The Replacement Crush

The Replacement Crush

Lisa Brown Roberts / Oct 26, 2020

The Replacement Crush True love can t be strategized After book blogger Vivian Galdi s longtime crush pretends their secret summer kissing sessions never happened Vivian creates a list of safe crushes determined to prote

  • Title: The Replacement Crush
  • Author: Lisa Brown Roberts
  • ISBN: 9781633755048
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • True love can t be strategized.After book blogger Vivian Galdi s longtime crush pretends their secret summer kissing sessions never happened, Vivian creates a list of safe crushes, determined to protect her heart But nerd hot Dallas, the sweet new guy in town, sends the mission and Vivian s zing meter into chaos While designing software for the bookstore where Vivian worTrue love can t be strategized.After book blogger Vivian Galdi s longtime crush pretends their secret summer kissing sessions never happened, Vivian creates a list of safe crushes, determined to protect her heart But nerd hot Dallas, the sweet new guy in town, sends the mission and Vivian s zing meter into chaos While designing software for the bookstore where Vivian works, Dallas wages a counter mission.Operation Replacement Crush is in full effect And Dallas is determined to take her heart off the shelf.

    The Replacement Crush by Lisa Brown Robertshttps book show the replacement crush To come up with a Replacement Crush Someone she has a solitary no The Replacement Crush Roberts https Replacement Crush Lisa Brown Roberts dp Sep , The Replacement Crush is the adorable story of Vivian who experienced the heat of a secret summer fling but also the way it scalds when it turns out his expectations were different The Replacement Crush by Lisa Brown Roberts, Paperback https mrnesandnoble w the replacement crush lisa brown Aug , Gr Up A light love story, full of fun, flirty, and friendly characters Vivian is crushed on the first day of school when she learns her summer fling with Jake was only that a temporary romance She concocts a plan to seek a replacement crush The Replacement Crush eBook Roberts, Lisa https Replacement Crush Lisa Brown Roberts ebook The Replacement Crush is the adorable story of Vivian who experienced the heat of a secret summer fling but also the way it scalds when it turns out his expectations were different

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    1. Before I had a blog, and so, became a book blogger myself, I thought reviewers were some kind of celebrities in the book world. I highly admired them (still do) and wanted to become them.Which is why I think I would have LOVED this story if I weren’t a book reviewer/blogger. Those parts of the story are definitely charming – with the bookstore, book club, author mama, book blog and book reviewing. With the mention of ARCs and random, cool info about book-related subjects (e.g. sub-genres and [...]

    2. Happy book birthday!!!B&N 3.5 stars!Nerd hot was most definitely a thing.”After a heartbreaking brush-off from a long-time crush cum night time summer affair, book blogger/ high school junior Vivian "Viv" Galdi, comes up with a plan to move on by turning her attention to a replacement crush. Perfectly safe, zing-free crushes. Her best friends disagree, but Vivian will not be swayed. She has her list of safe crushes, and she intends to find her date in said list for the annual Surfer Ball. [...]

    3. "True love can’t be strategized."This was such a cute story! I loved both Dallas aka our McNerdy, and Viv. Viv is pretty much myself. She has a cat named Hiddles. She loves Star Trek. She loves to read and runs a blog Wait was this story about me? Well, minus the super adorable (d hot) Dallas. But seriously now, I really liked the chemistry these two have, Viv's mom, her girlfriends, that super-uper cute interview she did with Dallas (when you read it, you'll get what I'm saying), her friendsh [...]

    4. Review found at: awesomebooknutThis book was just so cute! Add a side of nerdy-ness and you've got the perfect beach read. Those who are fans of a fun, cute, contemporary books then you should totally pick this one up! Vivian and total Trekkie and book blogger lives with her mom and works with her mom in a book store. Every book lover's dream right? well after a heartbreaking brush-off from a long-time crush whom she's been having a summer affair with. Viv decides to come up with a plan to turn [...]

    5. I loved the premise of this book and was excited to read it.I really liked Viv when she wasn't focused on her mission. She's smart and funny and loves books. Bonus points for being a blogger. Dallas was adorable and their chemistry was there right from the beginning. There are a lot of great secondary characters: I loved Viv's mom and sort of brother, Toff.Viv makes a lot of stupid decisions and even mentions that she's acting like a stupid heroine in a book. Sadly, even though she knows she's [...]

