Girl Made of Stars

Girl Made of Stars

Ashley Herring Blake / Oct 21, 2020

Girl Made of Stars I need Owen to explain this Because yes I do know that Owen would never do that but I also know Hannah would never lie about something like that Mara and Owen are about as close as twins can get So

  • Title: Girl Made of Stars
  • Author: Ashley Herring Blake
  • ISBN: 9781328476692
  • Page: 487
  • Format: ebook
  • I need Owen to explain this Because yes, I do know that Owen would never do that, but I also know Hannah would never lie about something like that Mara and Owen are about as close as twins can get So when Mara s friend Hannah accuses Owen of rape, Mara doesn t know what to think Can the brother she loves really be guilty of such a violent crime Torn between the famil I need Owen to explain this Because yes, I do know that Owen would never do that, but I also know Hannah would never lie about something like that Mara and Owen are about as close as twins can get So when Mara s friend Hannah accuses Owen of rape, Mara doesn t know what to think Can the brother she loves really be guilty of such a violent crime Torn between the family she loves and her own sense of right and wrong, Mara is feeling lost, and it doesn t help that things have been strained with her ex girlfriend, Charlie.As Mara, Hannah, and Charlie navigate this new terrain, Mara must face a trauma from her own past and decide where Charlie fits in her future With sensitivity and openness, this timely novel confronts the difficult questions surrounding consent, victim blaming, and sexual assault.

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        Ashley Herring Blake is a reader, writer, and mom to two boisterous boys She holds a Master s degree in teaching and loves coffee, arranging her books by color, and watching Buffy over and over again on Netflix with her friends She s the author of the young adult novels SUFFER LOVE, HOW TO MAKE A WISH, and GIRL MADE OF STARS, as well as the middle grade novel, IVY ABERDEEN S LETTER TO THE WORLD.


    1. This story stirred my heart. I absolutely needed to read it when I learned it was about a girl whose twin brother is accused of sexually assaulting his girlfriend at a party. It sounds like such an impossible situation. Who do you believe? Your brother, who you’ve known since before you were born, or his girlfriend, who is also your friend?The reason why this story moved me so much is because it was very realistic and Ashley Herring Blake has a beautiful lyrical writing style that can bring yo [...]

    2. after reread: so if this book isn’t already on your TBR, we can’t be friends anymore---------------------------before reread: hi yes I’m rereading this 2 days after I first read it fight me---------------------------first read: oh my god oh my god what did I just read oh my godI cried over this book. I never cry. NEVERI can’t even form a coherent sentence--no, I can’t even THINK--before tearing up again oh my god NDJAKDJDHCHSFHSNSFFBSJFHXNJDAK is this what death feels like

    3. What else is there to do? What else is there for any girl to do, when everyone but her can forget everything like a random bad dream? After breaking up with her girlfriend/best friend, Mara's greatest comfort comes from her twin brother, Owen - until her best friend accuses him of rape, and Mara's entire world is thrown into a whirlwind of confusion, heartbreak, and traumatic memories of her own.Let me say, first of all, that this book is one of the most genuinely important things I have ever re [...]

    4. this is one of the best books I have read in my entire godforsaken life and I'm having one of my THIS I S SO B E A U T I F U L crises and. listen. none of you are allowed to publish books anymore this book just killed all of them

    5. Review also on my blogTwitterBookstagramI received an arc from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I read How to Make a Wish a few months ago and absolutely loved it and I was excited to see the author was coming out with more. Like her previous book, Girl Made of Stars deals with a heavy issue, that being rape. And unlike previous books that deal with rape or sexual assault, that being the rapist is the main character's brother. Not even just her brother but her twin [...]

    6. Thank you to the publishers for sending me a physical copy in exchange for reviewIS REVIEW ALSO FEATURES ON MY BLOGR A M B L EI’ve read two of Ashley Herring Blake’s books and they’ve both ripped me to shreds. Her beautifully diverse books have a way of making you feel joy, regret, love and sadness throughout the book. It is truly difficult to transcribe just how they do make you feel. The first book I read of hers, How To Make A Wish, left me so completely heartbroken I was unable to full [...]

    7. I beta read this for Ashley for the genderqueer character in it and I think she did a lovely job with that character who I identified very strongly with. Ashley did a good job of handling a difficult topic too imo. I'm sure the book will change somewhat between now and publication but I would definitely add this to your TBR.

    8. This book will go on my favorites of 2017 list. I can't put into words how much I loved it, but just know that you need to preorder it. I'll write a semblance of a review tomorrow, probably, but I can'tI can't do this book justice right now.

