The Possibility of Somewhere

The Possibility of Somewhere

JuliaDay / Oct 19, 2020

The Possibility of Somewhere Together is somewhere they long to be Ash Gupta has a life full of possibility His senior year is going exactly as he s always wanted he s admired by his peers enjoying his classes and getting the ki

  • Title: The Possibility of Somewhere
  • Author: JuliaDay
  • ISBN: 9781250097354
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Together is somewhere they long to be.Ash Gupta has a life full of possibility His senior year is going exactly as he s always wanted he s admired by his peers, enjoying his classes and getting the kind of grades that his wealthy, immigrant parents expect There s only one obstacle in Ash s path Eden Moore the senior most likely to become class valedictorian How couldTogether is somewhere they long to be.Ash Gupta has a life full of possibility His senior year is going exactly as he s always wanted he s admired by his peers, enjoying his classes and getting the kind of grades that his wealthy, immigrant parents expect There s only one obstacle in Ash s path Eden Moore the senior most likely to become class valedictorian How could this unpopular, sharp tongued girl from the wrong side of the tracks stand in his way All Eden s ever wanted was a way out Her perfect GPA should be enough to guarantee her a free ride to college and an exit from her trailer park existence for good The last thing she needs is a bitter rivalry with Ash, who wants a prized scholarship for his own selfish reasons Or so she thinks When Eden ends up working with Ash on a class project, she discovers that the two have in common than either of them could have imagined They re both in pursuit of a dream one that feels within reach thanks to their new connection But what does the future hold for two passionate souls from totally different worlds

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        Julia Day lives in North Carolina USA mid way between the beaches and the mountains along with two twenty something daughters, one old husband, and too many computers When she s not writing software or stories, Julia travels to faraway places, watches dance reality shows on TV, or reads another book from her endless To Be Read pile.Julia is a passionate advocate for alternative systems of education, especially for students with autism.Julia has two YA contemporary romances Fade to Us Feb 2018 and The Possibility of Somewhere She also writes YA magical realism as Elizabeth Langston.


    1. Bloody Brilliant! Made me cry! You guys, this book is so good! I love finding these gems when I least expect it. The characters in this story are so amazing! Eden and Ash have been competing all through high-school to be the best. They both are the best in the school and they are trying to get into top-notch universities. Ash's family is rich and can pay his way into school. Eden, not so much, her dad and step mother live in a trailer park and Eden has worked since she was fifteen-years-old to h [...]

    2. (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley.)“Will you go out with me?”This was a YA contemporary romance, which dealt with issues of racism.Eden was quite a blunt girl, and she seemed to be really unafraid of saying what she thought, even when it came across as a bit rude. I did feel sorry for her with regards to not having enough money to go to college though.The storyline in this was about a race for a scho [...]

    3. The Possibility of Somewhere just became one of my favorite reads this 2016. It also succeeded to be a part of my "books-that-I-could-not-put-down" I found it hard to set it aside even for a while.The characters are of different race. Eden is white, and she's a Christian, while Ash is black. The book has characters I found hard not to like, same as how difficult I've tried not to hate some of them. The kids in the book played huge parts, they're really adorable. The book is pragmatic. What attra [...]

    4. Actual Rating: 4.5Oh my goodness, this book definitely took me by surprise in such an amazing way! I have to honest, I didn't think much of this book when I first requested it because I have been having a bad streak with smart/high GPA main characters lately, but this one definitely salvaged that trope for me. I'll try to get into what I want to say quickly, but no promises! Okay so most people are probably tired of the old cliché where the couple hates each other at first and then gets into a [...]

    5. This wasok. I really did enjoy the author's style and the opposites attract / enemies-to-lovers storyline is one of my favorites in YA. But something about the characters fell flat to me. Eden from the trailer park and Ash from a wealthy Indian familyeir connection and attraction wasn't convincing to me. As much as I wanted to believe they'd like each other and wanted to believe their HEA was that easily achievedwell, I wan't buying it. I think the voice of the author is entertainingjust needed [...]

    6. I received this book for free through 's First Reads.I give this book 3.5 stars which rounds up to 4.I liked this book, however, I felt like it didn't quite reach its full potential. This book would have been amazing if it included Ash's perspective. I really wanted to learn more about Ash and his struggles. When I read the synopsis for the book it mentions Ash first then Eden, so I thought it was going to include both perspectives or be told from his perspective. The other thing I didn't like w [...]

