read people so well and manages to work her magic when she arrives at the Compound with Aurie and meets the family. Aurie meanwhile has many secrets and surprises for Siri. This is such a great love story.

    14. Aurei and Siri's saga continues in this book and picks up Wright (ha ha right) where it left off. They are in Italy to attend a family celebration at the Compound. I'll say it's more like its own town with the size of this family Villa. The Bear Cave is awesome especially with all the Bear/Bare antics these two dish out. Oh my, the best though had to be the teddy bear name following her (Siri's) response.We continue to see how much Aurei and Siri have grown in their relationship, the passion the [...]

    15. Rated 4.5 StarsAfter a run in with the Italian press it's discovered that Billionaire Businessman Aurelius Moore is dating a Vegas Stripper & it's time to hide out at the family estate. Loved this storyline around Big Al's celebration, lots of interesting characters in Aureli's family.

    16. Complimentary copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Let me start by saying Jessika Klide is the master at SEX!!It is so tasteful I couldnt stop reading. I devoured this book in one sitting. Never even bookmarked!A dancer fighting her way into the family isnt easy and especially if you dance like Siri!I dont think there is any stopping her. Cant wait to see what happens next!!Reason for Reading – Author RequestStory – 4 out of 5 StarsSteam – 5 out of 5 Star [...]

    17. I started reading this series on book three and I really want to go back to books 1 and 2. I enjoyed these two characters and their hot and steamy relationship; my problem is Siri is nonstop talking about herself and her hunk. She seems to use the "F" word in just about every sentence, no matter who is around. And there is so much more to the story that could have been expanded upon. Towards the end I was skimming to get to parts with the actual story, rather than Siri's blathering about her own [...]

    18. This is a Great Series and Undone is the Perfect follow-up to Unstoppable. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC Copy of Undone which is the third book from the Siri Saga. This is a Great Series and Undone is the Perfect follow-up to Unstoppable. After arriving at Aurei's family compound Siri works her Diva magic to win over Aurei's family. We are also introduced to Aurei's cousin Quintus, who we can only hope will get his own story!! The emotion that Jessika put into this book is overwhelming, I [...]

    19. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of UNDONE, this is the third book in The Siri Saga and I have to say I Floved it!!Siri is such an incredibly talented dancer but in the same respect was so “UNTOUCHED” waiting until she met her GOLDEN GOD Aurei. Siri and Aurei travel to Italy to his parents’ home and Siri is nervous about how they will perceive her and her talented career. Aurei is amazing and always melts my heart with his “Wild Thang”, Sweet Thang, and “My Everythang”. There is al [...]

    20. Aurei and Siri a fabulous sweet couple that has been through many ups an downs, just like any other couple in love, except Siri being a big time dancer, and having her own secrets. After a night of fun they next day they find Whore all over social media, feeling disgraced they take off to Aurei's home, with Siri praying they'll like her after all that's been happening. She's worried they may have read what they did, and not be welcoming at all, but right now there is no other choice. She must ha [...]

    21. "Undone" follows the whirlwind lives of Siri and Aueri in Italy.Being a Vegas Headliner has given many people the wrong idea of Siri. Aueri is a multi millionaire, ex seal who gets what he wants. Together they have an all consuming love for each other. Meeting your lovers family can be very scary but when they are wealth oil barons, it can be down right frightening. Siri has a talent of knowing what someone needs and how to make them realize their potential and can't help jumping in to fix peopl [...]

    22. In this book, Aurei takes Siri to meet his parents and extended family at the compound. She is worried but he reassures her that everything will be fine. Will they accept her as one of their own? Mia finds out about Siri being a headliner in Vegas and calls her a whore to Aurei. Does she cause problems for them?Aurei wants to show Siri what heaven is like. They spend time together exploring their feelings for each other and with his family. With the turmoil that goes on between the family member [...]

    23. Undone is book three in the series, and once I started it I couldn't put it down. It had a great flow with the twists and turns and steamy sex. Siri and Moore's attraction for eachother is as hot as ever, and their feelings have turned into love. They are on their way to Moore's parents house and Siri is nervous about meeting them all. Im not going to go into anymore details as I would spoil it. If you are a into romance then I encourage you to read it. I will definitely pick up and read any Jes [...]

    24. I was gifted with an advanced copy for an honest review. Undone is book three in the series and once I started it I couldn't put it down. They are on their way to Aurei's parents house and Siri is nervous about meeting all of them and how they will take her career choice. Will they accept her into the family? Will they be able to see how much Aurei loves Siri? What happens when Quintus makes his appearance and makes it known he wants Siri for himself?I loved this series and hope to see Quintus g [...]

    25. 5 Stars for UndoneWell That was a beautiful love story!! Siri and Aurelius are purrfect together. She is his Kitten Thang and he IS A Golden God!! Meow!! Love it!! Klide leaves us with a HEA and they still have to hit Vegas Baby So I will be patiently waiting for Unforgettable. If you haven't read Siri's saga I suggest you get UNTOUCHABLE I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!! Happy Reading!!

    26. I'm in love with these books, Aueri et Siri story is so hot. I love the drama what will Mia do next ? Does Gabby et Steve get there own book? How about Paul ? Does the business do ok with the new show ? So many questions , et I want answers. I'm hooked on Jessika Kilde's books. The next book is Unforgettable check it out.This series is a definite recommend

    27. Will Set Your Panties on Fire! This series is crazy sexy! Siri and Moore tear up the sheets and leave you breathless! The sex is that amazing! Some things had me snorting with laughter. This is a series that you will want to read over and over again!Have a fan and some ice cubes handy to cool off with!

    28. Seeing Siri deal with Moore's family and trying to be accepted just make the story seem more real. Everyone can relate to wanting the family to like them. This book has plenty of drama and sex, you see how money can't buy happiness and the it does cause people to act a certain way. I do wish there was some parts that had more time spent on it but overall these books are great.

    29. This the first book is read from Jessica. I know it the third book in the series and I loved it. Now I need to go read Untouchable and unstoppable. I missed some of the stuff that what was going on in the other to book so I can understand more what was going on in Undone. I'm really looking forward to reading them.

    30. The best one yetI received an arc copy for an honest review. I love the whole series but Undone is my favorite. I love the characters and the storyline. The story continues where Unstoppable left off. This book is full of romance and hot hot hot sex scenes.

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