The Biography of a Grizzly

The Biography of a Grizzly

Ernest Thompson Seton / Oct 22, 2020

The Biography of a Grizzly Wahb fulfills the destiny of a silvertip grizzly bear in this Bison Book reprint of Ernest Thompson Seton s classic originally published in In vivid language and in seventy five drawings the au

  • Title: The Biography of a Grizzly
  • Author: Ernest Thompson Seton
  • ISBN: 9780803291843
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wahb fulfills the destiny of a silvertip grizzly bear in this Bison Book reprint of Ernest Thompson Seton s classic, originally published in 1900 In vivid language and in seventy five drawings, the author of Animal Heroes captures for a new generation of readers the freedom and danger, joy and pathos, of Wahb s life.After his mother and siblings are shot by a cattle czar,Wahb fulfills the destiny of a silvertip grizzly bear in this Bison Book reprint of Ernest Thompson Seton s classic, originally published in 1900 In vivid language and in seventy five drawings, the author of Animal Heroes captures for a new generation of readers the freedom and danger, joy and pathos, of Wahb s life.After his mother and siblings are shot by a cattle czar, Wahb grows up alone in the mountains of northwestern Wyoming As a cub, he collects wounds and stores up hatred for omnipresent enemies men and beasts But in maturity he owns the territory His arms can toss pine logs like broomsticks his paws with one tap can crush the biggest bull in the range and his claws can tear huge slabs of rock from the mountainside During summers at Yellowstone National Park he is on good behavior, except for his one intimidating visit to the hotel Now his only enemies are time and the roachback grizzly who challenges his power.

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        Ernest Thompson Seton was a Scots Canadian and naturalized U.S citizen who became a noted author, wildlife artist, founder of the Woodcraft Indians, and one of the founding pioneers of the Boy Scouts of America BSA Seton also heavily influenced Lord Baden Powell, the founder of Scouting His notable books related to Scouting include The Birch Bark Roll and The Boy Scout Handbook He is responsible for the strong influence of American Indian culture in the BSA.He was born Ernest Evan Thompson in South Shields, County Durham now part of South Tyneside, Tyne and Wear , England of Scottish parents and his family emigrated to Canada in 1866 As a youth, he retreated to the woods to draw and study animals as a way of avoiding his abusive father He won a scholarship in art to the Royal Academy in London, England.He later rejected his father and changed his name to Ernest Thompson Seton He believed that Seton had been an important name in his paternal line He developed a fascination with wolves while working as a naturalist for Manitoba He became successful as a writer, artist and naturalist, and moved to New York City to further his career Seton later lived at Wyndygoul, an estate that he built in Cos Cob, a section of Greenwich, Connecticut After experiencing vandalism by the local youth, Seton invited them to his estate for a weekend where he told stories of the American Indians and of nature.He formed the Woodcraft Indians in 1902 and invited the local youth to join The stories became a series of articles written for the Ladies Home Journal and were eventually collected in the The Birch Bark Roll of the Woodcraft Indians in 1906.He was married twice The first marriage was to Grace Gallatin in 1896 Their only daughter, Ann, was born in 1904 and died in 1990 Ann, who later changed her first name, became a best selling author of historical and biographical novels as Anya Seton According to her introduction to the novel Green Darkness, both of her parents were practicing Theosophists Ernest and Grace divorced in 1935, and Ernest soon married Julia M Buttree Julia would write works by herself and with Ernest They did not have any children, but did adopt an infant daughter, Beulah Dee Seton later Dee Seton Barber , in 1938 Dee Seton Barber died in 2006.


    1. I run in to grizzly bears on the trail sometimes while hiking in Glacier National Park. They always bound off in to the forest as they tend to be solitary creatures. Nevertheless these moments always leave me with a sense of wonder and appreciation for these terrifyingly beautiful creatures.Having read 2 scientific books about grizzly bears and their habitat I was impressed with how accurate ETS's information in this story was. It was fun to be able to step in to the life of a grizzly, see what [...]

    2. I'm reading one of the early editions with the wonderful drawings and plates. A big thank you to my sister-in-law for sending me this find.

    3. I listened to this as an audio book on my phone, and at the end found myself in tears because of it's poignancy. Biography of a Grizzly is a heartfelt and also heartbreaking tale of an orphaned cub who grows to learn the wilds of life on his own. The book addresses the impact of man on nature and Wahb's life but finds a lot of strength in not portraying all men as evil. Only a 90 minute audio book, it is definitely worth the time!

