The Girl in a Coma

The Girl in a Coma

John Moss / Oct 22, 2020

The Girl in a Coma Allison Briscoe is your average fifteen year old until someone tries to kill her Shot in the head her doctors and family think she is in a coma but in fact though she cannot move she can think sh

  • Title: The Girl in a Coma
  • Author: John Moss
  • ISBN: 9781929345243
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
  • Allison Briscoe is your average fifteen year old until someone tries to kill her Shot in the head, her doctors and family think she is in a coma, but in fact, though she cannot move, she can think, she can hear, and she can dream Each night, Allison lives vicariously through her pioneer ancestors, experiencing their adventures through their eyes First, she enters the woAllison Briscoe is your average fifteen year old until someone tries to kill her Shot in the head, her doctors and family think she is in a coma, but in fact, though she cannot move, she can think, she can hear, and she can dream Each night, Allison lives vicariously through her pioneer ancestors, experiencing their adventures through their eyes First, she enters the world of Rebecca Haun, a fifteen year old rebel who lived in Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War To prove a friend innocent of murder, Rebecca betrays her Mennonite beliefs and joins the Women s Brigade with George Washington s rag tag army at Valley Forge And each day, Allison struggles to find a way to show her family that she is awake a goal that becomes increasingly desperate when she realizes that whoever shot her has come back to finish the job.

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    1. What interested me about this book was that there were several different stories entwined in this book, all of which was connected to Allison yet belonged to a wide range of genres. We have out of body slash time travel stories in which Allison, via her dreams, finds herself living vicariously through the eyes of her female ancestors. We have multiple mysteries where with a little creative artistic license, Allison plays a big part in solving despite being in a coma.Plus a look at what it's like [...]

    2. This review contains spoilers.**I received this book free of charge for a fair and honest review.**Unfortunately, this was no good.When I review ARCs, I try very hard to read the entire book. For this, I broke my own rule.The copy I read was for the Kindle app (on my phone). This may be the reason for some of my complaints- the formatting seems terribly off. I'd be interested to see it in another format to see if it is better. LOTS of missing spaces, too large of spaces, author's name in the mid [...]

    3. Personally, I found The Girl in a Coma rather bland. Part of this is because I don't feel as though it went as far in depth as I would have liked in any of the stories it was trying to tell. I also didn't understand the point of the passages of the past until the end of the book, even though it seemed as though Allison did. It was rather confusing in that way. It wasn't an unreadable book, but it isn't one I would have purchased on my own. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't spectacular either. I used [...]

    4. Poisoned Pen Press and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of The Girl in a Coma, in exchange for an honest review.15 year old Allison Briscoe is in a persistent vegetative state, yet she can hear everything happening within the confines of her hospital room. Shot in the head on the way home from work, Allison spends her days listening to the activity around her and dreams at night of her Mennonite pioneer ancestors. As the dream world becomes more pronounced, Allison becomes increasin [...]

    5. The Girl in a Coma presents a complex narrative: the overarching story is about a young teen that gradually awakens from a coma to a vegetative state. She cannot move or respond physically but her mind is active, especially when she dreams and her dreams seem more real than her waking state. Her dreams seem to be very vivid memories or re-enactments of the lives of her ancestors during the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and finally her grandmother's in-laws' parents. Her dreams are beautiful [...]

    6. An interesting concept for a story that didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. Told in various time periods, it's the story of Allison. She survives being shot in the head only to find herself deep in a coma. She's aware of everything going on around her but is unable to interact with anyone. When she sleeps, she escapes to another world. She sees these worlds through the eyes of different people. At the same time she's having these adventures from the past, she's trying to make her way back to [...]

    7. Author, John Moss, of the excellent Quin and Morgan series has broadened his audience with a stellar young adult, The Girl in a Coma. It’s can also be appealing to an adult audience. There are more to come.Allison Briscoe is an average teen until she’s shot in the head. In a coma she still hears, thinks and dreams. With a dream helper she searches for the shooter only to realize that whoever shot isn’t finished.The John Moss strengths are evident: polished plot, a disturbingly accurate and [...]

    8. Don't bother. Really, don't bother even trying to read this. Look at the other reviews. I think I am the only one that was foolish enough to try to finish this book, and that was only to see if the train-wreck would have a good ending.As train wrecks go, no, it did not.The one star is for the historical research about Canadian and American History around the time of the American Revolution, what American's know of as the War of 1812, and a revolt that I have never heard of to free Canada. But ev [...]

    9. Received from NetGalley for an honest review.Did Not Finish.I muddled through as best I could but this book was a real struggle. I couldn't get interested in the character and the weird flashbacks made it even harder. The concept was good, focusing on a coma patient and talking about whether or not they are coherent. That is what intrigued me in the first place. But the whole idea of her "sleeping" and time traveling to her ancestors and everything else that is thrown in there made this book rea [...]

    10. DNFI just couldn't get into the book I tried so hard but it just didn't work for me. I got to aaround 35 to 40% mark and had to finally give up. I was just so lost and kind of bored as well. I might go back one day and try to re-read it, it could have just been that day. But I have so many other books to read and review, so it won't be for a while if at all. I wish I could have enjoyed the Book because it looked so intriguing from the description. I was given this book for free for the purpose o [...]

    11. I love this book for many reasons, not least of all the main character's (Allison's) simply-expressed and beautiful reflections on consciousness, language ("Sometimes words have no meaning, sometimes they mean too much") and what it means to be human. In Allison, Moss has written a wonderful protagonist, whose lightheartedness and self-deprecating humour are surprising and such fun. And in the process of being entertained by her, I learned a lot about Canadian history, which Moss weaves in to th [...]

    12. The Girl inn a Coma is geared for adolescent readers but adults would definitely enjoy it as well. This novel has mystery, intrigue and suspense. Not only will the reader be engaged with the present story line but the past flashbacks also reveal a lot about the past historical period. Learning about the past struggles of women in the 1800s partnered with the present story of the girl in the coma keeps the story engaging and interesting. I highly recommend! I teach in a local high school and will [...]

    13. For me the main character Alison is like a life force! I was rooting for her to figure out how to communicate, especially when so much was at stake. I also found the historical flashbacks a great way to really feel I was living in those times and experiencing those events. Good to have historical events from a female point of view too.

    14. Interesting concept but not well executed. THat said, this is meant to be a YA novel and I'm an adult so there's a possibility that it will resonate with the intended audience. THanks to NETGALLEY for the ARC.

    15. Entertaining read with some time travel, historical fiction, murder mystery, two serial killers, and a glimpse into both early U.S. and Canadian history.With a bit of suspension of belief, this is a well-told tale with well-drawn characters.

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