Twelve Rooms With a View

Twelve Rooms With a View

Theresa Rebeck / Nov 24, 2020

Twelve Rooms With a View How would it feel to go overnight from living in a trailer park to a twelve room apartment overlooking Central Park in a landmark Victorian building This is what happens to housecleaner Tina Finn who

  • Title: Twelve Rooms With a View
  • Author: Theresa Rebeck
  • ISBN: 9780307394163
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Hardcover
  • How would it feel to go overnight from living in a trailer park to a twelve room apartment overlooking Central Park in a landmark Victorian building This is what happens to housecleaner Tina Finn, who, with her sisters, Alison and Lucy, suddenly comes into possession of the Livingston Mansion Apartment at the Edgewood The Finn sisters inherit the 11 million property frHow would it feel to go overnight from living in a trailer park to a twelve room apartment overlooking Central Park in a landmark Victorian building This is what happens to housecleaner Tina Finn, who, with her sisters, Alison and Lucy, suddenly comes into possession of the Livingston Mansion Apartment at the Edgewood The Finn sisters inherit the 11 million property from their estranged alcoholic mother, but they aren t the only siblings vying for it Their mother s wealthy second husband, Bill who died just three weeks before Tina s mother has two sons And they are furious at the thought of losing the apartment that s been in their family for generations Tina moves into the nearly vacant, palatial space to solidify her claim to it, but she soon discovers that Bill s sons aren t the only ones who want her out The building s other residents are none too pleased by her presence either In fact, the co op board has designs on wresting control of the apartment from both sets of children As Tina fends off all the people who want to evict her or worse , she starts to get involved in her neighbors complex lives There s the mercurial, eccentric botanist who may be either a friend or an enemy the self absorbed, randy son of the co op board president, whose friendship without benefits Tina tries to curry the large, chaotic family whose depressed teenage daughter becomes Tina s ally and spy the ghost Tina hears crying at night in her apartment s secret room In this entertaining yarn by acclaimed playwright, screenwriter, and author Theresa Rebeck, we follow Tina Finn a woman both comical and compelling, well intentioned and a bit of a thief as she begins to love her new home, discovers traits to admire in people she s only just met, and realizes, finally, her place in her family and the world.

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        Theresa Rebeck is a playwright She also works as a television writer Her input went into popular shows such as Dream On, Brooklyn Bridge, L.A Law, American Dreamer, Maximum Bob, First Wave, and Third Watch She also wrote and produced Canterbury s Law, Smith, Law and Order Criminal Intent and NYPD Blue.Ms Rebeck has an MFA in Playwrighting and a PhD in Victorian Melodrama, from Brandeis University She is a board member of the Dramatists Guild and has taught at Brandeis and Columbia Universities She currently resides in Brooklyn with her husband Jess Lynn and two children, Cooper and Cleo.


    1. After a few hours of debating how I felt about this book, I'm going to have to go with, 'I liked it'. Tina is the problem child of three sisters. She has questionable morals and a habit of finding the worst outcome in a given situation. She's also the most likable of the sisters by a fair bit. There are no really good guys. There's only one really bad guy. For most of the book Tina is living in this fabulous location and trying to stay out of trouble. Some parts did seem to drag a bit. At times [...]

    2. I bought this for 50p new in a discount shop, so I suppose I shouldn't really have expected much. After all, if a discount chain have got hold of them then it means that no-one else wants them.The cover makes it look quite chick-lit-like and there are a couple of quotes included that make it sound great. Unfortunately I didn't feel the same as the critics.The novel is about Tina Finn who inherits a third of a New York apartment overlooking Central Park when her mother dies. However, the sons of [...]

    3. New York, real estate, eccentric characters, botany, sibling relationships, parent/child relationships; I'm not sure if I can call the protagonist endearingly flawedI wasn't quite endeared to her. just frustrated that she continued to misread (seemingly) situations and say the one thing that exacerbated everythingbut everything worked out, so is the idea she's smarter than she appeared? The cover implies a nice light coming-into-fortune chick read, but this was a little rougher going than that, [...]

    4. Tina Finn is has been living in an old trailer and cleaning houses to make ends meet. When her mother dies, she borrows the money to go to the funeral, and there, she sees her two sisters that she hasn't seen in ages. They inform her that their mother had died intestate, no will, so they would be inheriting a fabulous eleven million dollar apartment. They figure possession is nine-tenths of the law, so her sisters, move Tina in right away! Tina is entranced with the apartment, trying to understa [...]

