My Little Blue Dress

My Little Blue Dress

Bruno Maddox / Feb 25, 2021

My Little Blue Dress There s a reason this memoir of a year old woman s sun soaked rural childhood is not at all what it seems In Bruno Maddox s warmhearted comic novel it is soon revealed why a young man who knows ve

  • Title: My Little Blue Dress
  • Author: Bruno Maddox
  • ISBN: 9780142000489
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Paperback
  • There s a reason this memoir of a 100 year old woman s sun soaked rural childhood is not at all what it seems In Bruno Maddox s warmhearted comic novel it is soon revealed why a young man who knows very little about history and even less about being a woman attempts to improvise an old woman s autobiography in a single frantic night, and why he fails A love story, a murdThere s a reason this memoir of a 100 year old woman s sun soaked rural childhood is not at all what it seems In Bruno Maddox s warmhearted comic novel it is soon revealed why a young man who knows very little about history and even less about being a woman attempts to improvise an old woman s autobiography in a single frantic night, and why he fails A love story, a murder mystery, an acclaimed satire, My Little Blue Dress is a hugely entertaining and hilariously audacious fiction debut, a winsome and vastly entertaining novel The New York Times Book Review by a marvelous new literary talent In his first novel, Maddox concocts a hilariously off the wall satire of the memoir Brilliantly funny Maddox s writing is purposely uppity, but the kitschy, honest overtones communicate a very witty take on love and life Publishers Weekly Hilarious fun, full throttle stuff Entertainment Weekly

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    1. When I first read this book some 6 years ago, I could not tell whether I liked this book, or intensely disliked it. So I passed it around to a few of my friends, and the thing is, none of them could tell me whether they liked it or not either! It's rather perplexing isn't it! But based on the impression it's left on me, and the number of times I've recommended it to friends, I've decided that I like this book, or at least, that this must be a very accomplished piece of literature. :D

    2. OK this book was just SO WEIRD! I absolutely adored the first half and then the whole thing shifted. What was the blue dress about!? Was she a time traveler? It's like the author puts forward all these mysteries, but never explains them! Aagghh!

    3. there was a moment in my life when i declared this to be "my favorite book of all time." i can be a bit overenthusiastic at times, but at the time, it was so true. cruel and sardonic for a lot of the narrative (and you know i hate that), but when the real voice of the narrator revealed itself, i was floored. i remember at the time reading so many novels that pooped out the end--super engaging and epic four the first three quarters, but blowing it during the crucial final fourth. it was pissing m [...]

    4. I confess that I bought this book because of the cover. I knew nothing about it, nothing about the author. I enjoyed it until I got about half way through. By the end, I think it is safe to say that I detested it. Clever? Nah lame would be a better description. I still like the cover, though.

    5. Unlike most reviewers here, I thought this book got better rather than worse the further along I got. And I didn't think it was LIKE any other book, which to my mind is a great thing. And I thought the dissolution of it all was super clever.

    6. It really freaks me out how many people on here don't "get" this bookif you like unexpected twists, on the level of form as well as content, mixed with an empathetic and emotional narrative, don't read any more of these reviews just give it a chance!

    7. Almost entirely hilarious, but wears out its welcome by the end (otherwise this would have been 5 stars all the way--I just loved the premise, once I realised what it was).If you're a fan of Miss Daisy Ashford's The Young Visiters you will probably enjoy this one very much as well, for different reasons. It's definitely the most searing portrait of desperation I remember ever having read, in an extraordinarily amusing way.Don't want to give much away, since to say almost anything would indeed do [...]

    8. This book goes down as one of the worst I have ever finished, I didn't enjoy it at all and the ending is the worst part so if you are slonging though then don't bother!

    9. This post first appeared on my blog The Backstage Book LoverYou know those books that you really want to like? You read them and they're not really holding your attention, but they held such promise that you keep going, telling yourself no, I SHOULD like this book; it WILL get better. This was one of those books. I picked it up at the library because I loved the premise. It's supposedly a memoir written by a hundred year old woman who was born on the first day of the last century, but slowly you [...]

    10. I don't even know how to describe this book. It really bugged me in the beginning. A five year old that talks like a 20 year old. Don't think soThe book is more bareable now that I am half through it and chicky is in her 40s or something ok. Now that I have finished the bookI gave it 3 stars, but honestly the book was only ok. I didn't like it, but I didn't dislike it either. Part of my disdain could be from reading what are supposed to be reviews on here, but end up being more like a summary of [...]

    11. This book was given to my by a friend. Makes me excited whenever that happens. It's like a chocolate that you didn't choose. You are anxious about the flavor you're about to taste.When I opened the book and started reading the story. At the first few chapters alone, I was extremely pleased! It was a tale that is very intriguing. You get hooked at whatever's happening at the life of the girl. But as the story builds up In came the author as a character. Then the unexplainable reason on how on ear [...]

    12. Even though the protagonist is a woman, this novel is so obviously written by a man. Exhibit A (p.45): (An internal monologue about why she wasn't attracted to her boyfriend) Was it me? I would wonder most nights, lying anguished on my bed in bra and panties This scene was set in the early 1900s, when corsets, not bras were in popular use. She was probably also wearing bloomers, not panties. And why would she remark on her underwear anyway? Exhibit B (p.77): (At a bar with people all around) I w [...]

