Into the Wild

Into the Wild

Beth Ciotta / Oct 25, 2020

Into the Wild She needs adventure He needs taming Things are about to get wildWhen River Kane s fianc abandons her at the altar for being too conventional she s heartbroken But everything changes when her estrange

  • Title: Into the Wild
  • Author: Beth Ciotta
  • ISBN: 9780373774678
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • She needs adventure.He needs taming.Things are about to get wildWhen River Kane s fianc abandons her at the altar for being too conventional, she s heartbroken But everything changes when her estranged archaeologist father sends her his journal filled with cryptic maps and a note indicating he s in mortal danger Worried, River faces her greatest fears and flies to thShe needs adventure.He needs taming.Things are about to get wildWhen River Kane s fianc abandons her at the altar for being too conventional, she s heartbroken But everything changes when her estranged archaeologist father sends her his journal filled with cryptic maps and a note indicating he s in mortal danger Worried, River faces her greatest fears and flies to the to find him But she needs a guide Someone completely unlike danger seeking Spenser McGraw A charismatic treasure hunter who thrives on risk, Spenser hosts the popular TV show Into the Wild, dedicated to locating lost treasures and mythical icons But River s father s life depends on discretion, and too sexy Spenser is all about publicity Forced to team up, they embark on a jungle adventure ripe with temptation and dangerultimately discovering a hidden treasure that could alter history and a steamy love neither expected.

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        Storytelling comes naturally to award winning author Beth Ciotta Limiting herself to one sub genre does not Dubbed fun and sexy by Publisher s Weekly, Beth specializes in writing Romantic Comedy with a Twist of Suspense and is published in contemporary, historical, and paranormal romantic fiction I can t think of anything fulfilling than writing stories where everyone except the villain, of course gets a happy ending Beth lives in New Jersey with her husband, two zany dogs, and one crazy cat Although writing takes up most of her time, she still performs occasionally as a singer, character actress, emcee, and storyteller To support literacy, Beth also works at her local library To learn about her chaotic life you can visit her Web site at bethciotta


    1. Seduced by reference to classic action/adventure with romance flicks such as Romancing the Stone I had to give this author a shot. I jumped in giddy about a new book like I haven’t been in quite some time. River Kane is a wedding photographer whose explorer parents left her to be raised with her grandparents so they could continue their wild lifestyle chasing treasure and myth. The result? A germ phobic control freak who is struggling to keep it all together just weeks after being dumped at th [...]

    2. A light and fun read which borrows heavily as the author admits from that great old movie, Romancing the Stone. 3.5 stars. ★★★☆

    3. I didn't read the first book of the series but I'm sure it didn't spoil my reading. The pace of the book made it easy to read. I liked the setting of the book and how it was written. I liked the heroine that started this adventure to take back the control of her life. She was ready for closure about the things that hurt her in the past. I like that Spenser kind of needed the same things even if his life story was different. "I wouldn't know love if it bit me in the butt"It was a fun read with a [...]

    4. 1. that's not what archaeologists do2. heroine not terribly unlikable3. hero is suddenly in love, halfway through. dear author, if I've been reading from the hero's headspace and the admission of love is still outta nowhere, you're doing it wrong4. saw that twist coming5. not how vaccines work either6. and not how having a baby works

    5. I liked the little bit of mystery added to the story, even though I figured out who it was about halfway through the book.

    6. Into the Wild is more of a companion novel to Out of Eden than a sequel. Although we occasionally see or hear about Kylie and Jack, it would be a stretch to even consider them secondary characters. Into the Wild is about River and Spenser's romance. Or to be more exact, the book is about River and Spenser's adventure in the jungle with romance making an appearance every now and then.River is neurotic about germs and bugs. Her need to control her life and her future is what caused her fiance to l [...]

    7. I'm not much for contemporary romances, but this one was given to me, and I never pass up free books. The back cover description sounded kind of interesting in an Indiana Jones kind of way, so I gave it a chance. It was a decent read, I'd recommend it for the beach or the airport, anywhere you need to be distracted for a little while. River was a somewhat interesting character, what with her germ-phobias and bug-phobias, but she was still determined (if sometimes a little too stubborn) to do wha [...]