    5. On audiobook. I probably liked this more than it deserved to be liked. I read it after reading Homegoing and Underground Railroad pretty much back to back, both of them Big Serious (and seriously good) Books about Oppression and Racism and Slavery, and I needed something kind of light. My friend Jane suggested this one, and it was perfect. Maybe because I'm a little obsessed with real estate and estate sales? Or maybe because I liked the main character in spite of herself. Okay, sometimes her ch [...]

    6. I was really looking forward to reading the second adult novel by the Alex Award winning author of Three Girls and their Brother. And I wasn't disappointed! Tina is thrust into a huge outdated apartment overlooking Central Park in New York City when her mother suddenly dies. Tina has always been the outcast of the family--she's beautiful but chooses horrible men to date. She doesn't get along very well with her siblings either. One sister is too bossy and commanding while the other sister is a p [...]

    7. I really had high hopes for this book, the plot just grabbed me straight away (3 sisters hoping to inherit a fabulous mega million huge apartment in NYC after their mother dies, and they stick one sister in the apartment basically to squat there while fighting with their mother's deceased husband's sons for the apt.) This book started slow and choppy for me, developed into a page turner partway through, then a rather plain vanilla ending. Often I found myself wanting to reach through the book an [...]

    8. I tried and tried to get into this book, but couldn’t. If I had been reading this book rather than listening to it on CD, I would have put it down early on, but letting it play during my commute didn’t seem as much of an investment. I wanted to find out how it ended, hoping there’d be a good twist in the plot, but the ending also ended up being a disappointment. The characters lacked depth and none of them had redeeming qualities and the plot left much to be desired. Skip this book

    9. darn. and shoot. and stinkhead. and bum-bum. and not-very-nice-woman. in chapter 1.which stinks, cause i bet this would be a good book if the language were a bit better.

    10. This book was a challenge to finish. I had a hard time staying in the story. But by the end, it was a really satisfying tale and all of the loose ends were tied up nicely.

    11. Totally entertaining , ridiculous plot, hilarious characters. If building and Co-ops in NYC are like this that would be incredibly crazy and sad. Total fluff - was absolutely in the right mood for this .

    12. It's difficult for me to say I'm disappointed with this book, because it does have many redeeming qualities, but the ending left me feeling so empty that it almost feels impossible to recover from that. Let's get the other bad stuff out of the way: the narrator read almost exactly like another character of Rebeck's, 14 year old Ameila Heller from 'Three Sisters and a Brother.' In fact, there were a lot of similarities in theme and style, though I liked the latter so I didn't think much of her bo [...]

    13. Wow! I really enjoyed this book. The first couple chapters were able to really hook me in. There are some spoilers that follow, so stop reading now if you haven't read the book yet. I quite enjoyed Tina and I felt like she deserved better than her sisters being complete b***hes to her all the time. The whole book I kept thinking that I would be beyond furious if my mother died and my sisters kept things about her life and passing from me. Honestly I felt like 'The Building' and all that it could [...]

    14. I found this novel "Twelve Rooms With a View", refreshingly original, brimming with fabulous characters. The story is set in an old apartment in New York City, built in the days of high ceilings, polished wooden floors and views over the parks and city. The heroine Tina Finn finds herself unexpectedly living in one of the very largest grandest apartments in New York. She is totally unprepared for the role she has been asked to play by her ambitious sister Lucy who is hell bent on becoming an own [...]

    15. Tina Finn is a screw up. Her mother dies suddenly and leaves no will. Tina and her two sisters - Lucy & Alison - find themselves inheriting an Upper West Side apartment with a view of Central Park. In order to stake their claim on the apartment, Tina is forced to move in. Her mother's step sons wan the apartment for themselves and cannot understand why their father left the apartment to his second wife - who was his housekeeper. The co-op board for the building wants to split up the apartmen [...]

    16. I had trouble getting into this book and I almost put it down but I decided to read on and give it a chance. It did take some time for me to get interested and for a bit in the middle and near the end I felt it getting better but the the ending was just a disappointment for me. I felt that the ending was a bit rushed and my first thought after closing the book was 'I stayed up reading for that?'. Also I was quite put off by the foul language in the book. To me it seemed like it came out of nowhe [...]

    17. The thing I loved most about this book in the very beginning was the cover. New York in Autumn is probably my favorite place on earth and I envy Tina everytime I look at this book cover because as cruddy as her life was before she inherited this apartment she still had possibilities. Most of us these days can't say that.Anyway I really enjoyed some of the story lines in the book and although many of the building residents were wearisome to think about knowing it presented a realistic picture of [...]