    7. I wanted to read this one because I liked that it dealt with smart kids who are from different walks of life. The hint of a new romance between the rivals for valedictorian also interested me. To some extent the sound of Eden reminded me of myself. I grew up in trailer parks more often than not, had little money, wanted to go to college, was fairly good with grades but not as good as Eden, and I had and still have to this day problems with socialization. She is wary of others, keeps to herself a [...]

    8. *Before reading the book*A YA book where the love interest is a PoC? Where do I sign?!?*After reading the book* (Reseña en español: Literatura Express)I received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewEden Moore has only one goal for her senior year: get a scolarship and leave town. But despite being the student with the perfect GPA and the most likely to become class' valedictorian, Eden isn't sure if she will get what she wants and there is only one person [...]

    9. *ARC provided by St. Martin's in exchange for n honest review*This story starts on the first day of senior year in high school for Eden. We follow her as she tries her hardest to further her studies in order to escape her town while dealing with a parent that doesn't approve. We also get to see her fall for a guy who she had no business falling for, according to everybody around them. Ash, a beautiful Indian guy, has been her mortal enemy in academics for years and they can't even speak to each [...]

    10. I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.This review is a hard one to write, mainly because there were just so many things I didn't like about it. I only gave it one star for crying out loud. I never do that. And you can take this review with a grain of salt because so many other people loved it. This book had so much diversity, which was great. The problem was how they used it. Eden lives in a trailer park. She is poor and everyone teases her because of it and also beca [...]

    11. At first I didn't want to give it 5 stars because I get a little apprehensive on giving such a high rating to books, but I couldn't help falling in love with Ash and Eden's story and how Julia Day constructed this book. I highly enjoyed how she took common problems that people face and put it all into the book without having the book turn into something super dark and even though I personally haven't gone through those problems, you can't help but sympathize with the characters and their struggl [...]

    12. *I won an advanced uncorrected proof copy of this book in a giveaway.*This book was pretty good and was kind of AMAZING. It really reminded me of the book "Eleanor and Park", which was an AMAZING BOOK. This book had charcter, death, racism, kindness, friendship, dislike/hate, struggle for good grades, first love, and so much more. It was mysterious in a real life way and a relatable way. This book was GREAT. I'd mark it as A DEFINITE READ!!!!!!!?

    13. See more of my reviews on The YA Kitten! My copy was an ARC I got while at ALA Annual 2016 in Orlando.Diversity: 2 – It’s a Start!Racial-Ethnic: 2 (Ash and his family are Indian)QUILTBAG: 0Disability: 1 (Eden’s babysitting charge Kurt is autistic; his rep is questionable)Intersectionality: 1 (Eden’s family is dirt poor)Ugh, I’ve been trying and failing to write this review for ages because The Possibility of Somewhere is just so unremarkable. I’m not even gonna put in a “read more [...]

    14. *I received an ARC from the publisher by NetGalley in exchange of an honest review*I was stuck in a reading slump for quite a while, and I was desperate to get out of it. Finally, I decided to try reading The Possibility of Somewhere, and I am so glad I did. This book totally succeeded on making me get out of my reading slump. One of the things I liked about this book is Eden's character. Eden is an imperfect girl who is called a "trailer trash". Everybody hates her for her baggy clothes and mes [...]

    15. Julia Day's "The Possibility of Somewhere" is an engaging, quick read. Unlike many reviewers, I did not find Eden Moore to be a relatable character; quite the contrary, I found her to be annoying at times. On the other hand, it did make her a more realistic character. Ms. Julia Day does do an excellent job with character development.Ash Gupta was a more interesting character for me as he was unlike most characters encountered in YA books, yet he was still a believable character as well. The inte [...]

    16. 2.5 starsIt shouldn’t be a surprise that I was really looking forward to The Possibility of Somewhere. I mean, it’s got a Pride & Prejudice comparison in the copy, and, if there’s one thing I can’t resist, it’s that. About half the time, or perhaps more, those Austen comparisons end up being a trap. A terrible, painful trap. In this case, I ended up somewhere in between heaven and a trap. The Possibility of Somewhere didn’t quite achieve its possible somewhere, but it wasn’t a [...]