    6. Vivian is madly in lust with the bad boy of her town. When he dumps her, her heart is devastated. She vows never to let her lustful hormones get in the way. Her solution? To come up with a Replacement Crush. Someone she has a solitary no chemistry with. That is until a new boy comes into town with his software building smarts and Clark Kent good looks, Vivian starts to realize that she can't help who she falls for.Well that turned out to be cuter than I expected. Here's a book about slut shaming [...]

    7. The Replacement Crush is the perfect summer read! Light-hearted and fun, it was definitely a cute read and one I really enjoyed. Vivian spent the summer making out with her long-time crush and is looking forward to the first day of school where they’ll eat lunch together and kiss between classes… but that’s not to be, and her first day doesn’t go quite as planned. She decides that her next crush is going to be someone safe so she starts a list and makes a plan. In the meantime, she’ll [...]

    8. If you like slow burn romances with a tons of metafictional elements and LOL moments, then you'll definitely want to check out The Replacement Crush by Lisa Brown Roberts. Vivian is a bookstore employee, a book club organizer, and a romance novel book blogger, so as you can imagine, this book amounts to a love letter from the author to her fans (and if you weren't a fan of Lisa's yet, you probably will be after you experience all things Vivian and Dallas). She makes tons of bad choices when it c [...]

    9. Vivian is a book blogger.She's obsessed with romance novels and spends her free time surrounded by them, from running a lonely hearts book club to working part-time at her mom's bookshop to raving about hunky heroes anonymously on the internet. Up until now, seventeen-year-old Viv's knowledge of love has come entirely from in between the covers book covers, that is. But that changes when her long time crush, Jake, takes notice of her over the summer. They start sneaking off for clandestine make [...]

    10. I adore this book. It is such a cute summer read, light, funny, perfect for reading a lovely afternoon in a coffee shop or a sunny day at the beach. If I were to equate this to another summer classic it would be a banana split. You know what you're getting, but you still savor every bite because, although it is a well-known combination/formula, it is still delightful. And in some cases has its own little surprises and embellishments. Is this book mind bogglingly original? No, but hey it is fun - [...]

    11. *This review will also appear on A Leisure Moment***I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review**“Nerd hot was most definitely a thing.”Oh goodness, I’m not sure there are enough words in the English language to articulate how much I loved this book. It was all the romance of Lisa Brown Roberts in true form, sprinkled with a Gilmore Girls and The O.C.-like crossover setting, and a nerdy love interest that reminded me of Dylan O’Brien with glasses. Yes—this book was [...]

    12. DNF @ 85%This was like a 3 star read until there was an attempted rape just so the hot guy could save the girl. not here for it.

    13. This review was originally posted on Latte Nights Reviews.Would I finally get my happy ending or was this going to be an ugly-cry ending?Vivian is a book blogger, book nerd and Star Trek geek. She has every book lover's job: working at a book store, owning a successful blog, and holding book club meetings. Her mom is an author who writes Mystery novels and is the owner of the book store. Viv had a great summer with Jake. Unfortunately, when classes start, he "dumps" Viv by appearing with anoth [...]

    14. I received a copy via netgalley.3.5 star ratingQuirky, geeky (lots of Star Trek references that sadly flew right over my head I wasn't big into the show or anything. So I didn't get majority of them, sad I know.) but it had great bookish nerdyness in it, witty (lots of banter and chatter amongst the cast of this story so it was nice that everyone wasn't shy nerds but had good banter and they had the artist, the book junkies, the all around mcnerd, a few sporty surfers. So the variety was definit [...]

    15. I really, really wanted to like this one. The premise sounded so perfect. But the main character kind of ruined it for me. She even refers to herself as TSTL (too stupid to live) and writes a note to her blog readers about how she's the idiot girl you're always screaming at "to stop the crazy." Sure, the book had its moments, but those were far and few between. And I kept having to check when this story was written because the text speak and phrasing made it feel OLD. Plus, I didn't like the sub [...]

    16. Uuhh. I even think I'm being generous with this rating. It's just that the whole plot was silly, and when it does get serious, it's not handled the way it was needed to.I did smile at certain points with the love interest, but the main character is beyond foolish so yup, kinda think this read was not good for me.

