The Impossible Fortress

The Impossible Fortress

Jason Rekulak / Jan 16, 2021

The Impossible Fortress A dazzling debut novel at once a charming romance and a moving coming of age story about what happens when a fourteen year old boy pretends to seduce a girl to steal a copy of Playboy but then discove

  • Title: The Impossible Fortress
  • Author: Jason Rekulak
  • ISBN: 9781501144417
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A dazzling debut novel at once a charming romance and a moving coming of age story about what happens when a fourteen year old boy pretends to seduce a girl to steal a copy of Playboy but then discovers she is his computer loving soulmate.Billy Marvin s first love was a computer Then he met Mary Zelinsky.Do you remember your first love The Impossible Fortress begins withA dazzling debut novel at once a charming romance and a moving coming of age story about what happens when a fourteen year old boy pretends to seduce a girl to steal a copy of Playboy but then discovers she is his computer loving soulmate.Billy Marvin s first love was a computer Then he met Mary Zelinsky.Do you remember your first love The Impossible Fortress begins with a magazine The year is 1987 and Playboy has just published scandalous photographs of Vanna White, from the popular TV game show Wheel of Fortune For three teenage boys Billy, Alf, and Clark who are desperately uneducated in the ways of women, the magazine is somewhat of a Holy Grail priceless beyond measure and impossible to attain So, they hatch a plan to steal it.The heist will be fraught with peril a locked building, intrepid police officers, rusty fire escapes, leaps across rooftops, electronic alarm systems, and a hyperactive Shih Tzu named Arnold Schwarzenegger Failed attempt after failed attempt leads them to a genius master plan they ll swipe the security code to Zelinsky s convenience store by seducing the owner s daughter, Mary Zelinsky It becomes Billy s mission to befriend her and get the information by any means necessary But Mary isn t your average teenage girl She s a computer loving, expert coder, already strides ahead of Billy in ability, with a wry sense of humor and a hidden, big heart But what starts as a game to win Mary s affection leaves Billy with a gut wrenching choice deceive the girl who may well be his first love or break a promise to his best friends.

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        By day I am Publisher of Quirk Books, where I edit a variety of fiction and nonfiction This role should help to explain some of the curious bylines on this page for ex, my credit for adapting HOME ALONE into a storybook Some of my all time favorite Quirk projects include PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame Smith, MISS PEREGRINE S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN by Ransom Riggs, and the Edgar Award winning LAST POLICEMAN trilogy by Ben H Winters After years of working with so many brilliant and creative people I finally took the plunge and wrote my own novel THE IMPOSSIBLE FORTRESS coming from Simon Schuster in Feb 2017.


    1. Billy and his two buddies Alf and Clark are desperate. They have learned about the teenage holy grail. Vanna White is in Playboy!They hatch schemes to get their hands on a copy since it's the late 80's and no one will sell it to them since they are all under the age of eighteen. So they devise a plan to steal that sucker.Billy's job is to get the security code from the grouchy old man that owns the stores daughter. Mary is a bit on the chubby side but Billy can handle it. (Not my words because m [...]

    2. All I need to do is hear that a book takes place in the 1980s and a little alarm in my head goes off that says, "Read this!" Throw in video games and 80s music (even the pop stuff), and I'm totally there!It's 1987. Billy, Alf, and Clark are all 14, and they're pretty much obsessed with one thing—Playboy has just released pictures of Vanna White. They're determined to do whatever it takes to get their hands on this magazine, which means stealing it from the local office supply/convenience store [...]

    3. This was my quick-read 'antidote-book-choice' response to current events today (plus hot tea and cat nap). "The Impossible Fortress", by Jason Rekulak was a gift a few weeks ago.( along with several other books). This book came package with a candy 'Sweet-Tarts'. ( getting in the spirit of a little 80's nostalgia. If readers enjoyed "Ready Player One", by Ernest Cline there's a good chance you'll enjoy this book too. Billy is 14 years old. He and his two best buddies Clark and Alf are computer n [...]

    4. I would think The Impossible Fortress should be described as YA fiction, although it’s not clear to me that it is being marketed that way – maybe because it’s set in the 1980s and therefore offers nostalgia to those who were coming of age at that time. In any event, the thing about YA fiction is that I rarely voluntarily sign up to read it, although when I do so I am not always disappointed. That sort of sums up my experience with The Impossible Fortress. As I started it and realized that [...]

    5. Nostalgia is a funny thing. It can give us a warped sense of perception where we romanticize the past so much that we forget the troubled realities of the time. Sometimes we see only the bad and forget everything else in between. And sometimes, we acknowledge our love of the past that reveals transformative truths about ourselves, or our culture, which showcases universal axioms that everyone can see regardless of what generation you were born into.I grew up in the late 80's and found this comin [...]