    17. For more reviews click HEREActual Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Stars*I was provided a copy by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI wanted to like this book so much. This book has a gorgeous cover, which caught my eye right away, but also has an interesting blurb. Reading the blurb I knew this book could be amazing because of the things it dealt with, especially now that everyone is talking about the importance of diversity in books again, but in the end it was just a big disappo [...]

    18. 3.5 Stars I was torn on how to rate this story because I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had to get up early this morning and stayed up until 3AM to finish. If you’re a follower of this blog, you may have noticed that I am not the biggest fan of contemporaries. Coming of age stories typically bore me to death and so when I found myself plowing through these pages, it was a shock to my system. What is it about this book that made me a contemporary convert? Read more here: youngadultbookmadness.wordpre [...]

    19. 2.5 stars. The Possibility of Somewhere is a quick read, with a fairly predictable plot straight out of a teen movie. It started off actually being interesting, but tapered off quickly into something that was a bit stereotypical and certainly easy to guess at what happened next. I'm still a little confused as to how I feel about specific plot points, but overall, I wasn't all too impressed.

    20. This review can also be found on A Thousand Lives Lived, check it out for more! *4.5 star rating* Are you dedicated? Do you have your future set up before you? Do you love diversity? What about romance? What about family issues? Julia Day has just delivered all of those things, including the best protagonist possible in a contemporary-romance novel, diversity, using Indian characters, and a new atmosphere for readers, since The Possibility of Somewhere stems from the perspective of Eden, a girl [...]

    21. Oh, how I wish I could have loved this book. I do not have good experiences with contemporary books. But I have read a few that I loved like crazy. I had hoped to enjoy this one too. Because it do look gorgeous. And I'm taking part in the blog tour in a few weeks. But sadly, this was not for me at all. Had so many issues.I'm giving this book two stars. I had hoped it would be higher, but, well, I'm thankful it didn't end up being a one star, lol. Which could have happened. Because, yeah, I had s [...]

    22. This is a really good book. You get to experience what the two main characters think and feel. YOu also get to see how to people that could hate each other and argue have a lot more in common then you think. Also, you get to experience how these characters grow and evolve.

    23. *I won a advanced uncorrected proof copy of this book in a giveaway.*This book was great. It wasn't amazing, but it was great. I could not put this book down after I got it and I finished it all too quickly. I gave it five out of five stars because I felt the book deserved that. The book was an amazing read, but I there were a few things personally that I was put off about. I can not fault the author for things that I personally dislike so those five stars are earned. One thing I was out off abo [...]

    24. What an awesome contemporary romance! So sweet! I flew through this book because it was just that great that I was unable to put it down. I'm usually able to read at most 100 pages a day and that's been really rare lately but with this book I found myself reading almost twice that! I loved the main character Eden Moore and her love interest Ash as well as the supporting characters. Especially Eden's best friend Mundy and her stepmom Marnie. The author did an amazing job creating realistic and lo [...]

    25. Eden is the first in her class and she wants it to stay that way. That's the only way she might have a ticket out of town and her dead end life. She doesn't have time for friends, boys or anything that might keep her tied to a life she doesn't want to remember. There are some in her senior class who think she is trash and some who think she is just a pain. The reader doesn't really know what Ash thinks because the book isn't written from his point of view. But one is able to tell that Ash is int [...]

    26. I’m going to keep this short, and not necessarily sweet: I didn’t enjoy this book. I thought it was boring and cliche, and I really didn’t like Julia Day’s method of telling a story. Maybe it just wasn’t for me, despite really wanting it to beYou can read my full review by clicking here.

    27. I really REALLY loved this book. It was unlike any i've read before and seeing life though the Eden's eyes taught me what it really means to be strong and ambitious.

    28. cesspool of misfortune porn with a zesty twistthe goodAs you can see, I'm trying something new here with my little tagline summary teaser. And I really feel like it sums the whole book up.This book is almost completely devoid of good. At most, we can call the not-bad components the "meh components." The characters are okay, the plot is thoroughly average, etce badI lied earlier, there is no zesty twist. This book is predictable. You can read the synopsis provided by the publisher and know exactl [...]

    29. This book was truly amazing and I loved it so much! The only reason I gave it four stars was because the beginning was kind of dry and a little boring quite frankly. If someone was going into the book without reading the summary on the back or without a recommendation from someone else, they'd probably not read the book at all because of disappointment in the first few chapters. I love this book with all of the plot twists and relatable characters. The part I love the most about this book is the [...]

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