Off Season

Off Season

Anne Rivers Siddons / Oct 27, 2020

Off Season Acclaimed novelist Anne Rivers Siddons s new novel is a stunning tale of love and loss For as long as she can remember they were Cam and Lilly happily married totally in love with each other parent

  • Title: Off Season
  • Author: Anne Rivers Siddons
  • ISBN: 9780446527873
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Acclaimed novelist Anne Rivers Siddons s new novel is a stunning tale of love and loss For as long as she can remember, they were Cam and Lilly happily married, totally in love with each other, parents of a beautiful family, and partners in life Then, after decades of marriage, it ended as every great love story does loss After Cam s death, Lilly takes a lone roadAcclaimed novelist Anne Rivers Siddons s new novel is a stunning tale of love and loss For as long as she can remember, they were Cam and Lilly happily married, totally in love with each other, parents of a beautiful family, and partners in life Then, after decades of marriage, it ended as every great love story does loss After Cam s death, Lilly takes a lone road trip to her and Cam s favorite spot on the remote coast of Maine, the place where they fell in love over and over again, where their ghosts still dance There, she looks hard to her past to a first love that ended in tragedy to falling in love with Cam to a marriage filled with exuberance, sheer life, and safety to try to figure out her future.It is a journey begun with tender memories and culminating in a revelation that will make Lilly re evaluate everything she thought was true about her husband and her marriage.

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      • Anne Rivers Siddons

        Born Sybil Anne Rivers in Atlanta, Georgia, she was raised in Fairburn, Georgia, and attended Auburn University, where she was a member of the Delta Delta Delta Sorority While at Auburn she wrote a column for the student newspaper, The Auburn Plainsman, that favored integration The university administration attempted to suppress the column, and ultimately fired her, and the column garnered national attention She later became a senior editor for Atlanta magazine At the age of thirty she married Heyward Siddons, and she and her husband now live in Charleston, South Carolina, and spend summers in Maine.


    1. I was breezing along with this book, thinking it was a light, fluffy, slightly overwrought novel until I got to the last thirty pages or so. Huh? What happened?! Why did it end so abruptly and strangely? Why were the loose ends not tied up (who was "D" from New Mexico?)? I am literally going back today to read the final pages again to see if I missed something---and to see if I get what happened at the end.

    2. I enjoyed reading the book all the way up until the last third when the novel started to go down-hill, then the clincher- the ending was horrible. The entire book is built on the development of various relationships between the main character, Lily, and other people in her life. Most of the relationships are clearly painted and the interactions between the characters helps the reader to bond. Despite the fact that Siddons sets up the relationship between Lily and her husband as being one of the [...]

    3. -I am a huge fan of ARS. I have read almost every one of her books. This one left me scratching my head. Why did she end the book the way she did? The only thing I can think of is, she wanted it to be talked about. If that is the reason, I think she accomplished her goal. If you go out to or , there are already discussion threads on it. The story is about a woman, Lilly, whose husband dies and she is traveling to the family house in Maine with his ashes. Then the story goes back to her childhoo [...]

    4. The unusual ending - Seems to me there are some snafus there. David is Cam's son, lives in a double-wide trailer down the bay a bit, therefore making him known to the locals. If he looks exactly like Cam, they would have known whose son he was why does Laurie not prepare Lilly for that? Lilly could have run into him at any time during her rambles. Snafu 2: Why the letters to Cam from Santa Fe if David lives in Maine? Snafu 3: David obviously has a relationship with Cam, therefore he has to know [...]

    5. Off Season is a beautiful rendering of one family, the connections between its members, and the flawed relationships created by secrets and betrayal.When Lilly Constable McCall loses her husband Cam, to an untimely death, she escapes to the family’s summer home on the coast of Maine. It is here that all of her memories, both beautiful and painful, descend…It all washes over her, just as the coastal tides sweep the shores---memories of beautiful family vacations, childhood friendships, first [...]

    6. Having recently finished " Sweetwater Creek", I was anxious to read another ARS novel, but cannot say that I am enjoying this one at all. Her writing style reminds me of Sue Monk Kidd, whom I adore, but this one is irritating me.Like others have mentioned, I think talking animals are silly and better suited to stories aimed at an audience of 4-8 year olds, not adults.The characters come off as contrived and although I loved the attention to atmospheric detail in "Sweetwater", it's wearing thin n [...]

    7. I have read most of Siddon's novels -- I would put this one somewhere near the top. After the death of her husband, Lilly returns to the scene of her childhood summers on the coast of Maine. Well-developed characters, a story we can relate to, and Siddon's talent for creating a scene so vividly that it truly surrounds you. She brings childhood in the time of Kennedy's Camelot to life.even tho I would have liked an ending that was less abrupt.