    6. Billy, Alf and Clark are fourteen year old boys living in the late ‘80’s. Vanna White from the gameshow “The Wheel of Fortune” has just graced the cover of Playboy magazine. It is now available at the local convenience store and they will do anything to obtain a copy of it.When their first attempt at buying the magazine fails, they come up with a plan to steal it. They have extra incentive after collecting money from classmates seeking to view Vanna naked. The plan involves breaking into [...]

    7. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell

      Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestEdit: Just found out that you can play Impossible Fortress, the game from the story, on the author's website! jasonrekulak/ (Click 'play the game' at the top!)I grew up saturated in 80s pop culture, so I was initially very excited when I saw a copy of THE IMPOSSIBLE FORTRESS available for request on Netgalley. The cover and premise sounded like READY PLAYER ONE, which is one of my favorite books of all time. However, THE IMPOSSIBLE FORTRESS isn't [...]

    8. "The Impossible Fortress" by Jason Rekulak is so freaking cute!!! I was smitten on the very first page, and I continued to say that way until the very end. Rekulak's writing is snappy, sharp, hilarious, quirky, and addictive. I love novels that take place in the 1980s (probably because I born in that cool, tacky, and shallow decade). The protagonist, Billy Marvin and his immature friends want a copy of Playboy (circa 1987) which features Vanna White on the cover. Of course the boys are underage [...]

    9. Initially, 'The Impossible Fortress' sounded like just my cup of tea. A book drowning in late 1980s nostalgia. The events of the story took place in 1987. The main character was a 14 year old boy named Billy who had an unabashed love of all things computing, coding and gaming. Billy and his two best friends were in love with a game show host named Vanna White (from the American version of 'Wheel of Fortune') and when her photos appeared in Playboy magazine the three boys dreamt up a scheme to pr [...]

    10. This is the short review version. If you want to read about my hiatus and see different cover artwork for this book, keep reading this post here on my blog ♥★★★★☆       a solid 4 stars.So, what's special about this one? What do I think you'll like?★ It's about the late 80's (1987, in partcular)★ It's nerdy. In a really good way★ It's about teens, and they are not perfect. Far from it!★ It's got a fun tone, it's lighthearted, although it deals with tough topics at times [...]

    11. Did you grow up in the 80’s? It’s ok if you didn’t because at its core, this is a sweet love story. Doesn’t matter the generation, everyone knows this language - Everyone who loves books and has a pulse. (This is the point where you place two fingers on your wrist). Found pulse? Good. Next question: Were you once a teenager? Thought so. Bonus for the kids of the late 80’s because you’ll remember a few things sprung from that decade. The Commodore 64 and the dawn of the home computer, [...]

    12. *Disclaimer: I was provided with an ARC of The Impossible Fortress by Jason Rekulak from Simon & Schuster in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my opinion or rating in any way.When I had first heard about The Impossible Fortress, it sounded like something that was perfect for me. It took place in the 1980’s, it features a female character who is amazing at programming and creating video games and it seemed like a cute contemporary novel. While The Impossible Fortress di [...]

    13. Though the concept had potential and the writing was good, I really can't recommend this book. Flat characters, no consequences and more than half of the book was boys being jerks or bullies. It just continues the dangerous rhetorical that "boys will be boys", and "girls are dangerous". I loved Mary's character until she just didn't change. Highly important, life changing, things happened with her character and, yet, she remained the same. It just wasn't realistic. At all. Overall, this book ma [...]

    14. In the year 1987 Playboy released a copy with scandalous photos of the famous Vanna White which became somewhat of a Holy Grail to young teenage boys. Fourteen year old Billy Marvin and his friends were no exception and the three boys vowed to do anything to get their hands on a copy of the magazine. When their first attempts fail miserably Billy comes up with a plan to get close to Mary Zelinsky, the daughter of the owner of the store selling the coveted Playboy that the boys are desperate to g [...]

    15. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley, in return for an honest review.Teen angst, computer programming and friendship - all set in the glorious 80sTo be honest, any book that focuses on the 80s is likely to be a bit of a winner for me. If that same book also features Commodore 64s, then it's a match made in heaven.The book focuses on Will (or Billy to his friends) - a hapless, gangly teen who is on a mission to secure a copy of Playboy. What happens next is a crazy succession of events, [...]

    16. It's 1987, and 14-year old Billy Marvin and his two best friends, Alf and Clark, are in over their heads. What started out as a small scheme to snatch (then photocopy) a Playboy from Sal Zelinsky's corner store has suddenly become much more complicated. Now the boys are sitting on a ton of cash (prepayment from their classmates for glossy pics of naked Vanna White) with no working plan in sight--at least not one that doesn't involve serious criminal activity. But Alf and Clark are getting desper [...]

    17. Funny, entertaining, refreshing, and very geeky!You could say it is a mix of many things, but it has its own style.I am also the current Lord of the Fortress in the game, and I'm ready for a challenge ;)

    18. Actual rating: 4.5 out of 5 starsMacGyver, MTV, Wheel of Fortune and Video City; Walkman, cassette tapes, floppy disk and Commodore 64.The Impossible Fortress by Jason Rekulak was a coming-of-age mixtape story that plays a relationship torn between a crush and your best friends, with a taste of heisty delight, computer geekiness and winsome dreams — taking you in a trip down memory lane while listening to old classical music and waking a vibe of your fourteen year old self living in the 80's [...]