    17. 4 “I want a McNerdy” StarsARC via NetGalley.Thank you, Entangled Teen!Well, Lisa Brown Roberts I’m becoming a fan.A few weeks ago (maybe a little longer) I read “Resisting the Rebel” by this same author, and let me tell you, it was sooo good and sooo hot! Go read it. Here’s my review in case you’re still in doubt.Anyway when I saw “The Replacement Crush” had been written by Mrs. Roberts too I immediately developed a serious case of *grabby hands*. I wanted it, and I wanted it b [...]

    18. Actual Rating: 3.5 Stars!Same Review Also Posted In My Blog: Dreamy Addictions* ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and this is in no way influenced my rating. * This book was cute and fun to read. At first I had my doubts but I'm glad I gave it a try and it turns out to be better than expected. The plot was obviously predictable but the story was written in a way that kept my interest through out. I really enjoyed all the nerdiness and the witty banters [...]

    19. Vivian's mother is a writer who also owns a bookstore. That means Vivian has her dream after school job. She spends as much time at the bookstore as she can and her favorite genre is romance. She writes about it on her blog and she runs a book club. Vivian prefers reading about love in books, her own love life is messy and she certainly didn't get her happy ending. She was in love with the same guy for years and when he finally noticed her he used her and broke her heart. She's done with love an [...]

    20. THE REPLACEMENT CRUSH was somewhat unexpected. The heroine is a bookworm who finds that the new guy who helps out at her mom's bookstore connects with her over Star Trek, among other things. There's a great group of friends, a fantastic mother/daughter relationship, some serious book geekishness with a book club and a book blog, one loser of a guy, and then some nice twists and turns to pull off this contemporary romance. If you enjoy your YA reads with some serious chemistry, plenty of geekishn [...]

    21. Vivian spent the last part of her summer lying on the beach, kissing her long-time crush. It was wonderful—until he pretended like he didn’t know her on the first day of school. Broken-hearted, Vivian makes a list of potential replacement crushes, but she makes sure they’re not the type of guys that could break her heart again. In the meantime, fireworks start shooting off every time she’s around Dallas, the new boy in school. Since he could definitely break her heart, she isn’t going [...]

    22. This review was originally posted on The Book Hookup here.*Disclaimer: An eARC of this title was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. However, that did not influence this review in any way. All thoughts, quotes, and opinions will be of this version and not of the published edition.♥ Quick Thoughts and Rating: Actual rating of 2.5 stars! I could cry because I wanted to love this one so damn much. I mean, bookish girl, nerd-hot guy, and a scheme to get the [...]

    23. I'm a huge, huge fan of Lisa Brown Roberts and I might have gotten a little swoony when I met her at the RWA conference here in San Diego last month. Obviously I jumped at the chance to read and review The Replacement Crush and I was not disappointed. Vivian Galdi is broken hearted after a hot couple of weeks at the end of summer making out with her long-term crush, Jake, on the beach. But when school starts, popular Jake has already moved on to new surfer girl, Claire leaving Vivian not only de [...]

    24. One word to sum up the book is: Adorkable. I especially enjoyed this book, not because of it's sweet, lovely romance but the addition of the humor and nerd references definitely added bonus points for me. I loved how the main character is a book blogger and how she makes references to romance book heroines and herself. I felt they were spot on and I may have once or twice found myself thinking similar thoughts in my personal life.The main character is sweet and likeable. You can't help but like [...]

    25. Vivian, the daughter of a bookstore owner, has lived her life surrounded by books. She even has a book blog where she reviews books romance books, for the most part. She keeps this part of her life pretty quiet though, as the idea of reading romance books comes with its own insinuations in her beach town. Most of the other students are surfing and hanging out at parties, while she's living it up in her mother's store, head always stuck in a book. (She's totally my kind of girl!)After Vivian is h [...]

    26. ". the book blogging community, this book is for you. I'm in awe of your passionate love of books and the time and dedication you give to reading and reviewing. Thank you for your ongoing support for authors and for all your reviews: the go-go boots, the granny shoes, and all in between."Lisa Brown Roberts, Acknowledgments, The Replacement Crush.I am one of those weird geeks who read acknowledgments. I love this one. And let me tell you: This book is an ode to the book reviewers. Vivian is a blo [...]

    27. People may think me harsh when it comes to reviews. But, I like to think that I'm just honest. I don't know about you but I definitely want to read a review that is true to it's word, literally. I don't want to read a review by a reviewer I can't trust to be honest about what they've read--for whatever reason. I don't want to get carried away but there's a point to this. I've seen some of the reviews for this book, and I have to say I'm a bit surprised. Most of them are positive but the ones tha [...]

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