    8. I am a big fan of Ms Siddons, and this one of her stronger works, reminiscent of 'Colony' in setting and characterization but on a smaller scale, and with a bit of a polarizing twist at the end.Lilly Constable McCall's beloved husband Cam has died unexpectedly, and Lilly journeys from their Tidewater Virginia home to her family's summer home, Edgewater, near Bar Harbor, Maine. As she comes to terms with the loss of Cam, flashbacks tell Lilly's story. The summer she was eleven, the tranquility an [...]

    9. I toyed between giving this 2 starts or three stars. MOST of the book was really good, and then there was the ending. My mother-in-law was reading this same book at the same time, and neither one of us has any clue what the ending meant. We are confused. Like I said, good book, bad ending.

    10. I got into this book slowly, then really liked the middle, and then, like most people, was confused by the ending. I'm just not sure what the author wanted us to feel after reading this book. Is it meant to be a story about loss and betrayal--period? I was looking for something redemptive, but was left scratching my head. It was beautifully written and compelling. But there were some things that didn't really make sense. For starters, why was Jeebs in the book at all? He served no purpose that I [...]

    11. Anne Rivers Siddons does it again. She spins a captivating tale of a young girl whose honeyed childhood ends in the tragic death of her first love, then cocoons her through years of protective denial, a fantasy like marriage to a Jamie Fraser lookalike, only to throw a shocker at the end with an ugly twist guaranteed to puncture the reader's sense of fairness.I loved the descriptions of the Maine seashore, the breathing of the ocean, the wildlife, the ospreys, and the scents and taste of the sum [...]

    12. Ack! What happened here? Prior to this book, I've loved ARS's work. As a rule, I find them gripping, the setting pulls me in, and the characters force me to believe in them. However, Off Season was a great disappointment to me. It was slow going at first, but did get better. The first half seemed terribly disjointed from the second until about the last 30 or so pages, and then once the parts of Lily's life started getting entangled with each other, the story took an odd, almost paranormal sort o [...]

    13. I need to be knocked upside the head to remind myself that neither Anne Rivers Siddons nor Elizabeth Berg is worth reading anymore. I've taken to reading several random pages of a book in the store to get a feel for the writing and whether there's going to be objectionable content in the books - even by authors that I've previously really enjoyed. This book wasn't objectionable as much as it was just depressing. I hung in there 2/3 of the book just hoping that something positive or happy would h [...]

    14. Wow, what a story!There was a time very early in my marriage that I couldn't even fathom a world without Brad. He's my true North, and I would feel lost and anxious whenever separated too long. It has taken a lifetime of marriage to understand these deep, precious feelings. Some might call it love, but I think it is something so much deeper, a sentient far more complicated.These feelings, the lifetime of Lilly Constable, that are explored by Siddons in this tender, passionate tale about growing [...]

    15. The best of this book was the consistent need the protagonist has to be one with nature, whether it was air or water, she was bound to it inextricably. The love story was profound, the family story wry and moving, the drama a little slow at times, but the ending was a surprise, almost too much of oneI like the anticipation or at least the sense that there is a "mystery", this conclusion just appeared and left me unsettled.But the settings in D.C. and Maine were very engaging and the cabin in Mai [...]

    16. Anne River Siddons never disappoints with her books. though this one is set in Maine instead of the South you get a sense of how much she loves nature and how good her descriptions are. Her Characters are well developed also. it begins with Lily as a young girl and that first love. Remember that feeling? she goes on to marry and have a loving family but when her husband dies you get the feeling all was not as it appeared. she goes back to the childhood cabin to spread his ashes and come to grips [...]

    17. This book is about Lilly and going through her life journey with her from 11 until death. It is a hard read to get into at first, and until page 80 or so it's a struggle, at least for me, to really feel out the characters.Some you really never do.Lilly lost her first love, Jon, when she was 11 due to his drastic suicide when he found out through a girl jealous of Lilly and Jon's relationship what Jon's father had hid from him all these years, he was part Jewish decent, which back in those times [...]

    18. This is a book I would have never normally pick up and read but I thought, what the hey's summer, it's a summer bookwhy not. All in all, it's not my type of book. But it's not horrible and I did finish it.Recently widowed, Lilly is going back (with her husband Cam's ashes) to their summer house on the coast of Maine. She needs some time alone, away from her daughters and grandchildren, to reminisce and remember.Flashback to Lilly as an eleven year-old and all the events that happened in that sum [...]

