1 Zany Zoo

1 Zany Zoo

Lori Degman Colin Jack / Nov 24, 2020

Zany Zoo Have you ever wondered what happens at the zoo before the gates open Foxes who steal keys beavers who cook chili hyenas who play the blues when no one is looking anything can happen Readers won t b

  • Title: 1 Zany Zoo
  • Author: Lori Degman Colin Jack
  • ISBN: 9781416989905
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Have you ever wondered what happens at the zoo before the gates open Foxes who steal keys, beavers who cook chili, hyenas who play the blues when no one is looking, anything can happen Readers won t believe the antics of these wacky animals, and they ll have a blast counting along with the simple text as they encounter each increasingly crazy creature First time illustrHave you ever wondered what happens at the zoo before the gates open Foxes who steal keys, beavers who cook chili, hyenas who play the blues when no one is looking, anything can happen Readers won t believe the antics of these wacky animals, and they ll have a blast counting along with the simple text as they encounter each increasingly crazy creature First time illustrator Colin Jack s unique retro style paired with contest winner Lori Degman s enthusiastic words provide an entertaining peek inside the zaniest zoo around

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      • Lori Degman Colin Jack

        Lori Degman is a teacher of the Deaf Hard of Hearing by day and a children s book author by night, weekend, and school holiday She writes in rhyme, most of the time but not always Lori is the award winning author of 1 Zany Zoo Simon Schuster in 2010 An Illinois Reads Book Selection winner of the Cheerios New Author Contest and Mom s Choice Award Cock a Doodle Oops Creston Books, 2014 International Literacy Association Honor Book and winner of Mom s Choice Award.Norbert s Big Dream Sleeping Bear Press, 2016.


    1. The rhymes were cute, but I found the lively illustrations too distracting, too busy. It's too busy for a group storytime. The cover is a much better example of illustration, being lively yet uncluttered. It might have been my crusty old-person's eyes, but I had trouble seeing in the illustrations what was described in the text because of the sketchy style and the general busy-ness of the art. It is aimed at age 3 and up, and the counting concept might work for them, but illustration still seems [...]

    2. Hey this was lots of fun. Been a long time since I read a little kids book. Highly reccommend it for all those 2-6 year olds out thereIt was in English & Spanishol all around! Makes me want to visit a zoo again!

    3. Love the chunky art and everything happening on each page. It might not be a good choice for group story time, but perfect for older kids or two or three who want to spend a lot of time on each page, pointing out all the funny things. I loved playing "spot the fox" on each new page. :D

    4. A clever counting picture book to engage readers into both learning about animals, counting, and shapes. The illustrations are fun and the text equally as engaging to read aloud.Written by Lori Degman, illustrated by Jack Colin and published by Simon & Schuster for Young Readers. #PB #rhyme #concept #animals #counting #shapes

    5. This book was a quirky twist on the traditional counting books. The rhymes were fun, and the illustrations were over-the-top frenetic.

    6. One morning a boy sneaks into the zoo before opening time. What he sees he thinks no one will believe.This book is a different 1-to-10 counting book set in rhyme. One fearless fox takes the zookeeper's keys and sets the animals free. Two zebras, three beavers, four elephants and other animals including ten rowdy bears, create such a ruckus in the zoo - it is unbelievable!Funny with fun illustrations.

    7. A little boy waiting in line for the zoo to open, sneaks into the zoo through a hidden gate. What he see is that the zoo isn’t quite ready to open yet. The fox has escaped, the zebras are swimming with the walruses and the beavers are cooking chilli! All the animals are going ZANY while the zookeeper tries to get them to behave.Why I liked this book – What kid wouldn’t want to get into the zoo before it opens and see what is going on?!? This is a hilarious book! The rhyme is perfect and it [...]

    8. 1 Zany Zoo is a nominee for the 2012-13 South Carolina Picture Book Award.The best part about 1 Zany Zoo has to be the illustrations. Colin Jack's exciting pictures bring to mind Disney favorites, most especially the Banks' children's journey into the magical paintings in Mary Poppins. Children will enjoy counting the different animals in this book as well as looking for the mischievous fox that has stolen the zookeeper's keys. (He appears in every panel--in some form or fashion.)I'd love to rea [...]

