Don Quijote

Don Quijote

Rob Davis / Apr 22, 2021

Don Quijote Don Quixote ist Weltliteratur Jeder kennt den Ritter von der traurigen Gestalt und seinen Gefolgsmann Sancho Panza Wer den Klassiker schon immer einmal lesen wollte aufgrund des Seitenumfangs aber ge

  • Title: Don Quijote
  • Author: Rob Davis
  • ISBN: 9788416086832
  • Page: 324
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  • Don Quixote ist Weltliteratur Jeder kennt den Ritter von der traurigen Gestalt und seinen Gefolgsmann Sancho Panza Wer den Klassiker schon immer einmal lesen wollte, aufgrund des Seitenumfangs aber gez gert hat, der bekommt jetzt eine Alternative Die Graphic Novel von Rob Davis h lt sich eng an die Vorlage von Miguel de Cervantes Kapitel f r Kapitel wird die GeschichteDon Quixote ist Weltliteratur Jeder kennt den Ritter von der traurigen Gestalt und seinen Gefolgsmann Sancho Panza Wer den Klassiker schon immer einmal lesen wollte, aufgrund des Seitenumfangs aber gez gert hat, der bekommt jetzt eine Alternative Die Graphic Novel von Rob Davis h lt sich eng an die Vorlage von Miguel de Cervantes Kapitel f r Kapitel wird die Geschichte des Adligen Alonso Quexana erz hlt, der zu viele Ritterromane gelesen hat Fortan nennt er sich Don Quixote de la Mancha Auf seinem treuen Pferd Rosinante zieht er aus in ein witziges, sympathisches und verr cktes Abenteuer Als w re dieser Roman nicht 400 Jahre alt, sondern funkelnagelneu The Times Literary Supplement

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    1. Ο Δον Κιχώτης είναι ένα εμβληματικό μυθιστόρημα: θεωρείται πως έβαλε τις βάσεις για αυτό που λογίζεται σύγχρονη μυθοπλασία, είναι το εμπορικότερο ισπανόφωνο βιβλίο και ένα από τα εμπορικότερα όλων των εποχών. Το βιβλίο αναγνωρίστηκε στην εποχή του, πούλησε τόσο που βγήκαν [...]

    2. it has been years (decades) since first read (trans. smollett) but it is not likely i would forget this comic epic, and though i have a more recent, approved one (grossman) i have to read i keep finding other books to read. then i saw this. amazed he cut it down, edited it, so far- yet retained much of the plot, characters, comic and tragic, aspects i recall. i understand how cervantes can occupy similar place in spanish literature as shakespeare does in english. i know book 2 has even more post [...]

    3. I got interested in reading Don Quixote because ofthis Radiolab pieceabout Cervantes being the first author to employ metafiction. I love metafiction and unreliable narrators, but was I ready to commit to reading a bookstop of a 16th century book that may not even have a good translation? I wavered about it but then I found this graphic novel adaptation, and I think I made the right choice. Davis seems to adhere to both the story and the meta story and uses whimsical, vibrant, and beautiful wate [...]

    4. Mit der Geschichte des Don Quixote werde ich wahrscheinlich nicht ganz warm, aber die Kombination dieser mit den Rob Davis' Zeichnungen hat mich bestens unterhalten. Der moderne Ton (sowohl in den Bildern als auch teilweise in der Sprache), die klaren Linien und bunten Farben, die Gestaltung der Geschichten in der Geschichte, das alles hat wunderbar gepasst.

    5. I've wanted for years to read the prose novel ("original"--in translation) but alas, I am a slow reader with a very long to-read list. When I saw there was a graphic version I tried to put it on hold through the public library system but it wasn't there yet. A few months later a few copies had arrived, I put one on hold, and before I knew it I was holding this hefty, beautifully designed, artifact.The cover is black with white and blue text (white on the back and blue on the front and spine) and [...]