    4. Very good. It was very entertaining but too short for my liking. Wish it was longer. Recommend to anyone but do not get if hoping for a long book.

    5. This is a great story that combines an Indian legend with adventure in the woods. I found the story fun to read and the author does a great job with the feeling of this story.

    6. At some point in my early childhood - probably about 60 years ago -I discovered Earnest Thompson Seton. And of course, I also found Wahb the grizzly, raggylug the rabbit, the cutthroat trout and a host of others that inhabited a wilderness I never knew existed. What wonderful, thrilling stories. I vividly remember crying at the end of Wahb's story. I don't think I understood the power of great writing and storytelling until then. Writers like Seton made me an avid reader as a child, and I've nev [...]

    7. Wahb (meaning White Bear) is an orphaned Grizzly Bear who learns to respect his fears, fight for peace, and trust the healing powers of a stinky hot-spring. The story is aptly titled The Biography of a Grizzly because it is about the life of a Grizzly. Seton writes with a folksy tone that enlightened my kids to the gore and war that Grizzly Bears endure. I thought it was fun to learn (through Wahb's story) about their life span, their diet, their ability to survive gunshots and bear-traps. I als [...]

    8. Read this years ago and always liked this story and Lobo King of Currumpaw too. They are together in the hardcover. I'd recommend reading it to the boys Shawn. I think if they like nature, they'd like these stories. Biography of a Grizzly is about a bears life, from cub to old age, starts out with his Mother and 3 brothers and sisters being shot and Wahb being left alone.Lobo is about a remarkable wolf pack that Lobo leads and their downfall. Probably said too much already but it won't take away [...]

    9. For those of you who know meis is an old "Tayntor" book. It is the best book to read to kids. I LOVED this book when my dad read it to me. I've read it to my kids as well. Of course, it probably helps that we live among bears and have been to Yellowstone and the Tetons which are all referenced in the book. Our editions are from the early 1900s and the illustrations are fantastic. Not sure how they look in the modern paperbacks. Read it on your next camping trip!

    10. This is the story of a big, old grizzly bear who roamed far and wide in his time and gained quite a reputation. It is told from the bear's perspective with a folksy, breezy attitude that keeps you riveted to all of his experiences, from being orphaned as a cub, through his years as king of the forest, to his inevitable final days. Written for children, it is over-flowing with amazing facts about bears.

    11. An excellent readBeautifully written, the author captures each moment in a way that you almost feel as though you're in the story. If a bear had the ability to write his story, in short, a legacy, this would surely be one that "bears" repeating. In part, this may not be for everyone, however, I found it to be a great story, and I highly recommend it.

    12. This was one of the few books that my father recommended to me. It's a long time since I read it and my father has since departed which means that I may be letting sentiment determine my rating. Nevertheless, I have fond memories of this book and the well written but honest way it deals with the cycle of life. I recommend it.

    13. This is a great book for young adults, I read it originally at age 6. A wonderful tale of life and wildlife from a bears perspective. This is one of the few books I still recommend to anyone of any age.

    14. This maybe describe the life of too many animals. At moments, it sounded like the biography of a human being with a wounded childhood.Interesting, but not as catching as the story of the Springfield Fox or Billy the dog.

    15. My mom read this as a read aloud a long time ago and it was a great book. It's like it was written by a bear and he writes about what he does and everything. You learn a lot about grizzly bears too.

    16. Great read-aloud for nature-study. The kids were eager for me to keep reading. We learned a lot about grizzly bears!

    17. Oscar Wilde's fairytales bent this twig into a bleeding heart social worker. This book did the same, as regards the animal kingdom. Not a social worker, a rescuer of birds, etc.

    18. Quick read into the mind and life of a grizzly. I can see why this author was so influential to Sir David Attenborough. A bit raw at times but a good read for kids.

    19. I really enjoyed reading this book and feel somehow connected to it. This book has a hold on a part of me and I'm not sure what it is. I now own two original editions of this book.

    20. Interesting perspective inside the head of a grizzly. If it didn't start with mama grizzly getting shot and end with protagonist grizzly dying, it would be a good one for the kids.

    21. An peculiar book: a surprisingly sympathetic portrayal of an unusually murderous bear. A very quick read, illustrated with a curious mix of naturalistic images and more symbolic ones.

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