    18. I tend to agree with some of the other reviews –the front cover is a huge draw (you think it will be a fun chick flick similar to Jennifer Weiner or Sarah Pekkanen’s work). However, it was not in my opinion- disappointing. The basis of the novel was good—poor quirky girl (Tina) an outcast, goes from living in a trailer park (housekeeper) to a 12-room apartment overlooking Central Park in NY.Lots of drama from her evil sisters, Bill’s sons (her mother’s second husband) who died only a f [...]

    19. This book built very slowly for me, as I struggled to sympathsize with the very lost main character. The dialogue was all too authentic, which was often painful to read, because it revealed Tina's lack of depth, loss, and the total dysfunction of her life and in her family. In the end, I just realized that I didn't identify with the crazy Manhattan scene, thinking it was neither heavy enough or light enough. I did find the denouement honest, revealing, and open-ended enough to set it down with s [...]

    20. I've just finished reading this and I have to say I'm not sure how I feel about this book. I feel unsatisfied but also I absolutely loved the chaos. It's one of those reads that I found jarring and engaging and simplistic and complicated and gosh. I loved Tina and I hated almost everyone else. Tina was so misunderstood and I feel if anything I came away with such a strong understanding of Tina's character, and such a dark view on the character's of every other person in the story. Moral of the s [...]

    21. There is something addictive about Theresa Rebeck's characters even though most of them are not very nice. You just can't look away.Tina Finn and her sisters have just lost their estranged Mother but may be getting the extraordinary twelve room apartment with a view that was left to her. Tina, who has been cleaning people's homes and living in a trailer house, moves into the apartment much to the dismay of the building residents. From there it begins to get complicated.Ms. Rebeck is a playwright [...]

    22. I am imagining that Rebeck's other writing was better than this - or at least that her characters were. I didn't think that anyone in this book was likable, or wonderfully unlikable (maybe the Vince guy).I though Tina's character was bizarrely immature - she would have been more believable if she had been 25 or under - but 32? Wake up and smell the coffee, lady.I stuck with the book, but was underwhelmed most of the way.I will give something else of hers a try - maybe this one just didn't resona [...]

    23. HmmmI had the audio version of this book, and I must say it kept me entertained and eager for more. Marguerite Gavin did a wonderful job reading the book, and I think that was part of my enjoyment. However, the last few chapters caused me to lose my enthusiasm, and the ending nearly made me want to throw the CDs across the car (except it was from my library, so no). Seemed like the author ran out of steam. I will seek out more audio readings by Marguerite Gavin, but I will not seek out more book [...]

    24. I don't know if I liked this book or not. I started off cringing because the narrator just grated on my every never, but the more I listened the more i wanted to know what happened and by the end I think I decided I liked the story. The main character is very, well I don't even no what, but she slowly grows on you and you actually begin o understand her insanity. Don't pick this audio book up if you are looking for something soothing, the reader does a great job of making he character as annoyin [...]

    25. I got this book for free from Read it Forward. It was ok. The story is about 3 sisters who inherit a multimillion dollar apartment overlooking Central Park from their estranged motheror so they think. The 2 sons of their mother's husband claim the apartment is rightfully theirs. This story meanders all over the place and I didn't feel connected to the main character Tina at all. I did like how the story wrapped up.but didn't really enjoy the journey to get there. I would give this author another [...]

    26. Whilst reading this, I gave Tina the voice of a naive young woman, early twenties at the most. I thought she was a bit ridiculously stupid (after all she did steal money to go shopping a few pages in), some of her 'poor me' antidotes were a bit too lifetime movie to actually have to read in a book, especially in regards to her relations with the brothers. At some point Tinas age was revealed (thirty two) and I couldn't keep reading.

    27. "I was actually standing at the edge of my mother's open grave when I heard about the house." That rim-shot opening line against the pleasant cover portraying a slim blond thoughtfully gazing out over Central Park doesn't give a clue about what a dysfunctional mess she is, or the outrageous situation she steps into. This story was a sublime surprise--in plot, characters and turns of phrase. I wish I had 100 more like it waiting for me!

    28. Eh!! I wanted to like this book and because I did want to like it, I finished it. And at the end I had to walk away with it was okay because I didn't abandon it, which I have started to do with much more frequency now. The characters were unbelievable, I mean really no one really acts like this or thinks like this or is that unable to comprehend. And the unlikeliness of the events and plot just totally takes you there. I'm still shaking my head.

    29. Overall, I enjoyed it. The author did a great job in setting the scene. I still have a vision of the apartment in my heade main character was a bit unbelievable, though endearingly rebellious at the same time. I felt the author got a bit sloppy in parts, rambling at times and shot off on tangents in others.

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