    9. Thank you to Netgalley and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children's Book Group for providing me with an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Author: Ashley Herring Blake Release date: May 15th 2018 Genre:Young Adult Themes:Sexual assault, romance, rape, feminism,sexuality, contemporary, LGBTQ+, family. It's changed me forever but changed doesn't have to mean broken Girl made of flesh and bone *Summary: When Mara McHale's brother,Owen is accused of raping his girlfriend,Hannah, Mara is [...]

    10. This book includes a Genderqueer character so I'm excited to read this. Hopefully I'll like the representation as I class myself as Genderqueer.

    11. One of the best books I have ever read. Once I compose myself and pick up my broken heart, my full review will be posted. Aksjdmsbsn.Update: Here is my full review!I had the wonderful honor of receiving a copy of Girl Made of Stars by Ashley Blake from HMH Teen. This book is due out in May 2018.Before I start this review, there are two things to note:This review will contain minimal spoilers so no need to click away.If you are triggered by sexual assault, please take caution reading this book. S [...]


    13. Ok now that i picked myself up off the floorThis was my first experience with Ashley Herring Blake and I must say this made me want to read anything she writes. From the get-go, I was sucked into the book and each character. I did not want to put this book down even when I went into work but I had to. HAHA!The book starts off with the bond between twins Mara and Owen. Which sets the tone for the rest of the book. Owen is then accused of raping his girlfriend, which is one of Mara’s friends at [...]

    14. ARC courtesy of Netgalley.have a very marmite relationship with contemporary ya fiction; I either immediately love it or read the whole book thinking “bleurghk, this is so pretentious!”I’m delighted to say this is the former, I could not stop reading it.I became utterly invested in the lives of twins Mara and Owen. Their relationship, previously always strong through their incredible bond, is tested to breaking point when Hannah, Owen’s girlfriend and one of Mara’s best friends accuses [...]

    15. I’m writing this review in January and I don’t know if I’ll be recovered by the time this review goes up. This book absolutely gutted me. Like I was sobbing in my bed at midnight, hoping I wouldn’t wake anyone up.This book was incredibly difficult for me to read for multiple reasons. One: I was a victim of sexual assault twice. One by a classmate in high school & once in my early 20’s by a man I had known since I was six. Two: My brother is Owen’s age and while he does have his i [...]

    16. CW: RAPEGirl Made of Stars really messed with me.A couple of weeks ago I watched a movie (O Fim da Inocência) which feautured a rape scene and ever since then I have been very sensitive to it. Being a man, I dont get cat called, I dont get annoyed by abusive men on the streets, I am not scared to walk alone at night so watching that scene and reading this book really opened my eyes. I always understood how fucked up sexual assault is but watching it on the big screen and reading about it opened [...]

    17. GIRL MADE OF STARS is a thoughtful, difficult read. it aches to read this and recognize people you know. it aches to read this and be reminded of all the aftermath you’ve seen or read about or lived. it aches to read this in the same way that it aches to see people hurt each other in real life. this book hurts like a mirror.but this book also loves girls so much, and is so kind to them, even in a world where—as in reality—hope often has to be substituted in for justice. this book loves gir [...]

    18. Wow.This book made me angry, made me want to burn the world to the ground, but it also found me, if that makes sense. Everyone knows someone with a story like Mara's or Hannah's, and that in itself makes me so angry I want to just scream. For some people, the person with the story is themselves. And this book is truly for them. I needed it so badly. I cried a lot. I was uncomfortable a lot. But it was perfect in it's telling of an imperfect system and complicated feelings. Thank you to the publi [...]

    19. Holy fucking shit. Holy SHIT. This books was intense. One of the most intense books I’ve ever read. It’s 1 am and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. I can’t even form a coherent thought about this but this book is so important and everyone needs to read it. Full review coming soon.

    20. I really enjoyed Blake's other book, How to make a wish, so I knew I had to pick this one up as well! Thanks to HMH Teen for this book, and this fact does not alter my rating or affect my review.Girl Made of Stars focuses on Mara, a twin, who has a dark secret that she has been hiding for years. This comes back to haunt her when her twin brother, Owen, is accusing of raping his girlfriend and one of Mara's best friends. As Mara battles with her own demons, she wades through her current situation [...]

    21. (I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)(CW: rape, sexual assault)This book is an unflinching look at the horror of sexual assault, the brutality of a system that’s stacked against women, and the pain and confusion that lingers after.But that’s not all this book is. It’s also a moving story of hope and love and friendship. Mara’s journey through her own healing as she navigates the upheaval in her life is real (and painful at times), but ultimately inspiring. I [...]

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