    19. HmmmI really really like her writing stylelove her descriptions of life on the Maine coast (makes me want to vacation there), but the problem I have is that all of her books are so similar. This one is like Colony (one of my all time favs)I knew about 1/3 through the book what was going to happen with some of the characters. I guess that is not a bad thing, but it really bothered me. It's the story of a woman, Lilly, whose husband Cam has just died. She drives up to their family home in Maine to [...]

    20. I loved this book. In the beginning of the book I was a little put off that Lilly and her dead husbands cat communicated but most of the story is in the past and it turns out to be such a nostalgic coming of age story in the kennedy era and the civil rights movement. Anne Rivers Siddons love of nature is evident through out the story. From Maine to Washington Lilly's earlier years are spent in coastal maine with her loving mother and father in the summer lilly explores the seaside with a gang of [...]

    21. Well, I get the ending. At least, I get what it means to me, and it tied everything together for me. To me, this was a woman's journey through a deep, deep grief. The loss of her husband brought back her grief over losing her mother and her first young love, John. Grief can sometimes make you crazy, and I believe that's what we were seeing in Lily. The talking cat bugged me to pieces until I could attribute it to Lily's grief. Whether this is how Rivers Siddons intended her story to be interpret [...]

    22. This one wrung me out emotionally, but I couldn't put it down. Beautifully engaging with larger than life, yet flawed, characters who are, in many ways like parts of ourselves or people we've known. A love story in the tradition of The Titanic -- unrealistic, perhaps, but haunting nonetheless. Anne Rivers Siddons captures the imagery of place as beautifully as the best writers. In this case, it is coastal Maine, and her readers can feel the sting of the ocean spray, smell the ocean air, and expe [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this novel about a woman and her life and how intertwined that was with the wonderful setting of coastal Maine. The author puts you right there with her in her summer home with the bay and the cliffs and the ospreys you feel her joys and her pains and the loves she had in her lifetime. VERY good novel fully enjoyed it.

    24. Anne Rivers Siddons is one of the most underrated authours. This book is magical, I don't know how else to describe it.

    25. OFF SEASON is a story about a woman's life from a young girl to adulthood, particularly relating to her time at the family's summer lake home throughout the years. There were moments of greatness in this book, but overall there were many holes and inconsistencies. The first segment relates the early life of Lilly and was, in my opinion, the least authentic in the book. In this section, the author had to lay out a lot of the background elements of the family, the community, and the cultural dynam [...]

    26. I really really think I should start spending way more time reading the backs of books and going "What does this mean?" Cuz, I was reading this book and going ok. What is going on? I'm not hearing really anything about this long, loving marriage. And then I reread the back and it was like well, meh, kinda, ok. But I think you're misleading me. Either that or stop reading the back altogether and getting the story I get.I loved Jon. He was just so cute. I would be ok with someone like him liking m [...]

    27. Beautifully written, as I think all her books are. Thought provoking and time specific. The author's ability to really delve into the emotions and feelings of certain of the main characters is what I find facinating. I could really feel Lily's emotions as she traveled through childhood to adulthood. Can you imagine her shock at finding out her beloved husband was not in fact what she thought? I believe that was her demise! No, the book isn't confusing at all - of course David is Cam and Peaches [...]

    28. Anne Rivers Siddons has created another good “colony” tale in OFF SEASON. Still reeling from her husband’s death, 58 year-old Lily Constable McCall escapes to her family summer home in Edgewater, Maine. Here, Lily is truly happy. A malevolent spirit has kept her safe since the summer of 1962, when her world began to spin out her control. She gained her 1st love and lost Jon there. Her free-spirited mother found her voice as an upcoming painter and activist there. Her father buried himself [...]

    29. SPOILER ALERT I thought the ending a bit of a reach. I have so man rambling thoughts. Are we to assume that Jon's "ghost" saved Lily twice from breathlessness? And she "gave back the breath" because she did not want to live any more? Or are we to believe she would be with her first love Jon? Or do I chalk her death up to shock? Most people have a soft spot for their first love but really Lily was just 11 and only knew Jon for a few weeks. Also 11 and 12 year old kids do not talk the way the auth [...]

    30. I read Burnt Mountain and then, Off Season back-to-back. I devoured both. If you read the reviews on , there is much complaining about characters undeveloped, too much mysticism and infidelity. I take note, but, still, I could not put either of these books down. I have read all but one of ARS's booksjust not her non-fiction, John Chancellor Makes Me Cry.Some of her stories are just short of odd. She finds some storylines that just confound me. But fiction is just that - fiction. I read to be ent [...]

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