    13. So this book started out with a really good premise: a twenty-something guy has to write the memoirs of a hundred year old woman even though he's not a woman and has no idea about what happened in the last 100 years.The premise is clever and is fairly enjoyable for the first 150 pages. Unfortunately, it goes on for another 150. As clever as it is, it gets real boring real quick and makes you almost despise Bruno Maadox by the end. I would have rated it one star but due to the clever premise I ga [...]

    14. I loved, loved, LOVED the beginning of the book. But after a certain point, the book turned from a whimsy memoir into self-promotion for the author. I forced myself to finish this book, in spite of my new-found loathing for Bruno Maddox, and was not impressed. I feel that if he would have kept the original format and tone he started with, the book could have been great. Instead, it was just a heaping pile of ink-splattered pages.

    15. I love the end, the twist and what a completely desperate, funny, grand gesture it is. I mean, if a guy fabricated the memoir of a 100 year old french woman and frantically typed it up just to win me over? I like to think I'd give the guy a second chance.Really self-conscious writing, like Dave Eggers before I knew who Dave Eggers was. But less earnest and with a better sense of humor about himself.

    16. I thought this was odd. At first I found it amusing to see all the glaring errors in the "memoir". When it shifted into a more recent "diary" of things, it took a few pages for my mind to make the shift as well; the transition could have been smoother, I think. I did like how, in the end, the reader gets the whole explanation for the memoir in the first place. Definitely an interesting debut; I'm curious to see what this author will come up with next.

    17. Aangezien het op de achterflap staat, verklap ik niets als ik zeg dat de schrijver zichzelf in het verhaal schrijft. Op zich heb ik daar niets op tegen (Stephen King doet het meesterlijk in de Donkere Toren-cyclus!), maar het is jammer als het verhaal voor het "inschrijfpunt" interessanter is dan erna. De ontknoping maakt dit boek toch de moeite waard en toont hoe goed dit verhaal eigenlijk geconstrueerd is. Speciaal boek.

    18. (Disclosure--the author is a friend of mine.)An increasingly preposterous joke, at the reader's expense but also for his benefit, that is barely kept going by an utterly hilarious narrator, MY LITTLE BLUE DRESS offers a great deal of amusement as well as some sharp insights into the world of publishing and the creative process. For smart readers, this is the perfect entertainment for a rainy afternoon.

    19. This book seems to be the memoir of a 100-year-old woman, who has pretty much seen everything during her lifetime. However the memoir quickly goes off-track and becomes decidedly un-womanly in tone. In addition, her caretaker - named Bruno Maddox - plays an increasingly important role in the book. Is this memoir entirely what it seems or does Bruno Maddox have a game of his own to play? And perhaps a book of his own to write?

    20. Started off very funny and then got a bit dark and then had a surprise ending. You may like it and maybe more than I did. The story of a 100 yr old English women living out her last years in NYC. Born Jan 1, 1900 in rural England, the woman moves to France in the roaring 20s, then back to England during WWII. Then off to Wisconsin in the early 50s and then to NYC where she mixes with Bob Dylan, the Beatles and Andy Warhol.

    21. I really liked the first portion of this book, but it was a struggle to finish it. I even got to the point where I started skim reading to speed up the process. I kept hoping that it would become engaging again. What was going on was painfully obvious to me and I kept hoping there would be some interesting quirky turn in the story based on the reviews of the book. I WAS REALLY DISAPPOINTED!

    22. the first half of this book was very good, but the second and third parts were absolutely horrible, the book in reality made absolutely no sense and was over all a waste of time reading. I would not recommend this book or autor for future reading! Stay very far away from this book! I really wanted to like this book, the premise at the beginning was good, but the author just could not do it!

    23. One of the weirder books I've read; experimental and very disjointed, but some great little scenes. The first time I read it, it drove me crazy, but I've gone back to it since I guess I would call it interesting at the least.

    24. This was an entertaining, but confusing book. I enjoyed the idea that it was being written by a centenarian woman on her death bed, but was confused by her "dying" before the close of the novel. Was the whole thing made up to impress a girl? Possibly.

    25. I will warn you that the format of this book is a little experimental, but that's all I can say without risking giving too much away. I didn't find it hard to put this book down, but then every time I saw it I wanted to pick it up again and find out what was going on.

    26. I'm reading this because I loved The Glass Castle so much. I'm on a memoir kick. Actually the writing reminds me of a FS blogger, Dakota, of Face the Sun. If he were to write a book written from the persective of little british girl it would be just like My Little Blue Dress.

    27. adult fiction. inane satire that is unfortunately also annoyingly self-congratulatory. I got through most of it only to lose patience at the end (so many pages of "I'm old, look how well I can write! I'm old, look how well I can write!") Sheesh.

    28. Boring and amateurish. "Ooooh, look at me! I'm writing a quirky novel with a twist!" Please, spare us. I was taken in by the NY Times Book Review, Entertainment Weekly, and Publishers Weekly all liking it a lot--next time I'm unsure, I'll remember to check on first!

    29. I absolutely loved this book, and then it really dropped off after the confession begins. I will say no more so as not to be a spoiler. I am considering re-reading it, which made me consider suggesting that you read it.

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