Fat Men From Space

Fat Men From Space

Daniel Pinkwater / Oct 22, 2020

Fat Men From Space While William is held captive in a spaceship alien armies land and wipe out the earth s supply of junk foods The boy escapes and humans learn to like what the departing scavengers have left wholegrai

  • Title: Fat Men From Space
  • Author: Daniel Pinkwater
  • ISBN: 9780440445425
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • While William is held captive in a spaceship, alien armies land and wipe out the earth s supply of junk foods The boy escapes and humans learn to like what the departing scavengers have left wholegrain bread, milk, greens, all the healthful foods A wildly comic fantasy with a solid moral Publishers Weekly.

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        Daniel Manus Pinkwater is an author of mostly children s books and is an occasional commentator on National Public Radio He attended Bard College Well known books include Lizard Music, The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death, Fat Men from Space, Borgel, and the picture book The Big Orange Splot Pinkwater has also illustrated many of his books in the past, although for recent works that task has passed to his wife Jill Pinkwater.


    1. When I was a little kid (second or third grade), I read a few books (I was forced to by parents or teachers), and I didn't like anything I read. In fact, I decided that I wasn't going to read anything any more. Then one of my siblings said that before I gave up on reading, I should read Fat Men from Space. I decided it would be my last book. It was not my last book. I loved Fat Men from Space, and I read several other books by Pinkwater. If you're giving up on reading (or know a little kid who i [...]

    2. Short and hilarious. Too short, really. After the fun of Harold playing with his new filling, which allows him to pick up radio signals, he misses most of the invasion of fat men seeking snacks. Would loved to have had this expanded into a longer book!

    3. There are some moments in life that define a person (such as Elvis Presley's invention of the banana peanut butter sandwich and surviving a botched kidnapping attempt in Bogota). There are some moments that define a generation (such as the Berlin Wall going up or Steve Jobs meeting Steve Wozniak). But then there are other moments that define history, such as Alexander the Great's campaigns or Julius Caesar's conquest of most of the known world, or the invention of cheese-in-a-tube.Daniel Pinkwat [...]

    4. Let me put this simply. This is the best kid's book evar! I read it over and over and over as a child. It probably influenced me more than I can imagine. It's a must read for everyone. And truthfully, I still read it.

    5. I have to say that this was quite the silly book. The premise is that a young boy, William, probably a third-grader, gets a filling at the dentist. It turns out that William is able to pick up radio broadcasts from around the world, and around the universe through his new metal filling. After confirming that this is a rare occurance with his dentist, William decides to use his dental phenomenon to its fullest. After driving his classroom teacher over the edge with the sounds of radio broadcasts, [...]

    6. Another re-read from my childhood. This was my absolute favorite in elementary school. As an adult, it is still absurd, mischievous fun, but the end is anti-climactic, and it is almost too fast a read. I wish Pinkwater had milked the idea a little more thoroughly. As an adult who is more aware of Daniel Manus Pinkwater and his hilarious ouvre, I also am tickled by his obvious salutes to Ashkenazic Jewish culture (really, they are searching for latkes!) and the realization that the fat men from s [...]

    7. Pinkwater at his best! Surpassed only by Lizard Music. How I love this book.The first time I read this was long ago. It's perfect -- From the science fiction of the tooth filling radio reception to the potato latke eating space aliens who look just like my dad did in 1972. this is my kind of book!

    8. I found an old book report from what looks like 5th grade that stated "I liked this book a lot. William had a one-in-a-million radio tooth. He had a lot of adventures: fat men invade earth, and William gets stuck in their spacehamburger. How will he get out? To find out read 'Fat Men from Space.'"I don't remember this, but I do know that my brother loved Daniel Pinkwater and reading this had to somehow have been influences by him.

    9. William gets a filling in his tooth and is able to play radio stations from his mouth. This is a rare occurrence and he has fun with it, using his tooth to carry out the biggest prank in class. On the downside, William’s filling enables him to hear space aliens plotting a culinary invasion on Earth. This is a fun and fast read.

    10. This book appeared in our house. Since it was by the Big Orange Splot guy, I decided it was worth reading. The kids and I all enjoyed it. It appealed to their goofy, imaginative natures. It's pretty short and simple, written in an old-fashioned style. But it's cute and quirky with unbelievable yet fun ideas. It is a hit for ages 7-9.

    11. This was written in the 1970's. Ironically it is more relevant now than it ever was in the 70's. Fat men from space, come to earth and (view spoiler)[take the earth's junk food, leaving healthy food left. (hide spoiler)]I kind of wish this could happen in real life, as I'm sure this would help get rid of the obesity problem.

    12. I read this book in one night! 57 pages of pure hilaraious stuff.The events like the time when the commander fat man wasn't worried about the earthling's weapons because he knew the fat men could eat them made me laugh out loud so hard my parents thought I was up to something.I liked it so much that I'm reading it to my sister.

    13. Though this is a science fiction fantasy about an invasion of alien fat men in search of junk food, the funniest part is in the realistic section - the classroom scene. That deserves a 5; it's delicious. The rest is just cute.

    14. It's only 57 pages, but it's a quirky and memorable read. William gets a filling in his tooth that unexpectedly acts as a radio antenna, allowing him to spy on aliens who want to invade Earth to eat all our junk food. It kind of reminded me of Whales on Stilts by M.T. Anderson.

    15. The fat men from space invade and wipe out earth's supply of junk food. Well, how do you think they got to be so fat? Earthlings must eat only healthy fare, both to thwart the invaders and because that's all that's left.

    16. All my children loved this book. I completely enjoyed reading it to each one of them.I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Pinkwater at a college reunion and felt like a child myself, telling him how much we all loved his book over the years.I still own that time worn copy.

    17. A great short story; a boy's dream and a dentists dream. This is a story about a boy who gets a filling for his tooth that turns into a radio. Then he is captured by fat space aliens who invade earth to eat all of earths sugary junk food. Quick and fun to read.

    18. Haven't read this since I was 10 yrs old but I remember it well enough to say that I loved it and read it MANY times when I was 10.

    19. There is no funnier writer than Daniel Pinkwater. It's no wonder he has been friends of the Car Talk guys. Great read for the younger set, but parents will enjoy it too.

    20. I love this book. I must have checked it out from our tiny town library 25 times. Very creative and made me laugh every time! Must read for child you want to learn to love reading!

    21. If you get a hardback version of this book, one of the funniest parts of the book is the author's photograph. Hide your frozen burritos!

    22. This old kid's book was recently brought to my attention. I remember thinking it condescended to me as a kid.

    23. Haha. Quick read, an awesome book I had as a kid. I love the illustrations. They look like they were done in marker by a 13 year old.

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