    6. While not truly a thorough adaptation of Cervantes’ masterpiece, this book is nonetheless a tour de force and -- as much as I can gather -- a pretty fair representation of the original. While my familiarity with Don Quixote extends only to the excerpts I was exposed to in grade school, Man of La Mancha, and other spin-offs, I’m pretty satisfied with how Davis has filled in the gaps in my cultural literacy. For those who won’t read past the first paragraph of this review, suffice it to say [...]

    7. Don Quixote is on my "someday I will get around to reading this book" list, but it is a) really long and b) from the beginning of the 1600s and so I know reading it is not a minor undertaking. In the meantime I decided I'd at least learn the plot of the novel by reading this graphic novel version, which turned out to be a lot of fun!I can't compare the graphic novel to the original to know how much was changed or left out, but it definitely covered a lot of ground in its 300 pages and gave me a [...]

    8. “The Complete Don Quixote” written by Miguel de Cervantes adapted by Gerald J. Davis. This fictional story takes place in central Spain more than 400 years ago. It follows the “deeds” of a broken old man, that goes by Don Quixote, deranged by tales of chivalry and his dunce of a squire Sancho. This book has many misadventures that include everything from Don fighting windmills to reuniting lost lovers. I Rated this 4 stars because it is a pretty good book. The story can be boring at time [...]

    9. SLJ review:CERVANTES, Miguel. The Complete Don Quixote. 288p. SelfMadeHero. 2013. Tr $27.50. ISBN 978-1-906838-65-2.Adult/High School-Like Moby Dick or War and Peace, Cervantes’s The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of la Mancha is a novel known more by reputation than for its actual text. And while all three novels are still eminently readable for teens and adults alike, their length and high cultural status mark them as too intimidating for most. So Rob Davis’s graphic adaptation of Cervant [...]

    10. This book is a total delight!! Don Quixote is a book I've been wanting to read for years. Then I read a review in the Times Literary Supplement of this version, which is a graphic novel absolutely true to Cervantes' amazing story (which he wrote from jail in Seville in 1605.) This adaptation, published in 2013) was written and illustrated by Rob Davis, a British guy who clearly is most clever and perceptive himself. Most everyone knows the surface story of the deluded Don Quixote and his faithfu [...]

    11. The story of Don Quixote is fantastic. It's funny, meta, smart, imaginative, and lovable, this version is wonderful. I've read an entire translation, and even though it's such a great story the full translation can be exhausting. This is not at all exhausting, and keeps your attention throughout.The art in this book is pitch perfect for the story. The characters have slightly exaggerated features that jump off the page in a way that makes them seem like more detailed drawings of Picasso's famous [...]

    12. I read the Greek translation of this work, so I can't judge the original adaptation, but I deeply enjoyed the flow and the wonderful art and colours of the book. Strongly recommended to any lover of pleasing art and classics.

    13. Can't say enough good about this book. It's beautifully conceived and drawn, a great adaptation of *both* books, clearly designed for adults, but it made for a perfect bedtime reading with my 8-year-old daughter. She cried at the end, but now wants me to read her the real book, in the wonderful Edith Grossman translation. Let's see how that goesIn the meantime, you really want to read this one. Trust me on this.

    14. I love this book! The visual aspects are appealing to me, from the colors used to the setup of the panels. The translation/adaptation is easy to follow. Even the heavy paper it is printed on seemed perfect for the story.

    15. Graphic novelI always rate the books I read so why do I abstain here? Simply put, I don't know how to rate this book. My guess is that Rob Davis (Adapter) deserves 5 stars but I bumped into the uncomfortable fact that I found Don Quixote - the storyline - confusing, boring, and somewhat silly (as opposed to humorous). I haven't read Cervantes' Don Quixote and am no longer interested in doing so. I don't know whether that's a good thing or bad. Maybe the graphic novel spared me muddling through a [...]

    16. In the middle of reading Edith Grossman's Don Quixote translation, the graphic novel came across my desk. It satisfied the itch to know what happens in the story without the endless hyperbole and grandiose speechifying. I may return to the classic at some point, but for now, I'm content. After I all who is the greater fool, he who tilts at windmills or she who spends months following his delusional adventures?