    8. This was my first Beth Ciotta book. I wanted to me adventurous and step out of my normal authors. I liked this book. I had no idea that it was book 2 of 2 and that there was another one I should have read first. It however turned out that it really didn't matter. This was a cute read however very entertaining and adventurous, it was also crazy farfetched. I know that was probably the point to certain extent and I did my best to remember that. It was just that there were certain things that just [...]

    9. Even though River Kane is estranged from her father, when she receives a mysterious package from him she heads off to South America to rescue him. Of course, she doesn't speak the language and needs to find a guide and this is where Spenser McGraw enters the picture. Spenser is her girlfriend's brother and the star of a adventurous television show. River is reluctant to trust Spenser because he's a treasure hunter just like her father but he's the only option so off they go. Even though River wa [...]

    10. I kind of felt like this book was a bad Indiana Jones knock-off.I could almost like the protagonist. She was a wimpy small town girl who runs off to the to find her missing father. She is over the top neurotic, afraid of and allergic to everything in the jungle. She meets up with a good guy and they fall prey to every stereotypical disaster Ciotti could think of. It just went too far. And the ending is unbearably unbelievable. So, she is off my list of authors to follow. My high hopes were bitt [...]

    11. I don't review books I don't finish, so I'm giving it 2.6 stars because I read it. The hero should have had a brain since he talked on TV for a living. Instead, he's a Rambo who drops f-bombs for nouns, verbs, and various other parts of speech. He calls the heroine Angel instead of her name--something that likely only annoyed me. It must have been the feisty heroine, who really does have a brain, and the adventure that kept me reading.

    12. A good follow up to Out of Eden, I loved reading about Spencer's adventure with River. I really enjoyed how in touch Spencer was with himself, recognizing his feelings for River very quickly. River was frustrating though, fighting the attraction (and the relationship) the whole way, but the important thing was that she came around.

    13. I absolutely loved this book!! I myself wrote an adventure, I'm a huge fan, and this one really sweeps the reader into the jungles of South America. It still manages to give us a great romance too. The characters sizzle and I'd even love to see more of them. I thought the ending was appropriate too *spoiler* not every book has to end with finding that priceless treasure. Fantastic read!!

    14. First off This is a part 2?! Well On the bright side it can be read as a stand alone, because that's what I did. This quirky book was full of adventure and romance. I felt both balanced well, I found myself getting caught up in gold fever and wanting to know where the treasure was. River, was a mess but fun, I loved how she evolved in the story. Definitely glad I picked it up!!

    15. Book #57 of 2011Just looking through my books and realized I forgot to add this one! No idea when I finished it but sometime in September at any rate.This was a decent book. I kind of wish there had been more actual adventure and less lead up to the adventure. But I still liked it quite a bit!

    16. This book was fine. It was an adventure romance. The characters are ok, if not that interesting. BUT the epilogue at the end was one of the worst things I've ever read in my life. Barf. No redemption.

    17. Very Cute! Great story. Light romance, meaning it wasn't detailed, although they were always kissing or having sex. Ended great and very solid. No loose ends adventurous, and a quick one day - 6 hour read. actually that depends on your speed

    18. A cute and fluffy read. Fast pace and fun, though sometimes you want to yell at the main character to not do what shes about to do or roll your eyes at her antics it doesn't take away from the story and the chemistry of the two main characters. I enjoyed it!

    19. I picked this up because I like Beth Ciotta's writing style, however the premise of this book seemed a bit far-fetched and was difficult to engage with. I am still going to read the first book in this duet though.

    20. Fun book, and I loved River and Spenser, I just wished they spent more time actually in the wild and less time talking about it.

    21. It's a typical romance in that it's an easy read, and at the end they live happily ever after. What I liked so much about it is that it there's a bit of action and adventure with the story.

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