    19. I had so much fun reading this book about three misfit freshman boys. The year is 1987, and Vanessa Williams graces the cover of Playboy magazine. In their small corner of the world, there is only one place in town that sells the magazine, and the protagonist Billy and his friends Alf and Clark devise a multitude of ways to obtain that magazine, despite the fact they are only fourteen years old (they’d need to be eighteen to buy it straight out).One of their plots is to go to the store pretend [...]

    20. I loved loved loved this book. Yes, I'd read it again. I was completely taken by Billy-Will and his friends Alf, Clark and Mary's world seem so real (and sometimes painful). I knew how some things would end, but I needed to see exactly what path would be taken to get there. There were surprises. There were "Oh, my gosh" moments. There were "no, no, no" don't go there" or "don't do that" moments. I can't wait to meet the author next month.

    21. I read this because this was a book of the month choice for last month and I just got around to reading it now, and this was cute. There are some things about this book that I really liked and some things I thought were weird or random or just okay. One thing I just found out thought is that you can play the game The Impossible Fortress on the author's website: jasonrekulak/ when you click "play the game" at the top, so that automatically makes this book way cooler.The things I liked about this [...]

    22. What’s More Complicated Than Planning a Heist? Puberty.By Judge Tyler CoatesBeing a 14 year-old, for lack of a better word, sucks. Everything seems to be changing around you and inside you. You have to worry about your future for the first time; suddenly every grade matters (even P.E.!), and everyone seems to have a test for you nearly every day, school-related or not. And then you somehow have to navigate the newly complex social circles of high school, dodging bullies and figuring out how to [...]

    23. This is my 4th Booktopia read for 2017. I am not the target audience for this novel about a 14 year old boy trying to win a new computer/gaming system in 1987 by creating a video game. However, Jason Rekulak writes so well, that I was sucked into the story and was more than willing to keep going until the end. Billy Marvin lives in a small New Jersey commuter town, before the advent of overscheduled kids and he is free to spend times with his friends, riding his bike, playing video games and cre [...]

    24. 3.5 Stars Video Review: youtu/XjgG_qT5ZicAs a female software programmer with a love of 1980s culture, I was very intrigued when I heard about this novel. Even though the basic synopsis sounded somewhat superficial, I knew needed to read the novel immediately!Essentially, the story revolves around a group of teenage boys on a quest to acquire a highly desired porno magazine. Yet, the novel manages to hit on a deeper emotional level while still providing a fun reading experience. The plot was, ad [...]

    25. Three and a half stars: A funny, nostalgic love story that takes you back to the eighties. Billy can't believe his ears when one of his best friend's tells him that Vanna White, America's Sweetheart, is showing her bare bottom on the latest edition of Playboy Magazine. Unfortunately, Zelinsky's convenience store is the only place in town that sells the dirty magazine. Even worse, Mr. Zelinsky is a stickler and refuses to sell the magazine to anyone under eighteen. Desperate, Billy and his two fr [...]

    26. I love books set in the 80's. The fact that I was born mid-80's probably has something to do with it but I also really love the pop culture references, lack of cell phones and other easy communications, and burgeoning technologies. It speaks to my nerdy soul.The Impossible Fortress was such a fun diversion. Sometimes I just want an entertaining and easy read and this book delivers. I think it will actually appeal to a wide range of readers. It lies somewhere in between adult fiction and young ad [...]

    27. In this "love letter to the 80's," we meet Billy, a 14 year old boy who has no interest in school or education. His only interest is programming on his Commodore 64. He hangs out with his oversexed two best friends, Alf and Clark, each misfits in their own ways. A scheme is formed to get a copy of Playboy magazine featuring Vanna White, a scheme that involves befriending the daughter of the owner, the slightly overweight Mary. Billy begins spending time with Mary, but could he actually grow to l [...]

    28. This is a love story, nerd style. Taking place in a small New Jersey town in the ’80’s, the reader is taken back to the world of floppy disks, joysticks, pop culture…and Vanna White.14-year old Billy and friends Alf and Clark are obsessed to get their hands on the latest Playboy featuring Vanna. Funny the harebrained ideas they come up with. How can they make such a simple task so complicated? One instance has them dressing up like businessmen trying to fool the store owner Mr. Zelinsky in [...]

    29. A mostly fun but kinda generic YA (this is YA right?) set in the eighties, with some cute nostalgic references, especially computery stuff, but which didn't really FEEL very eighties, and also took some weird tangents and ended up a bit messy and forgettable. Still enjoyed it though, and saw me through a bad week when reading anything else felt like hard work.

    30. I read this book in two sittings and was fascinated by the realistic portrayal of teenage males and the pop culture references. The story pulls the reader until the inevitable heist, but that the author has a few surprises in store after that.

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