    17. Πολύ καλή μεταφορά, χιούμορ επιπέδου και σκίτσο spot-on στο στυλ της υπόθεσης. Αγαπάω Σάντσο Πάντσα και τις σκηνές που μετά τα τσουβάλια ξύλο που τρώνε κάθονται ξαπλωμένοι στο έδαφος και φιλοσοφούν. Ο πρώτος τόμος πολύ πιο δυνατός από τον δεύτερο όπου δίνεται η εντύπωση ότι έγ [...]

    18. Extremely enjoyable, I have never read the story before so I cannot compare it to reading it straight. But this book was amazing

    19. Rob Davis has done an amazing job, bringing the legendary Don Quixote to life. Not having read the original text, I don't know how close to it he remained, but it was genuinely funny, touching and true.

    20. Review originally posted on Children's AtheneumIt has been nearly four hundred years since the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes wrote the tale of Don Quixote with its windmill giants, lunatic knight errant, love stories, and one rather short but philosophical squire. A daunting book for any reader, especially those in high school, this wonderful graphic novel adaptation brings this story new life.I have always been a lover of the Don Quixote story. When I worked at a bookstore and the 11th gra [...]

    21. This graphic novel made me curious about the actual book, but it also discouraged me from reading it. I want to know how closely the artist stuck to the source material. All the side stories, even though they were often contained in just a page or two, make me wary about how many tangents there may be in the actual book. The story dragged at times. I feel like I need a class with commentary on the themes and meaning of Don Quixote if I really want to get something out of it. I didn't find it par [...]

    22. Coming in quite a bit shorter than the version being read by the adult summer reading group, this graphic novel is really pretty awesome. It seems to hit all the highlights and the drawings are fabulous. Now as I read the full version, I have Don Q. and Sancho pictured as this volume handily illustrates them. The language is simplified too so really there is nothing but the best parts remaining. Sure, any self respecting English major would disagree but that does not take away from this fun volu [...]

    23. Adding illustrations and providing a more thorough than Cliff Notes version of the classic Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Davis makes the adventures of the would be knight-errant and his squire Sancho Panza accessible to a new generation. Don Quixote de la Mancha still tilts at wind mills and the true nature of the "sane madman and wise fool" are apparent, although somewhat tempered in an effort to emphasis humor.

    24. Never read a "graphic novel" before, and this adaptation of the classic was probably a good choice for an introduction. The artwork is great, and the adaptation includes language that I imagine isn't in the original, but it adds to the humor. I may read another, more serious (and I don't know - legit) graphic novel, but I'm scared I'll start getting into Magna. That's the last thing I need. Good book. Convenient way to get the major themes of the original I'd imagine. I think I will, at some poi [...]

    25. A faithful and joyful adaptation of Cervantes' masterpiece that captures the epic's hilarity and heroism in a thoroughly modern medium. It proves the timelessness of Don Quixote and its relevance in this era of meta delights. This is a much more ambitious work than your average Classics Illustrated, with a rough lined and richly colored visual style that invokes the classic, iconic visualizations of Quixote. Great for newcomers and long-time Quixote aficionados alike.

    26. It's been 20 years since I've read Don Quixote, so I was due for a refresher. This was the perfect format. The art wasn't ground-breaking, but it was fun, and the story fits the episodic nature of comics perfectly. This is worth the read if you need a Don Quixote refresher, or if you just don't want to tackle it in large novel form.

    27. What a great read. I'm halfway through the full text, not the graphic novel, and it plods terribly in places. I was so happy to read this because in someways it encapsulates the best of what Don Quixote goes through in graphic style. It almost felt like reading a cliff notes or something. At the same time, the illustrations are wonderful and it definitely stands on its own.

    28. One of the BEST novel adaptations I've read! It retains so much of the humor and confusing narrative (in an intentional, meta way I mean) that makes this such a classic. I will be watching Rob Davis for the rest of my life given the challenge he has accomplished here with this work.

    29. The art is delightful, multiple styles and color schemes separate different tales within the larger story. The translation is clever and in keeping with the original spirit. And the unseen Cervantes is a constant delight!

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