    9. I Zany Zoo is a fun read. Catchy rhyme, tongue-twistery word combos, a counting element, and a wacky story that brings to mind Dr. Seuss's And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street combine for a reading experience that will leave your little ones enchanted and asking you to read it again. My favorite line? "2 sporty zebras in goggles and flippers/were snipping the walrus's whiskers with clippers." And the end begs the question: did this REALLY happen, or was the boy letting his imagination r [...]

    10. This was a good rhyming book for my 4-year-old because the story was short and there were things for him to look for on the pages. Inside the Zoo, "1 fearless fox grabbed the zookeeper's keys. He used them to set all the animals free."Each page counts a different number of animals so my child could count the animals plus look for other things that were mentioned . . . "6 groovy 'roos tapped the beat with their shoes, and laughing hyenas sang rhythm and blues.A lizard in sunglasses wailed on the [...]

    11. What would happen if you could see what zoo animals do when no one is looking? That very thing happened to a boy as he watched a fox steal the keys to the zoo cages and let the animals free. The hippos played musical chairs, the kangaroos had a band, the monkeys played hid-'n-seek , what a great free-for-all! But just before the zoo was to open, the zoo keeper found his keys and put order back.What a delightful story to read to a child. You are sure to laugh with them as each page is turned. The [...]

    12. Absolutely love this book. I got it off a Cheerios box and is worth a paid version. My daugther loved the pictures of animals, the counting and the flow of the rhymes. Every once in a while, you could get tripped up in the wording. A good read. My daughters favorite line "Get back in your cages." She could barely talk and loved saying that part. I loved reading it. I found it more entertaining when I read it out loud.

    13. Great book to read. With this children can learn about different animals and counting. It is a fun and silly book to read to children. While reading the book the children can describe the animals and even pretend to be that animal by making the sound they make or walking like them. I would also bring in different pictures of animals. It would make a great animal safari theme.

    14. A good one for storytime, this counting book features irresistable rhymes ("I tried to imagine what else they had planned / Then somebody hollered, 'Come hear the new band!'") and a Seussian behind-the-scenes plot involving pilfered keys and jinks that can only be described as hi. The energetic, colorful, sketchy-scratchy illustration is reminiscent of the jazzier scenes in the old Jungle Book.

    15. What happens when one sneaky fox lets all the animals out of their cages? One zany zoo full of animals misbehaving. My kindergartners will enjoy this rhyming, counting book and will get a kick out of the animals' antics. I did find the pictures very busy, and some of them are too small or detailed to enjoy without close inspection. A fine choice for school and public libraries.

    16. A Dr. Suess-ish rhyming story about a little boy who sneaked into the zoo before it opened and saw the chaos there-in. A fox had stolen the keys from the zookeeper and was letting all the animals out of their cages. Dex (2 years old) really liked trying to find that sly fox on every page.Excellent illustrations.

    17. My daughter started off hating this book. She wanted me to stop but I convinced her it would get better. I was glad I was right. This is a book about what happens before the zoo opens. Basically one sly fox takes the zookeeper's keys and causes a whole bunch of mayhem. The illustrations were entertaining. Would recommend.

    18. LOVED this book. The writing and prose are superbly clever, and the illustrations marvelously compliment the story. Lori should become a full-time author and continue her writing for children and adults who are young at heart.

    19. This is a very cute book about what happens before the zoo is opened to visitors. It is a great book to read to students who are taking a field trip to the zoo. At the end of the story, students can add up all the animals that were zany in the zoo.

    20. This is a very fun way to learn how to count to ten! I really enjoyed how the book was full of rhyming. The illustrations were fun and descriptive. I could use this book in a classroom when learning about numbers and also zoo animals.

    21. Troy sat with me through half of this book. These days that is so rare, he must have liked it. He also pointed to different animals throughout. I liked the rhyming of it. Cute story.

    22. I liked the creative writing and counting added into it. However I didn't much care for the characteristics drawn out of the animals.

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